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Character Build: The Pale Master

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    October 17, 2013



    The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague.

    Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?

    -          Edgar Allan Poe

    Lore Part I

    "If you really wish to know more about the Pale Master, come to the place marked on your map and I'll wait for you there." The young acolyte looked up from his map. Yes, there was no doubt. This was the place. He finally arrived. Here he would learn about the “Pale Master”. He couldn’t even imagine the knowledge he was about to uncover. He picked up his satchel and pushed the rusty iron door opening it with a loud grinding sound. “Hello? … Is anybody there?” His voice echoed through the hall, but nobody answered. “Hello? Is anybody here? My…my name is Puck. I was given this letter…” Again there was no response. He put his satchel right next to the door and slipped the letter back into his pocket looking around for clues about the owner's whereabouts. “Hello? Is anyone here?” Suddenly he heard strange noises coming from below. He looked to his right and saw a staircase leading to the basement. As he walked down the stairs the noise became louder. It was a strange chewing noise resembling wolf feeding on a goat. With every step the noise got louder, and his surroundings darker. Puck decided to cast a small Magelight. As he took the last step he found himself in some sort of gallery. There were many pictures on the wall. Strange portraits and nude pictures, but not like anything a normal person would have on the wall. On most of these pictures he saw women covered in blood. There were even some pictures depicting women being raped. Or at least Puck thought they were raped. He couldn't imagine that a woman would do something like that willingly. But then again, he had never been with a woman before. He shook his head trying to forget the images he just saw and turned around. In front of him was a wooden door and a strange blue light shining through the cracks in it. The strange noises were coming from the room behind that door. Puck was terrified. Should he open the door? You’ve made it this far Puck, now take the leap and open that door, he reassured himself and opened the door.

    The room was brightly lit and Puck instinctively covered his eyes. After a few seconds he could see the silhouette of a person standing with his back to him. “E…excuse me,” he stammered, “…m…my name is P…Puck. I got your letter and your map.” The person turned around. Puck froze when he saw the face of the Altmer who's now looking directly at him. It was covered in blood! However, the Altmer just grinned and then he said: “Ah so you are the young acolyte who wants to know about the “Pale Master”? You've got quite the journey behind you, didn't you?” Puck was still unable to move but tried his best to answer, “y…yes that's right. I he...heard the story back in Cyrodiil.” The Altmer pointed Puck to a nearby chair, in front of a fire. They sat down. Puck couldn't take his eyes from the altar in front of where the Altmer stood a few seconds ago. He couldn't see clearly what was on that altar. All he saw was blood flowing from the altar and forming a puddle on the ground. The Altmer began to speak, “Alright, then let's get to the point,” he hold a cup of red wine in his hand. At least that's what Puck hoped it was. “What do you know about the Pale Master?” asked the Altmer. Puck lifted his head as if he was thinking “Well… actually I don't know that much. I found a book once, in the library of my master. When I asked him about it, he wouldn't tell me anything. He said it would be better to just forget about what I just read. But how could I?” The Altmer took a sip from his cup. “I see…well then boy, let me tell you about the Pale Master. Let me tell you who he really was what he really did and why so many people feared him. Let me tell you everything…”


    The Build

    The Pale Master is said to be an Altmer who has lived long past his lifespan. Some even claim him to be a Vampire. But no one knows his true identity. He could even be a Breton, for all I know. What I do know is that he once was a well-known and respected teacher at the Mage Guild down in Cyrodiil. But that was long before he turned to necromancy. He had a vast understanding of frost magic and knew how to protect himself from danger. He also knew his way around with the blade. He was truly a gifted Mage always trying to surpass himself and a perfectionist to the boot. That may also have been the reason why he turned to necromancy.

    Race:  Altmer (Vampire)

    Stone:  Mage / Lord

    Major Skills:  Conjuration, Destruction, Alteration

    Minor Skills: Restoration, One Handed, Alchemy, Enchanting,

    Main Weapon: The Pale Blade / later Ebony Sword with frost enchantment and fear or paralyze

    Armor: Archmage’s Robe, Thalmor Gloves, Thalmor Boots

    Essential Quests: Main Quest, Discerning the Transmundane, College of Winterhold, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, Civil War, and any other quest if you can explain it to the character



    The Pale Master’s Equipment is as pale as he is himself. He favors silver jewelry embedded with sapphire stones filled with powerful enchantments enhancing his powers and his magic capabilities. Still if you look closely you can see that on his right hand he has a ring that is unlike everything else made out of gold with two embedded emerald stones. This ring is said to be one of the “Rings of Blood Magic”. Since he was once an Arch-Mage himself, he wears one of the rare Archmage’s Robes. The Pale Master had always an eye for fashion and thus wears Thalmor Gloves as well as Thalmor Boots. In his right hand he holds the “Pale Blade” a sword he obtained from deep inside the Frostmere Crypt after a confrontation with “The Pale Lady” - one of the lost legends of Skyrim. Although he is a skilled swordsman the magic is always his first weapon of choice.

    Head: Silver and Sapphire Circlet

    1. Fortify Conjuration
    2. Fortify Destruction

    Torso: Archmage’s Robes

    1. 15% reduction on all spells cast
    2.  +50 Magicka
    3. 100% extra Magicka regeneration

    Neck: Silver and Sapphire Necklace

    1. Fortify Health
    2. Fortify Healing Rate

    Hands: Thalmor Gloves

    1. Foritfy One Handed
    2. Fortify Magicka

    Feet:  Thalmor Boots

    1. Resist Fire
    2. Resist Shock

    Ring:  Ring of the Erudite                  

    While wearing this ring, you will receive 100 extra Magicka as well as regenerate Magicka faster.

    Weapon: The Pale Blade (Level 27+)

    Creatures and people up to level 16(24) flee from combat for 30 seconds.                                                       Target takes 25 (37,5) points of frost damage to Health and 25 (37,5) points of Stamina damage.

    with Augmented Frost (2/2) 


    Skill trees and Perks (Level 60)

    Magicka (3) / Health (2) / Stamina (0)    

    Conjuration, Destruction and Alteration are the most important skill trees here. Without Conjuration the Pale Master wouldn't be a necromancer, now would he? Destruction is the second important skill tree as he uses frost magic to do some actual damage himself and keeping the enemies at bay. Next is Alteration. You could say that Alteration is his shield, with 30% of magic resistance and the Mage Armor to boost Oakflesh and later, Ebonyflesh. Stability is needed for the Oakflesh and Ebonyflesh to last longer.

    Restoration is somewhat of a support tree. Since it's said that The Pale Master is a vampire it's assumed he chose this school mainly for the Necromage perk. Necromage increases the effectiveness from Magic against every undead, and also for The Pale Master. Now he chooses a double edged sword here, since Necromage counts for all positive magic's as for all negatives to. For a positive example: The Pale Master uses his highborn ability that boosts his mana regeneration up to 25% now with Necromage it boosts up to 50%. A negative example would be the weakness to fire. Now a Vampire as a natural weakness to fire with Necromage this weakness is greater than without that perk.

    The Pale Master also knows a lot about Alchemy. He found it to be useful to create his own potions for resistances or to boost his capabilities of magic and the swordplay. It is definitely a skill tree that shouldn't be underestimated. And since the Pale Master always strives for perfection this choice is only natural.

    Tome of the Pale Master

    Now look at this. This is a Tome of the Pale Master. He documented the use of his spells. Do you notice something? Yes that's right the Conjuration spells listed here, are only spells that raise the dead. You may believe he also struck a deal with the Ideal masters to be able to conjure minions right from the soul cairn. But why didn't he write that down? No. I believe he only raised the dead, like a true Necromancer would do. And on the second page, look there are only frost spells listed under destruction. And Alteration are only protective spells. The tome also speaks of special tactics for combat. But I won't show them to you just yet.

    Lore Part II

    The Altmer took a last sip of his cup, and stood up. “That's it boy…now you know about the Pale Master. He was one of the finest individuals that walked Tamriel. Or perhaps still is...” The Altmer grinned and walked up to the altar, placed the cup on top of it and turned to Puck “you know…I noticed that you looked quite often over here, to the altar.” Puck stutteringly answered “well yes th…that's true. I…I was…“- the Altmer interrupted him and with a calm but deep voice he spoke “you were wondering why there was blood tripping from this altar. Am I right?” Puck gulped then he nodded. “Do you want to know, why I know so much about the Pale Master, when no one even believes in his existence?” the Altmer walked up to Puck who was paralyzed by fear. The Altmer now stood right in front of Puck; he leaned in and whispered: “I can show you, if you want”. Puck gulped again, nodded and said “yes...p…please do” his voice wavering. The Altmer grinned again, then turned around and walked right past the altar. With a gesture of his right hand he signaled Puck to follow him. Slowly but steadily Puck followed. When he stood next to the altar he looked upon it. What he saw made him to vomit. It was a dead body. The body of a dead woman, her chest ripped open and her organs on display. It was this moment when Puck realized that the Altmer in front of him was a vampire. The Altmer reached a wall and pulled down a candlestick. An old wall cabinet with an empty bookcase opened, revealing a hidden room. The Altmer walked into the room. Puck wiped his face with his sleeve, then he followed, his fear gone. No matter what he would see now, it wouldn't be as disturbing as the body of that woman. Puck entered the room and the Altmer lit a torch. Puck looked around the room. At the other end of the room he saw a person. Puck went up to that person and could hardly believe his eyes. There! Tied up on a rack he saw another Altmer. He was pale as silver and littered with blood. He was breathing heavily it seemed as if he was barely alive. Suddenly a hand touched Puck’s shoulder “don't worry,” began the Altmer who led Puck into the room, “he can't die. Even if he wishes to, he can't. Because he is the same as me…” Puck turned around to the Altmer and asked, “is he?-” The Altmer left the room without saying a single word. On a table next to him Puck saw a robe a robe only an Arch-Mage would wear and a sword as pale as the Altmer himself with embedded frost runes. There was no doubt. The Altmer lying on that rack was…The Pale Master!

    Please note:  English isn't my native language so I probably made a lot of grammar mistakes. If you'd like to correct me, please do, but not in the comments. I would really appreciate it, if someone could spare a bit of his time, and read through everything, sort out the mistakes and then sent it to me, so that I can edit it. I still hope you enjoyed the presentation of The Pale Master. I certainly enjoyed writing it. 

  • October 17, 2013

    This is about as good as it gets for a first build, no wonder you were keen to join Reding!

    Really well done!

  • October 17, 2013

    May I add that the Pale Blade is actually recieving a nice boost from your two frost perks... should be casting fear at level 24 if I remember rightly and doing about 37pts of frost damage.

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    October 17, 2013


    Perhaps you noticed that your builds influenced me quite a bit, in terms of structure and all that ;)

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    October 17, 2013

    Yeha I know thanks.

    I just thought it would be better to put the the standard effects in there. But I'll make a little site note to that ;) Thanks.

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    October 17, 2013

    First build? Wow! Rock on, Reding!

    Love the layout and the overall effect from the presentation. Great work.

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    October 17, 2013

    Great work mate! +1

    The presentation is awesome - looks like you've adopted Mason's love for black outlines  The choice of art is very fitting, the perk spread is clear and visible and the lore is interesting and engaging to read! I would have never guessed that English is not your native language! There were very few mistakes, I can PM them to you, if you wish 

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    October 17, 2013


    And hey, if love for freakin' good looking black lines is a crime, lock me right up :p

    But I would appreciate it greatly if you could do that for me 

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    October 17, 2013

    Really clean build man! Only thing I can say to fix is the tags, check out the Character Build Archive for more information on them!

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    October 17, 2013

    You're the second person that I've 'Liked' their first build post (Adrik being the other), very well done.

    The only question I have is does the Pale Blade not get boosted by being a vampire as well (bonus to Illusion)?  I thought with the 2/2 frost plus vampire bonus the fear effect was upto lvl 30, perhaps I'm wrong.


    Am I also wrong that the Stamina damage is actually half and that the description of 50 is incorrect?  I haven't ever really used the blade so I'm just going off of memory.