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Character Build: The Twilight Warden

Tags: #Character Build Spellsword  #Character Build Elementalist  #Character Build Alchemist  #Race:Dunmer  #Rank:Mythic  #Raidriar 
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    October 23, 2015

    Yeah, it's fairly easy at that level. I wanted the Aetherial Crown as early as I could though.

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    November 16, 2016

    All images have been restored for this build. While I try my best to keep the formatting as close to the original as possible, there are some unavoidable differences as a result of differing platforms... for this I apologize.

    Also, please feel free to remove the 'Restored' banner at the end of the build--I put it there as a courtesy to let the reader know that the build has been worked on by somebody other than its original creator without his or her knowlege.

    Glad I got to restore the images for this one... I really liked this build, and it was painful to see it as a wall of text ;D

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    June 21, 2017
    Really like this build, think I'll try it when I get home. Really like undead slayers, plus this one is far from the stereotype, and I've never used frost. One thing has me boggled though, do you have to get necromage at a specific time? I'm scared of starting the build and getting it wrong, I want it to be the best it can be. I'd like to take it to 50, too. Anyone got any recommendations? I believe this may be Raid's best build!