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  • This is a group for creative people to come together and share Skyrim characters that they have created. All are welcome here, power players and role players alike.

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    Last Post by Dragonborn2121
    October 11

    Character Building Event: Night of the Occult

    Vampires that stalk the night and shy away when the sun draws near. Werewolves forced into gruesome transformations when the full moon rises. Witches that dance around their bubbling cauldrons, chanting dark things far away from society. Those that consor...
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    Last Post by Elyrius
    September 15

    Character Build Recommendations

    Hello everyone and welcome to the NEW Build Recommendations Thread. I created this one simply for ease of use as the old thread was getting very large and unwieldy to use.  Otherwise it serves the same purpose as the old thread.
    Please use The Chara...
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    Last Post by benhargreaves
    August 29

    Character Building Help Desk

    This discussion is to help people gather fresh ideas and information for new builds, as well as to answer queries about anything regarding the Character Building group.
    Feel free to ask questions!
    - Have a work in progress build that you'd like some fee...
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    Last Post by Warlocksg
    February 5

    General Build Discussion

    Are you working on a build? Playing a build? Reading a build? Building a build? Well, then this is the discussion for you. Here we just chat about anything that's build related, from what we're doing at the moment, future plans to just about anything else...
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    Last Post by Dragonborn2121
    July 15, 2018

    Welcome to Skyrim CB **PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING**

    Hello and welcome to Skyrim Character Building! Before commenting or posting in here, please read and understand our GROUP RULES! If you want to make a build, then I highly recommend you read the Character Building Guide as well.
    Check out T...
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    Last Post by Dragonborn2121
    June 28, 2018

    Character Building Suggestion Box (2018)

    The Suggestion Box is a relatively simple place, here you can drop in with your thoughts on recent new projects started by the CB Hosts, or drop in your own suggestions. You can suggest new Events, themes for the Weekly Features, new types of content or d...
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    Last Post by Hasir
    May 16, 2018

    Skyrim Character Building Archives

    Welcome to The Skyrim Character Building Archives! On this page all of the group's character builds can be navigated to quickly through our tag network. Builds found here are specified by archetype and playstyle by their original author so you can refine ...
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    Last Post by Hasir
    October 15

    Event Build: The Creature From the Black Marsh

    There are way too many builds based on Universal’s wolfman and dracula but sadly no builds about Gilman so I thought I’d make a build that focused on the creature from the black lagoon movie, which I feel is often left out when it comes to classic Unive...
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    Last Post by Dragonborn2121
    October 13

    Character Build : The Phoenix

    It is been a long time now that i wished to publish this build. The idea to have a character built around the theme of the Phoenix was appealing for 3 years after i discovered the Forgotten Magic Redone mod. The ability "Ph...
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    Last Post by Dragonborn2121
    October 3

    Character Build: The Trebbite Monk

    And so it's finally here! Easily the most fun I've had in this game, the Trebbite Monk combines fast-paced agile combat with both defensive and offensive magic creating a perfect blend of Warrior and Mage archetypes. Inspired by the lore for one of my fav...
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    Last Post by Dragonborn2121
    October 3

    Character Build: Shadow Wolf

    This build is the complete opposite of my Great White Wolf build, where the white wolf values honor and peace, the shadow wolf wants nothing more than to spread death, bloodshed, chaos and destruction. Both builds are related to the protagonist and anta...
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    Last Post by Dragonborn2121
    October 3

    Character Build: The Fire Rabbit

    This is build is based off the chinese zodiac of the same name. This build takes all of the traits that the fire rabbit posesses and the personality and attempts to morph this into a fun and believable character for the world of Skyrim. The fire...
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    Last Post by Dragonborn2121
    October 3

    Character Build: The Great White Wolf

    This build is a direct tie-in with my story "The Call of The Wolf" and focused on the main character who is the reincarnation of the great white wolf destined to fight Shadowfang, a shadowy figure who aims to twist the hunting grounds in his evil i...
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    Character Build: The Exorcist

     The Exorcist 
     Class Type: Light & Desert Mage - A mix between a mage, a spellsword and a demon hunter. When I say light mage, I don't refer to a mage that uses few magic skills. On the contrary, I mean a mage who is capable of be...
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    Last Post by BlueDremora
    September 30

    Event Build: The Abyssal

    The Abyssal steps from the boundless emptiness of the Void; a man once, corrupted by ruinous powers of entropy - to harness primeval magics at the cost of the ultimate sacrifice. This build combines some of the most self-destructive spells that Apocalypse...
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    Last Post by Unknown vamp
    September 29

    Character Build: The Daughter of Coldharbour


    ...  more
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    Last Post by Librari the Wizard
    September 29

    Event Build: The Keeper of the Dead

    Optional: Music for the Vibe
    Too slow? Try the same thing, now with techno (you philistine, you)!
    Death. It’s really not that complicated: you follow the river through the nine gates to finally join with an immeasurable sea of radiant stars. ...
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    Last Post by Zonnonn
    September 22

    Character Build: The Water Dragon

    This build was influenced by my love of dragons and of the elements. Water can either be a helping hand or a hinderance. Nothing can withstand the raw power that water possesses. it can topple trees and level tall mountains. The only element that can ke...
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    Last Post by Dragonborn2121
    September 19

    Event Build: Butcher of Windhelm

    I've always wondered about Callixto Corrium, a.k.a 'The Butcher' who you meet during the expanse of the Blood on the Ice quest in Windhelm. What was the motivation of why he practiced necromancy? Did he kill those women for fun or was there some alter...
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    Last Post by Hasir
    September 18

    Character Build: The Sarafan Reaper

    I was once a normal guy with barely any worries, that is untal Kain quite literally sucked the life out of me and turned me in a
    monster, which I definitely did not wish for. Let me start at the beginning before all this unpleasantness happend. I ...
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    Last Post by Hasir
    September 18

    Character Build: The Flower of Akavir

    This build is my attempt at bringing the heroine of the ballad of Hua Mulan, which means Flower Wood Orchid in Chinese, seamlessly into the world of the elder scrolls: Skyrim. Ten years ago, I found out about the real legend. Before then, I thought Mula...
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    Last Post by Librari the Wizard
    September 11

    Character Build: The Arcane Barbarian

    After the Oblivion Crisis, many mages throughout Tamriel sought ways to better harness the powers of Oblivion for good. They recreated an ancient Snow Elf combat style, seamlessly blending use of magic, bound weapons, and protective spells which is still ...
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    Last Post by Unknown vamp
    September 9

    Character Build: The Crimson Scar

    This build uses some awesome gameplay mechanics and a solid lore foundation to create a truly unique experience. The Crimson Scar can function as a fairly standard assassin, but don't be fooled: She has some brilliant tricks up her sleeve, and a rare degr...
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    Last Post by Yoursoulsmate
    September 9

    Most popular builds

    Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster. I used to come here all the time back in like 2013 for builds to play, and at that time in my life I had a lot of free time to play like everything. Now I’m coming back for the first time in many years, and f...
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    Last Post by Hasir
    September 7

    Character Build: Temple Guardian: Tiger

    Abandoned by the death of her parents and left at the doorstep Bao Gu orphanage, she had to quickly learrn how to defend herself from bulles. After that, Shifu found her and taught her Kung Fu, specifically tiger style.  Now all grown up, she defen...