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Character Build: Lungar Steel-Bear

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    February 13, 2014


    Okay, as everybody knows, the settings of Skyrim provide the perfect scenario for creating a Nord character. It just feels right to play a Nord Dovahkiin - a hero of your homeland. I wanted to create a Nordic warrior build unlike most I've seen on this website. That is how the Nord, Lungar Steel-Bear, came to be. I came up with a dual-wielding Nord who utilizes both mace and sword in a technique I like to call, "Paw and Claw." He wears heavy armors but remains unhindered from its weight. He uses illusion magic (as an aspect of his character) to instill fear in his enemies and courage in his allies - much like the hulking bears that fill Skyrim. His smithed armor is imbued with magic that allows for him to be all he can be - to give him that edge when facing opponents most would run from. So, without further ado, I present to you...the real Dovah-Bear...

    Lungar Steel-Bear is said to have been raised by the savage bears of Skyrim - that his presence alone is enough to drown opponents in dismay and fear. He goes for the kill with strength and speed. He emits courage towards his allies in an inspiring method of combat and engulfs his opponents with fear. He is known to nobody as of yet, but he will become a legend to all in time. This lone Nord was abandoned in the wilderness by the Thalmor when he was just a baby - shortly after they butchered his entire family in cold-blood for mere suspicion of Talos worship. Saved by a mother cave bear and her young and raised a feral child, it was only when he began venturing into the civilization of Skyrim did he learn about society, life, and all their complexities. He always tried to fit in, but the beast that saved his life would always be inside of him. He could never settle within normal society. He would always be alone with himself - a beast among man and mer. He developed a passion for his natural surroundings and grew intensely fond of his homeland. With the arrival of the Dragons, The Thalmor, and the bloody conflict of Civil War threatening to destroy his country, he chooses to take it upon himself to save mother Skyrim and her inhabitants.

    Race - Playing as a Nord is the obvious choice here. Their racial ability is a much welcome addition to this characters array of tactics. If one must choose Lycanthropy or Vampirism, Lycanthropy is preferred. This will add to your grizzled, beast-like persona. If you choose to, there is nothing wrong with making this a female. You could even call her, "Lungara" ...or maybe something a little more you.

    Statistics - 2 / 2 / 1 Lungar will be enduring intense close-range combat with no method of blocking incoming attack so health is important here. Magicka is increased to allow higher-level illusion spells to be casted.

    Standing Stones - I used the Lover Stone to quickly level up all of my skills. Afterwards it's a tough decision between the Lord and Steed Stones for this character, but ultimately I settled with the Lord Stone - as the Steed Stone becomes practically ineffective after obtaining the heavy armor perk, Conditioning.

    All-Maker Stones - These stones are inconvenient to use as effectively as other aspects of the game, as the powers you gain from them can only be used once a day and they are only found on Solstheim - but the times you can use the ability they grant you may save your life. I used the Beast Stone which allows the player to conjure a were-bear - which is very fitting in this character's situation. I also used the Earth Stone. This All-Maker Stone allows for the player to ignore 80% of all physical damage for 30 seconds. This is will increase your survival rating dramatically if used in the right situations.

    Vital Shouts - Shouts are an important aspect of this build, as this character truly utilizes his powers as Dragonborn to become the hero of Skyrim. Key Shouts are Dragon Aspect, Elemental Fury, Whirlwind Sprint, Slow Time, Become Ethereal, and Marked For Death. Dragonrend is also important, as it is your primary method of getting dragons to land.

    Recommended Factions & Quests - This character should stay away from the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves' Guild unless he plans on destroying them. All other Faction Quests are acceptable. When playing Dawnguard, side with the Dawnguard. Dragonborn & the Main Quest are both highly recommended to complete because of his role as the true Dovahkiin hero. The Companions would definitely be a suitable questline for this character as well because they may just understand what it's like living like a beast. For the Civil War, pick the Stormcloaks. Lungar is a true Nord and will fight for his people's beliefs. Other quests to do may be gaining Thane status in all the holds.

    Armor & Weapons - *Enchantments

    • Head - Nordic Carved Helmet (*Fortify Illusion & Fortify Magicka)
    • Chest - Nordic Carved Armor (*Fortify Illusion & Fortify Health)
    • Hands - Nordic Carved Gauntlets (*Fortify One-Handed & Fortify Heavy Armor)
    • Feet - Nordic Carved Boots (*Fortify One-Handed & Fortify Stamina)
    • Jewelry - Silver Ring & Necklace (*Fortify One-Handed & Fortify Illusion)
    • Weapons - Nordic Carved Sword & Nordic Carved Mace (*N/A)

    For your weapons, you will use an improved Nordic Carved Sword in your main hand and an improved Nordic Carved Mace in your off-hand. The two weapons combined in combat will create a "Paw (Mace) & Claw (Sword)" tactic similar to that of a real bear. Nordic Arms & Armor are chosen for role-play purposes and functionality. Also, it is armor representative of your people and it .. looks like a bear.

    (During the creation of this build, I couldn't save the SPC due to technical errors on my end. If anybody could please provide me with one based off of the above perk spread, I would appreciate it dearly.)


    Lungar will utilize many aspects of the game to enhance his dual-wielding capabilities. The most important being: Elemental Fury, Dragon Aspect, Enchantments, and the One-Handed skill perks, Dual Flurry and Dual Savagery.

    This character uses a "Paw & Claw" tactic that requires dual-wielding a sword in your main hand and a mace in your off-hand. This combat method is simple to use and very deadly. You use your sword for quick attacks and power bash with your mace when your sword is recovering. Using this to control enemies is exciting, as the way you direct your momentum in combat is the method of control. You force the enemy to feel off-set while lashing out lethal hits from your weapons.

    Magic has been shunned by most Nords, but it is deep within their history. Illusion is used in this build both for practicality and role-play. The bear, in nature, has the ability to instill fear among all it's prey. It's roar alone is enough to send most creatures running for survival. You can jump into battle with a fear spell (or your Nordic ability, Battle Cry) , send your opponents running, and chase them down. When summoning a Were-Bear one can also cast a Courage spell upon it to increase it's combat output (This can also be done with a companion). This allows the player to choose between a cooperative effort in combat, your companion depending on your inspiration (Courage Spell), and a more solo method, using your ability to intimidate (Fear Spell) opponents, sending them running and putting you in the position to kill.

    Agility is this characters secret weapon. Not only does he strike as hard as a bear, but he also strikes as fast. Being able to outmaneuver the enemies' attacks is a must for a character that has no ability to block.

    Dragon shouts are a vital aspect of this build. This character is the Dovahkiin after all. The most important and used shouts will allow the player to create a much more streamline combat experience than without. Unrelenting Force could represent the relentless roar of the bear, whirlwind sprint the charging attack, etc.

    Tactical Moves

    Terrorizing Roar - Use Battle Cry to send your opponents fleeing then close the distance with Whirlwind Sprint and decimate your prey with Paw & Claw.

    Wave Of Courage - Use a Courage spell on your follower or companion before combat erupts, then simultaneously hunt your opponents down together.

    Special Moves

    The Steel Bear Charges - Use Dragon Aspect and sprint towards your enemy performing a jumping power attack. Use Bones of the Earth. Lash out against your foe with Paw & Claw. Finish them.

    Strength & Speed - Sprint towards an enemy and perform a jumping power attack. Use a fear spell or Battle Cry to send them running. Chase them down and use Elemental Fury. Continue to attack them with Paw & Claw.

    Thanks for checking out my Character Build. I hope you enjoyed it. Your opinions and criticism will be well-received.

    Build Theme Music: Wardruna - Helvegen (The Way To Hel)

  • February 13, 2014
    Good basis just try and add a backstory and Roleplay into this because other wise it seems a bit lists rather than a character to play.
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    February 13, 2014

    I wasn't going for creating an in depth backstory simply because this character's based on one of Skyrim's most feared creatures and, to me at least, doesn't need all the personality and emotional baggage of your usual character. Idk. I might think of one though and add it in. Thanks though 

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    February 13, 2014

    The respect for the Clever Craft has dimmed with the Nord people, but they'll accept the odd healer or enchanter.

    I do agree with having to chase down your enemies equalling a bad thing. I;d normally only use fear spells to isolate opponents or escape from hard hitters, but on the other hand, werebears will chase them down. Keep in mind that Lungar can follow up with a Whirlwind shout. In an open space, I'd imagine forgoing Illusion for an open fight, but confined spaces makes mass Fear effects potent if you charge in first.

    It's okay, but I'm just not feeling it as a character.

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    February 13, 2014

    Yes, yes, I know all about the Nords in Skyrim gameplay that shun the magical arts. But "the clever craft" used to be a huge part of the Nordic people. This guy was raised by bears, not sheltered by your-overly biased nord types.

    I know which skill tree Nordic Carved is affected by. My SPC Won't even let me click on curtain skills and perks without dierecting me offsite and leaving the page. I used a perk-layout I had originally planned for this character in Vanilla Skyrim because of that.

    Once I can get the right SPC link I will create a perk-spread including the DLC's added content. Sorry for the confusion. I shouldn't have posted an unfiniished build but it was getting so late...

    Oh, well. I'll get the perks and spc in today.

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    February 13, 2014

    It's still not allowing me to click on anything. I can't even click on Heavy Armor without it taking me to MyYearbook or something else NOT SPC. Haha. Could anybody help a player out? :P 

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    February 13, 2014

    Chasing down your enemies is part of the excitement with this build. That's wear your "inner-bear" takes form. I mean, I doubt anybody's actually going to fo head on with a live They usually run. Lol. And the bear chases them and kills them. Illusion magic here is sort of a vessel for the inspiring courage and bravery of the bear. This is all why I thought an intensive backstory would be way to complex for this guy. A nord hero raised by bears. He fights like a bear. Inspires and intimidates like a bear. Thats it. 

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    February 13, 2014

    I think my PC is f*cked. I dunno. That's the website I use. When i clicked on yours, it showed everything correctly. Then I try clicking on a skill and it can't load it. It seems like a problem on my end for sure. I'm so frustrated right now. I look like a nub to Skyrim. Lol. I know how things work. I promise. If you could help me any more, lemme know and I'll shoot you a message.

  • February 13, 2014
    Try something around Ulfrics father who was known as the Bear of Eastmarch.
    Maybe a long lost brother who was kiddnaped at birth and a bear killed the man who captured him and took the baby into its home.
    This leads to Lungar returning to Windhelm only to find his brothers son as Jarl when he is clearly not fit to rule due to the state of his mind after the Thalmor tortured him mentally and physically. Windhelm is honestly a little run down and has a mass murderer on the loose.
    He then joins the Imperials in taking down his insane Nephew
    Just a suggestion and if you want to talk more about it message me.
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    February 13, 2014

    By the time you enter your prime with this build, stamina has been increased steadily, just not as much as health and magicka. Though, arguably I could swap magicka with stamina. I like the idea you have, but anything not Ulfric's Clothes that is Stormcloak apparel looks silly imo. I think, personally, if Native Americans had the oppurtunity to create metals, they would make something similar to Nordic Carved. It's an animalistic armor set in any culture's eyes and something Nords in Skyrim have easy access too. It could easily be spiritual as their are furs literally busting out of the metal shell.