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Event Build: The Quarra Scourge

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    May 16, 2014

    The Quarra Clan -- rumored to be the strongest of all vampire bloodlines in terms of physical strength. A vampire with Quarra blood coursing through their veins can tear limbs from their prey effortlessly. Their claws peel flesh from bones as though it were bark of a Canticle Tree. Other vampires cower at the mere mention of their name.

    During the 3rd Era, the Quarra were all but obliterated when their leader was murdered for her powerfully magical blood. Sensing dissension and weakness, the Aundae Clan sought to eliminate the physically empowered and bold Quarra vampires. The two clans clashed in a ferocious battle, pitting brute strength against magical prowess. In the end there would only be one survivor, the new leader of the Quarra who swore on an Aundae blood feast to rebuild the clan.

    The Quarra Scourge

    Race: Khajiiti Vampire

    Stone: Lord

    Skills: Enchanting, Restoration, Block, Heavy Armor, Alchemy, Alteration, Sneak, Illusion, Conjuration

    Equipment: Enchanted Heavy Chitin Set, Enchanted Circlet, Ring of the Beast, Enchanted Amulet, Auriel's Shield, Muiri's Ring, Krosis

    Powers/Shouts: Marked for Death, Whirlwind Sprint

    Quests: Volkihar Questline, Rings of Blood Magic, Dark Brotherhood, Volkihar Side Quests, Dragonborn Questline

    Vengeance. The Quarra Scourge destroyed every trace of the vile Aundae Clan but vengeance still clouded his mind. Out of sheer respect to ex-matriarch Volrina Quarra, the Quarra Clan must be restored to former glory. With nothing but time on his hands, the Scourge plotted new ways to spread the message of his Clan, a message of merciless death.

    Eventually, the survivor of the Quarra caught rumors of the ancient Volkihar Clan of Skyrim. What better way to start a new clan than to destroy the leader of another and proclaim yourself matriarch?! The mere thought of ruling a clan of vampires and recruiting an army boiled the Scourge's blood. All of Skyrim and, in time, Nirn would know the strength that the new Quarra Clan will possess!

    Stat Placement: 2 Magicka / 2 Health / 1 Stamina

    As most of you may know, the Quarra Vampire Clan were very well-known for their brute strength and immense pride. During a recent playthrough I truly discovered what brutality was in Skyrim: Unarmed Combat á la Khajiit. I love the fact that they actually use their claws to shred enemies to bits. On the same note, the unarmed killcams are probably the most vicious visually and are mainly what inspired my vision of a member of the Quarra Clan. Just imagine a vampire tearing through bandit camps with nothing but razor sharp claws and brute strength! 30 Days of Night anyone?

    Enchanting mimics the great strength of the Quarra Clan and their capabilities. The main enchantments are Fortify Unarmed, Fortify Stamina Regen, Fortify Health Regen, Fortify Magicka Regen, and Resist Magic.

    Restoration is the main source of recovering both Health and Stamina once Respite is acquired. It also offers several incredibly strong bonuses through the Necromage perk.

    Heavy Armor is perked for Fists of Steel and the Heavy Chitin Armor Set EXCEPT for the helmet. Chitin was very common on Vvardenfell so it fits lore perfectly. I also chose Heavy Chitin for the clawed gauntlets. It just made sense to use gauntlets that have claws since they are our main offensive "skill".

    Block is what separates this build from other Unarmed builds. It offers great defense for both magical and physical damage at all ranges. Once the Shield Charge perk is acquired the Quarra's strength really begins to shine. Barreling through bandits and launching Sabre Cats into the air with brute strength is perfectly characteristic of the Scourge.

    Alchemy is the ultimate supplement skill. This crafting skill literally has something for every playstyle and it is no different with the Quarra Scourge. For specific potions check below in the Necro-Alchemy section.

    Alteration is the passive version of the Block skill, fortifying the Quarra's magical and physical defenses. The flesh spells are effectively boosted by Necromage and Alteration Potions, increasing their duration to near three minutes.

    Sneak. That's right, one measly perk, hah! Nonetheless, a very effective perk when combined with Champion of the Night and Muffle. An initial Sneak attack from the Scourge is devastating indeed and not to be underestimated.

    While not perked, Illusion and Conjuration were used throughout most of the playthrough to great effect. The only spells used from their respective Schools were the Muffle spell and the Soul Trap spell for obvious reasons. Both skills leveled above 50 by the end of the build and ensured a bountiful amount of perks for other skills.


    Mantle of the Scourge

    I found that Heavy Armor was befitting of a Juggernaut-esque vampire and rolled well with the Fists of Steel perk. I chose Heavy Chitin because it is a common armor type on Vvardenfell and something that the Scourge would be familiar with. I opted for a circlet because it aligned well with the character's roleplay. The Quarra are bold vampires and would want their enemies to see their faces before being broken to bits. The circlet is also reminiscent of royalty which befits the eventual matriarch position that you'll assume once Harkon is defeated. The enchantments also reflect the bold nature of the Quarra by allowing them to “daywalk” without too many problems in regards to stunted regeneration.

    The Resist Magic enchantment is relative to something else though. From a roleplay standpoint, the survivor of the Quarra drained every last drop of wretched Aundae blood. In this act of great vengeance, the magical blood actually granted resistance to arcane forces. This might explain why I weaved in so much Magic/Elemental Resistance into the build. It also allowed the build to become the juggernaut that I envisioned for the clan, fearing nothing and destroying everything in their wake.

    Auriel's Shield worked perfectly with the build in several aspects. Aesthetically, it matched the colors of the Heavy Chitin set as well as the battle-worn look that pervades the armor. From a gameplay standpoint, Auriel's Shield has an amazing AoE ability comparative to Unrelenting Force. I envisioned the Scourge blowing away groups of enemies with a hefty bash of his shield. It was also very ironic that an emblem of light be wielded by such a dark creature with darker ambitions. Before obtaining Auriel's Shield the Targe of the Blooded is a great choice. You just can't beat those jaunting spikes! 

    While they aren't listed in the Equipment Spread, I did obtain Muiri's Ring and Krosis in order to boost the effects of my potions. I definitely recommend picking both of them up but I wouldn't enchant an entire set. The build can get pretty OP as it is and more powerful potions would likely tip the balance a bit too far.



    One of the biggest perks to Necromage-Vampirism is its effect on potions. All of our alchemical concoctions will have a 25% boost in magnitude and 50% boost in duration. In addition to this, Restoration Potions also boost other potion effects which can get dangerous very quickly! Potions should be consumed prior to battle to keep engagments fluid.

    Bloodlust Brew: Fortify Marksman/Health Regen
    Luna Moth Wing, Juniper Berries, Canis Root
    Easily the most useful and characteristic of a Quarra vampire, consuming this will increase the damage of our claws and Health Regen rate.

    Elixir of Fortitude: Resist Frost/Fortify Heavy Armor
    Thistle Branch, Slaughterfish Scales
    An ancient Nordic salve that protects against Skyrim's harsh wilderness.

    Aundae Blood Potion: Resist Fire/Frost/Shock
    Snowberries, Hawk Beak, Fly Amanita
    A serum made from the blood of the Aundae vampires. It grants resistance to magical abilities.


    Chronomancer's Draught: Fortify Alteration
    River Betty, Grass Pod
    A time-bending tonic that affects the duration of flesh spells and Shield Charge's paralysis effect.

    Jode's Tears: Fortify Restoration
    Yellow Mountain Flower, Salt Pile
    Rumored to be made of moon-blessed waters, Jode's Tears affects many magical effects including potions, enchantments, and healing spells.

    Unmatched Ferocity

    The Scourge of the Quarra is a truly malicious force to be reckoned with! All the tactics used in battle demonstrate the strength that courses through the veins of this vengeful vampire. Strength can be measured two ways in Skyrim: how much damage you deal and how far you can launch enemies. The Scourge has mastered both aspects.

    As a Necro-Vamp, the Quarra Scourge is able to reach new heights of Unarmed damage. The Necromage perk increases nearly every aspect of Unarmed combat by 25%! Khajiit and Argonians deal 10 unarmed damage naturally but Khajiit also have a Claws passive ability that boosts Unarmed by 12. So the breakdown is the before and after effects of Necromage in regards to Unarmed damage boosts.

    • Khajiiti Claws: 10 & 12 >> 10 & 15
    • Ring of the Beast: 20 >> 25
    • Chitin Heavy Gauntlets (Fists of Steel): 16 >> 20
    • Gauntlet Enchantment: 14 >> 14 (Lol)
    • Fortify Marksman Potion: 60% >> 75%
    • Marked for Death: + 9% Dmg/Second >> + 11% Dmg/Second (Vs. Undead)
    • Total Unarmed Damage: 147 Dmg + 9% Dmg/Second via Marked for Death

    Not sure why the Gauntlet Enchantment isn't affected but there you have it. Note that you must be a vampire and acquire Necromage before perking Fists of Steel or reallocate Fists of Steel with the Dragonborn DLC to get the boost. Also, in order to boost the passive Claws ability you must simply transform into a Vampire Lord and Revert Form once you've acquired Necromage. Fun Fact: the Recovery perks are also affected by Necromage.

    The Scourge barrels into an enemy and rips them to bits before they can recover. Very few opponents survive a good mauling. Immediately after Shield Charging unequip your shield via hotkey and let the brutality commence!
    Shield Charge, Multiple Dual Power Attacks

    As prideful creatures, the Quarra are determined to defeat the enemy no matter the odds. They develop a sort of battle frenzy that will only end when their are none to stand against them. A crouched Shield Charge can be performed indefinitely even after Stamina is depleted.
    Marked for Death, Crouched Shield Charge

    The unparalleled strength of the Quarra vampire sends enemies flying  in one deft movement. This technique will level pesky archers and mages in a fraction of a second. Hold block after activating Whirlwind Sprint to also activate Shield Charge. If timed properly the toon will glow green and send enemies flying upon impact.
    Whirlwind Sprint, Block, Shield Charge perk

    The Quarra have always been the fiercest of predators, never giving their enemies a chance to retaliate. Shrouded in shadow, the vampire creeps up to unsuspecting prey before slamming them into the ground head first. In order to cancel Embrace of Shadows's Nighteye effect, cast Nighteye before activating EoS.
    Muffle, Bloodlust Brew, Embrace of Shadows, Sneak Attack

    Blood Tide
    When outnumbered, the Quarra Scourge can turn the tide with a crippling, explosive blow to his foes. Any opponent that persists will be severely incapacitated.
    Marked For Death, Auriel's Shield (Max Burst)


    The Block skill was admittedly a late addition in the build but ended up being the reason I loved it. As a build based on physical strength, I felt that it lacked the visuals of what a supernaturally strong character would be capable of and Shield Charge was exactly what I had in mind. With the ability to explode through groups of enemies combined with extremely powerful claws, the build had come to fruition.


    A Vampire's Oath

    The Scourge of the Quarra has sought to build his own clan back to its former glory and beyond in honor of the great Volrina Quarra. With his blood-red eyes set on the Volkihar, obtaining a new clan should be effortless. This questline offers tons of bonuses including a snazzy castle that will house the new Quarra Clan. The "New Allegiances" side quest even allows you to recruit new members into your thriving clan.

    The Dark Brotherhood have taken note of your savage murders throughout Skyrim and would be honored to have you join the family. A malicious band of assassins might not be a bad asset for the chaos you seek to create throughout Nirn. Don't forget to pick up Muiri's Ring to boost your alchemical creations.

    The Dragonborn questline is relatively optional but will allow the Scourge to reach the highest amount of claw damage possible. Since the Fists of Steel perk is taken early on, Necromage doesn't get the chance to boost it. By reallocating the Heavy Armor perks, Necromage will effectively boost the Fists of Steel bonus by 25%. It's a small boost but Dragonborn is also a short questline and offers tons of great bonuses from the Black Books.

    That's pretty much it for my take on the Quarra Clan. I had a blast playing this character because it was my first Khajiit playthrough, first unarmed build, and first vampire that I've actually posted. Hope you guys have enjoyed and I'm working on a video and screenshots as opposed to the not-so-thematic artwork. I would also like to give a huge shoutout to James and his Unarmed Damage Argument post in the Tips and Tricks group. It was a huge inspiration for this build.

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    May 16, 2014

    It looks like it's unarmed combat that sells me on Khajiit characters every time. I'll definitely have to play this. A brutal Khajiit vampire with the physical power of a mammoth? What's not to like. Awesome job!

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    May 16, 2014

    My gawd this might be the first Khajiit Vampire build on the site! Great build Alastor I'm so going to give this one a playthrough :) +1

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    May 16, 2014

    An awesome build, unfortunately I don't like unarmed but that's just personal preference..I love Khajiit and vampires, great combo 

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    May 16, 2014
    Holy crud! Last thing I was thinking of when you opted for Quarra... an unarmed, khajiit vampire matron trying to re-establish her clan. That makes for some epic backstory AND gameplay. Sick. Wrong. Awesome :D Nicely done, sir!
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    May 16, 2014

    Love the Special Moves section, especially the Maul and the Widowmaker. A question about the latter, you can't turn off the Night Eye without becoming visible, no? 

    Also, why do you need that glitch, man? With the skills you have you can easily go without it IMO. :P

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    May 16, 2014

    Thanks for the love guys!

    @Brewmaster It is the first Khajiiti vampire!

    @goober I had never really given unarmed the chance it deserved but this build definitely changed my mind.

    @Shinjin I wanted to stray from everything that Albino had accomplished with his version of the Quarra and Unarmed was really my only option lol!

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    May 16, 2014
    That's so awesome! I will surely give it a go! +1
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    May 16, 2014
    Love the maul and blood tide special moves, I was actually looking into MfD with auriels shield myself! Awesome build!
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    May 16, 2014
    Thanks Oddball! The special moves are all pretty great and I used them a lot! Dreadnought is pretty ridiculous too! Nobody can keep their footing and they constantly lose Health/AR! It was a really fun build to experiment with :)