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  • Wed at 1:09 PM
    Posted by ilanisilver
    Dusk settled around Waterview with mist and music. Nirnroot sang softly in Livia’s garden. Bullfrogs and crickets grunted and clicked, and dragonflies hummed through fog rising thick and warm off the river.   I see it in your eyes as you pass. You do not believe. But I have always bel...
  • Tue at 1:22 PM
    Posted by Caladran
    He hadn’t been visiting the Temple for a long time. Feeling guilty for not meditating lately, Ciel’nn sighed as he climbed the stairs up. Meditating would give him some peace while the world around him roiled in chaotic way, or so it felt to him. The Temple was the one place where he...
  • August 18
    Posted by ilanisilver
    Kaidan strode blindly through the woods. Birch branches swinging in the river’s breeze whipped at his face and chest, but he didn’t slow. Closer to the river, midges swarmed around his nose and eyes, but Kaidan didn’t raise a hand to wave them away.   Ten years he’d ...
  • Chapter 22                         It was a duel between masters and over in seconds, each second an eternity.                &n...
  • August 15
    Posted by ilanisilver
    Four days since the storm, four days with no word from anyone but the Largashbur orcs, and Livia was starting to feel the least bit isolated. She’d always considered her little slice of the Treva Valley charming for all its solitude and hushed wilderness, not to mention its distance from Rif...

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