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  •     As they made their way down the pathway towards the rope bridge to High Hrothgar, Aela slowed up slightly, allowing Sotek to walk beside her. Such were the natural rhythm and ambiance between them that neither party realised that they had started holding hands. They were still ho...
  • November 25, 2023
    Posted by Hasir
    Hasir, Inigo and Aquarius trudged through the murky swamp. Inigo  had to keep away all the bugs that swarmed them and attempted to bite their flesh. The khajiit glowered at Hasir who seemed to not be bothered by them; he thought it must be because of his tough scales. After ma...
  • Hasir fell head over tail through darkness. He fell through a sea of colors. It almost looked like the Argonian had leapt through the painting in Chorrol instead of a portal. Trees rushed past him and sharp spear-like branches scratched his armor. He did not even have time to register where ...
  • November 13, 2023
    Posted by Hasir
    Inigo lay sprawled on a blackened pathway with strange plants growing on either side of it. He got to his feet and squinted into the complete darkness where he saw a glowing blue orb under an archway with icicles depending from it. Inigo walked towards the orb and tried to touch it. Immediat...
  • November 1, 2023
    Posted by Hasir
    Hasir and Arcadia walked until the recieved a metaphorical punch in the gut. A massive black building that had orange drapes with midnight blue Oblivion symbols outlined in black hanging off it like flesh off of a rotting animal. The building looked like it had been in disuse for a long time....

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