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  • Inigo followed the Argonian outside into the courtyard, past the well with the pipe sticking out of it and to the gate. Hasir was just about to open the wrought iron gate to break the mountain illusion and return to Skyrim when he heard a metallic sigh behind him, he turned around and a...
  • July 28
    Posted by TheGreySon
    Ancient Blood Chapter 19 Ready the Trap    Jenassa wakes, around mid morning, to find an empty bed. Feeling a gnawing ache in chest, she reaches over for Shepherd’s salve and one of her vigor potions that she left on the nightstand, but finds all the potions missing. She app...
  • The Bronze khajiit nodded. Hasir expected the khajiit to speak normally, but the noise came, instead out of a small horn, "My friend, it has been so long, last time we spoke was before my soul was captured." When he spoke, a mechanized vocal pattern was heard. The metal cat's arm beckoned Hasi...
  • The next day Hasir got up, got dressed and proceeded up to the main room of the hall where the companions and whelps were, he guessed, busy eating breakfast. Hasir was about to open the doors when Kodlak approached him from behind, "Hasir, forgive me, but, I have been told that you have a cer...
  • July 22
    Posted by TheGreySon
    Ancient Blood Chapter 18 A Short Respite    As dawn approaches, the guard is changed around Lake View manor. The vampiric Khajiit are relieved by their mortal counterparts. Shepherd steps into the master bedchamber to check on Sebastian and Jenassa, but only sees Jenassa asleep in...

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