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Character Build: The Blade of Akatosh

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    April 1, 2013



                After the White-Gold Concordat was signed, the Blades were forcibly dissolved as part of the terms. Although most Blade Agents refused to fully cease their activities and continued to pursue quests of their own, there was one who sought to return to his family and give up the warrior’s life for a peaceful one, in a little farm far away from civilized troubles. Born in this peaceful scenario, you could never have been prepared for the plans that fate had for you. Although your father had long given up his sword, the Thalmor still believed him a threat. After a few years, the violence of the Justiciar finally clashed with the peaceful life your family led, forcing your father to pick up his blade once more. Despite the great combat skills your father had, numbers overwhelm. After dispatching all the attackers, the old Blade finally fell to the ground, to rest forever. Left alone in the remains of your house, destroyed in the attack, you saw nothing ahead of you but disgrace. Your father, the only family and protection you ever knew, suddenly striped away in the wind. Weak and alone, you delved into your minds darker corners, surrendering to insanity. But even as life seemed hopeless, a light emerged in the darkness; It gave you hope, it fed you courage. Following its call, you wandered the land, until you reached an ancient temple of Akatosh. There, your fear was turned to courage and your cold spirit turned to fire. But that was not all. The Dragon-God touched your very being, imparting it with powers that only dragons should have. Finally, the god of time showed you visions of a cold, harsh land called Skyrim, where you would serve a greater purpose. Decided to prove worthy of his gifts, you set out to the land of the nords, to find out what fate had in store for you now.


    Race: Breton is the best choice, because of the Dragonskin racial ability that fits very well with this
    build. Other races can be used, but won’t be as effective in combat. Roleplaying won’t be affected.

    Attributes: I chose to run 1 / 3 / 3, but it can be adapted to your gameplay preferences. What matters is prioritizing Health and Stamina greatly over Magicka, since this character is mainly a warrior with magical blessings.

    Standing Stones: Early game stone should be either Warrior or Steed, choosing between quick leveling or agility. As you get the Conditioning perk, switch to the Atronach. You can also go straight for the Atronach if you want the spell absorb right on.



      • Heavy Armor: The might of Akatosh allows you to wear heavy plates effortlessly. Key perk is Conditioning.
      • Block: Sword techniques run in your Blade blood. Counterattacks and Blocks must be mastered. Key perks are Quick Reflexes and a high Shield Wall.
      • One-Handed: Honor your father’s life by utilizing his style of combat. Key perk Bladesman, get at least 2 ranks.
      • Smithing: Smith the most might armors and weapons with the fire of the Dragon-God. Key perks are Arcane Smithing and Dragon Smithing.
      • Alteration: Akatosh represents invincibility and endurance. Your blessing allows you to turn your courage into powerful magical shields, in addition to being able to absorb magical energies. Key perks are Atronach and Master Alteration.
      • MINOR PERKS:
        • Destruction: The blessing of Akatosh gives you control over the elements, most powerfully fire. Key perk Augmented Flames.
        • Restoration: The god of time allows you to close your wounds through determination only. Key perks are Avoid Death and Respite.

    • Armor: Smith all your armor, up to Dragonplate, which fits very nicely with the whole Dragon-God theme. For Roleplaying purposes, wear the Blades Helmet from the moment you get it and throughout the game, to honor your father’s guild.
    • Weaponry: The Blade of Akatosh honors his father’s memory by wielding the blades swords. This means that this character must always prefer katanas over other weapons. These are the locations of katanas in Skyrim:
      • Dragonbane – Found on a table in a small room just off to the left of the main chamber of Sky Haven Temple, next to the blades armor and swords.
      • Blades Sword – Found on Delphine’s secret room, in a weapon rack to the right of the entrance. Also there are six in the Sky Haven temple, next to Dragonbane.
      • Bolar’s Oathblade – Found in Bloated Man’s Grotto. Be careful though, if entering there with a quest objective inside, it will not be there. It takes one in-game month for the cave to reset and the sword to reappear.
      • Harkon’s Sword - Although it is only useful for vampires, I included it in case you want to collect katanas. Harkon’s Sword is looted from his body after he is defeated.



    Unhindered: Making use of the Steed Stone or the Conditioning perk, you can forget about that slow, barbarian combat style, and enter the agility level of rogues and light armored warriors. Making use of this advantage helps greatly in combat, being able to withstand weaker attacks and dodge the most powerful ones. Make sure to remember this.

    Dragonfire: Blessed with the powers of a dragon, the Blade of Akatosh constantly calls upon fire to defeat enemies. As soon as you get Flame Cloak, use it as often as possible.

    Spell Absorption: Akatosh gives you the power to summon Dragonskin and absorb magical energies. Together with the Atronach Stone, you will absorb all kinds of magical attacks aimed at you for 60 seconds, making you immune to magic completely.

    God of Time: The slow time shout fits this build very well, both in roleplay and in synergy with fire spells: Damage over time does not slow down during this shout, meaning fire damage becomes much more deadly. Remembering this can give you a powerful edge during tough boss fights or large mobs.

    Avatar of Akatosh: This is perhaps the best part of this build. As you reach higher levels, you’ll be able to use a series of combined defensive spells and powers at once that’ll make you nearly untouchable. That combination would be

    Flame Cloak + Dragon Aspect + Dragonskin + Dragonscale or Flesh Spell + Bones of the Earth

    In addition to greatly increasing your resistance and making you immune to magic, this combination gives you a powerful look, as if you were possessed by a god. Shouting Slow Time right after will give your Flame Cloak a good damage edge as well.


    Samurai: The Samurai playstyle includes great sense of honor and loyalty. Becoming thane and showing your loyalty to a jarl would be a natural instinct. Also, Samurais do not tolerate injustice and vow to protect the weak the best they can.

    Servant of the Gods: As a servant of the aedra, you will avoid the daedra always when possible. If you do relate to them, it is to weaken their presence in the land, through ruining their dark plans of conquest.

    Auriel: Auriel is interpreted as being the same deity as Akatosh, meaning that his artifacts will have great meaning to your character. Keep them safe in your home or with you, even though they are not much use in combat.


    • Essential: These quests should be completed because they fit in with this character’s story. Of course I won’t mention all the quests; you should apply the characters ideals to each situation and think what he’d do. These are only the most important ones.
      • Main Quest: Fight and defeat Akatosh’s evil side, Alduin, in an epic quest!
      • College of Winterhold: As a simple farmer, you do not know enough about the new powers that you’ve acquired to use them properly. The study in the college will aid you in that matter.
      • Dragonborn: Defend the oppressed denizens of Solstheim against the evil Miraak.
      • Dawnguard: Fight against the vampires in defense of the people of Skyrim. Not out of hate, but out of compassion for the oppressed.
    • Optional Quests: Possible, but not necessary for the story of the Blade of Akatosh.
      • Companions: Even though they are honorable warriors, there is something dark about them. If you do join them, be sure to get rid of that curse as soon as possible, as well as healing your fellow Shield-Brothers.
      • Destroy the Dark Botherhood: Although you would be defeating forces of evil, this quest has a sense of hunting enemies down that is not fitting to this hero. It won’t hurt his story, nevertheless.
      • Civil War: If you do decide to join it, go for the Imperials. Akatosh is the god-protector of the empire, and you would not stand to see it weakened.
    • Negative Quests: These quests will interfere with roleplaying, and go against the ideas of the story.
      • Thieves Guild: There is no honor in such ways.
      • Dark Brotherhood: There is no honor in these ways either.

    THANKS FOR READING! Please like if you liked and point out my mistakes if you didn't. Thanks again!!

  • AJ
    April 2, 2013

    Nice bbuild, well thought out so +1

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    April 2, 2013

    Blades swords i think are faster then usual swords i don't think its proven but it seems so, nice build +1

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    April 4, 2013

    Question, kill paarthurnax? Or not? I did some research and in still in a pickle. What would you say?

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    April 4, 2013

    Tough question, but I'd say Yes. This character has a great deal of respect towards the Blades, and he would most likely agree to kill Paarthurnax.

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    April 4, 2013
    Okay thanks! Yeah I'm starting this build and Really liking it
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    April 5, 2013

    I don't know where you got your lore and role playing information/ideas from but you're way off. The Blades have nothing to do with Akatosh. If you are going to use a god to reference, worship or follow, The Blades are all dedicated followers of Talos hence them starting a war with the Thalmor. The Blades also never used magic and would not show off their faction in public. 

    Sorry to be harsh but the truth hurts kid. 

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    April 5, 2013

    Sorry I may be mistaken but the blades are dragonslayers that protect the dragonborn. In my experience these seem to relate to Akatosh. Using fire magic adds to the theme of akatosh. I recall dragons breathed fire? He only wears the helmet so hes not exactly comlromised if a thalmor walks past is it? 


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    April 14, 2013

    Ok, first things first, this character is not a Blade member, he just respects the organization because his father used to be a member. He is firstly a worshiper of Akatosh;

    And even if he was, the blades were not particularly devoted to any god; They were just the protectors of the emperor, that's all. As Akatosh is the god-protector of the empire, they are more related to him than to Talos;

    Plus, they didn't start the war on the Thalmor. They were persecuted and killed by the Thalmor, in the intent of weakening the strenght of the empire, and that is why they hate them so much. The White-Gold Concordat the Thalmor proposed included the dissolution of the Blades, much with the same purpose.

    That's my take on the story, thank you for the feedback anyways.

  • May 14, 2013

    Great build, the Avatar of Akatosh combo looks and is awesome. The lore is actually fairly accurate, unlike some people may say *cough D_VoN cough*. But jokes aside, you got my like  +1