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Character Building Discussion: Underused Building Mechanics

  • June 6, 2019
    Before I start this discussion, I do technically need to pimp out our very awesome Tamriel Vault Discord because this discussion is linked to it and running there as well. The idea behind this is to shadow the Weekly Discussions we've been doing over there (which you might have seen the Logs for going around recently) to be a semi-consistant series that gets discussed both on Discord and the Site. It might not be Weekly, but at the very least this will be a regular series of discussions that run between both, to hopefully be as fascinating as possible. 
    Discussion 1: Underused Mechanics, Items, Followers, etc.
    Anyway, the theme for this particular discussion is pretty interesting. What we're going for is the rather vague theme of "Underused". I thought it'd be interesting to discuss underused items, followers, spells, powers, etc. in Skyrim. There are no limitations on whether you can discuss modded builds or not though obviously it's a bit easier to focus on Vanilla and Ordinator builds simply due to what people post and understad. That said, feel free to bring us your Requiem, Skyrim Redone, YASH or any other modded build if that's what your interested in. It sort of doubles as mentioning underused things, and discussing how you'd use those mechanics, items, powers, spells, etc.
    Over on the Discord our aim will be to sort of break it down a bit and discuss one unique thing each day (as the main focus). If that sounds interesting then I can't recommend joining in on the discussion over there as well. Here there won't be as much of a structure, and it's really just discussing anything that you think is underused in builds (this can certainly include if you think a mod is perfect for building but doesn't get used that often). 
  • June 6, 2019

    So far on Discord our main discussion points have really just been Bleeding, Staves and Spider Scrolls with a teeny bit of talk about the underused combination of Orcish Females (truly rare creatures in builds). Any of these are definitely an interesting topic I think, with varying reasons for why they're underused but them all definitely not being quite as common in builds as 'normal' mechanics. 

    Anyone have any thoughts on any of these underused mechanics/items?