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  • After several hours, Ivarstead came into view. Farkas strode down the pathway, slightly speeding up at the thought of a flagon or two of ale. He grumbled with the notion of Aela and Sotek sitting there while he and Vilkas caught up. “I bet they’re down there eating a bloody meal&rdquo...
  • When the Imperial crossed the threshold with the four bound Argonians he produced a knife from his bag and cut each of their bonds and began barking orders like some kind of mad dog. The Argonians did not second guess or questions his motives, no one except for Hasir, "Why do we have yo do ...
  • Tulen got up long after the elderly argonian left; he strode out of his room, which was on the second floor of the sanctuary. Tulen hissed softly as he strode down the wooden logs that served as stairs and sniffed the air. A whiff of blood, silence and something that Tulen hat...
  • As the guard led the captive Argonians through the city, Hasir's eyes beheld the governor's mansion that pierced the skyline like a sharpened bit of glass. Before the manor were six cages each filled with slaves: three Argonians and three Khajiit. The slaves yelled at the top of th...
  • Hasir awoke to see cool yellow rays of sunlight peeking through the opposite wall of the ship, He craned his head toward his uncle, "Juleen, I-oh Hircine, I must've fallen asleep. Any idea how long I was out for?" He asked, wiping sleep from his eyes   Juleen got up from his straw bed an...

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    November 17, 2020
    Hi All,
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