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Contest Build: Nogo the Bow-Saint

Tags: #Character Build Archer  #Character Build Acrobat  #Character Build Bound Weapons  #Rank:Mythic  #Hall of Fame Build  #Race:Altmer  #Contest1 
  • Member
    November 1, 2013

    This is brilliant, I love roleplay heavy characters. Especially when they place heavy value on a weapon or technique. 1+

  • Kuz
    December 15, 2013

    Adept+ is an awesome idea!

  • Member
    December 15, 2013

    A very unique build, presentation-wise. It also seems quite enjoyable to play! +1

  • Member
    January 6, 2014
    so it has taken me three weeks to even be able to get this to load so I could read it, even with the dropbox link. it's a fabulous build - you might want to consider putting it up in a more viewer-friendly format. I'm not running a slow connection or anything.
  • Member
    February 4, 2014


    Heh, I was snooping around the Archery category, looking for a 'way of the bow'-type build to see if it had already been done, when I found this.  Of course, a kickass archery build from asgard, who turned me on to the awesomeness that is pure, no-sneak archery!  I *may* still have a different enough build idea of my own to post something down the road, but I'm just happy to see that this is here.  Great job with the discussion of tactics and layout! 

  • Member
    February 4, 2014

    Well... I think I just found my favorite build :D

  • Member
    February 7, 2014

    Having an altmer character with redguard lore looked strange at first but after reading the whole build it makes sense. I also like the idea of adept+, I think I might try it on my next character

  • April 30, 2014

    I like the concept, being a bow fan myself in this game.

    However, there`s something that seems rather contradictory for me. On the overview section you say you aimed for a build with "no spells", but then you add a "Spellbook". Conjuration looks covered for as you turned it into more of a spiritual experience than magical, so I accept that. Illusion also seems covered for as pretty much anybody can get infuriated at some point, even the stereotypical spiritualist who, more often than not, might choose not to. I did feel the need to grasp how alteration, restoration and enchanting are not being considered spells here.

    I`ve seen in a few build comments on how some people don`t consider enchanted gear/weapons as magic/spell usage as a general rule, but for me in particular that feels like someone telling me they hate strawberries, but will eat strawberry cookies...

    Aside from the no spell user with a spellbook thing, I have very much enjoyed the reading.

  • November 29, 2014

    Very belated reply, but here is the answer:

    The goal was to create an archer that could hold his/her own with just a bow, and that was achieved, primarily through the "sprint away only during an enemy's attack, half-draw to give you time to do so" technique, but also by the choice of bow (very fast draw) and race (fastest running speed). This way, the character is viable right from the start, and not several hours in when you finally manage to learn a critical spell. The few spells that Nogo can cast are for the most part passive and "zen-like", if you like, but the important thing is that they are not required for her success in combat. As for enchanting, it is a product of her Altmer heritage.

  • March 8, 2016

    Still one of the best builds on the site. It's a shame Asgard stopped building right after he started really getting into gear, but at least we got this build (and the Bog-Lurker).