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  • They turned just as reached the gildergreen in front of the temple off Kynareth. Inigo and Rakel gasped as they beheld large stone steps in front of the mead hall. Rakel knew this mead hall well, for this was where the argonian and she had can when Hasir was injured. Everytime she ...
  • Death did not come for him as he expected it to, instead, Ysgramor opened his eyes, rubbed his hand against where the wolf had scratched him and was amazed to find he had stopped bleeding. He looked for some reflective surface to do a more thorough inspection. All he could find was a basin in...
  •   Straag Rod Book 1: Fate Goes Ever As it Must, Part 1 Chapter 3: The Attack   “Is it finished?” Haming heard his ma ask from the cooking fire when his da walked in. His da looked pensive as he set his axe against their weathered dining table and took his seat.   &...
  •   Straag Rod Book 1: Fate Goes Ever as it Must, Part 1 Chapter 2: The Cart Ride   17th of Sun’s Dusk, 4E 201; Falkreath Hold, Skyrim, near Helgen   “Your honor will be your undoing...”   He remembered Rynandor’s words of warning in their final so...
  •   Chapter One                               Lightning rent the sky in two as the blizzard raged. Winter storms and freezing rain were a common occurrence all throughout the yea...

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