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Character Build: The Blade of Akatosh

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    June 25, 2013

    The Blades prior to the great war played a shadow war with the Thalmor. It is unknown WHO started the shadow war, but we DO know who lost: The Blades.

    The Blades were worshippers of Talos primarily, but also worshipped the rest of the divines as well, it can by hypothesized that many chose a different divine as their "main" god, instead of Talos (like Akatosh).

    The Blades themselves were formed as a dragonslaying group dedicated to destroying dragons and protecting the Dragonborns, the ultimate dragonslayers. They were transformed into a protection and special service group after Reman defeated the Akaviri advance through Skyrim at the Battle of Pale Pass.

    After the last of the Septims died (Martin, may Akatosh bless his soul!), the Blades transformed themselves slightly into a group protecting the Empire from threats THEY perceived and did not take orders from the Emperor in any direct sense(but it can be assumed their was a general sharing of some information between the two on a limited basis), since the new Medes started the Penitus Oculatus as a group much more under their control as a secret service group essentially, spying for, assassinating for, and protecting the Mede Dynasty.

    Magic using within the Blades was not a requirement, but there is no way that there were none who were skilled in and used magic in some form or another (Esbern is a prime example!)

    The lore used is accurate, despite what some may say.

    Great Build by the way! like from me!


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    September 18, 2013

    This is actually a pretty cool build. I like how you use 1 handed sword and block and that's it. No shield, no duel. It is just like a samurai. It is a shame you cannot wield 1 handed with 2 hands unless you use a mod (Make your own essentially). I actually have 2 mods that actually would go well with this. Recruit More Blades, and Interesting NPCs. Interesting NPCs because you can meet a female Khajiit named S’vashni. She wears Blades armor and fashions a Katana. She tells you a story of how she killed her master using The Way of the Nine. Techniques taught to her. It encompasses nine separate sword techniques, each inspired by a different divinity. She will go into detail regarding the stances and their various styles, but will also reveal that she has only mastered eight of the stances. It's a great play of Samurai in my opinion and one of the best quests I had to do for my Samurai.

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    October 10, 2013

    Killing Paarthurnax would be a huge moral dilemma for him. While he is honour bound by the Blades to kill the him, Paarthurnax is a child of Akatosh as are all dragons. The difference being the perspective for him and other dragons. It sounds like your character wouldn't kill the children of Akatosh unless Akatosh deemed it fine to do so and even then Paarthurnax is not like the rest of the dragons in the game.

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    October 10, 2013
    Why so you need both Dragonhide and Bones of the Earth? Both grant the defence cap! and I don't think they stack.