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Character Build: The Wanderer

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    December 3, 2013

    Hello! This is the revamp of my first build. I’ve always loved Samurai-like characters, but I hate blades armor (and the blades too!) and every Samurai build I’ve found is a guy dual-wielding swords and wearing heavy armor. The revamped version is harder than the original one because I removed alteration from the skills, now the Wanderer is a truly unarmored build! Without armor of any kind, be it magical or not.

    The Wanderer was an student in a monastery in the mountains of Cyrodiil. He has spent his life honing his skills with the distinctive Akaviri Longsword to such an extent that he needs no other defense except his sword and lightning reflexes. After his training, he left the monastery to wander the land, honing his skills with the blade and his own spirit.

    “In accordance with custom, the combatants exchanged names and swords were unsheathed, the three bandits on one side facing the solitary opponent. The keen blades of the duelists glittered in the sun. The wanderer, as calm as a mirrored lake, advanced steadily with the point of his weapon directed against the bandit chief in the centre of the trio, and apparently indifferent to an attack on either flank. The warrior in the middle gave ground inch by inch and the wanderer as surely stepped forward. Then the right-hand bandit, who thought he saw an opening, rushed to attack, but the wanderer, who had clearly anticipated this move, parried and with lightning rapidity cut his enemy down with a mortal blow. The left-hand bandit came on in his turn but was treated in a similar fashion, a single stroke felling him to the ground bathed in blood. All this took almost less time than it takes to tell. The chief in the center, seeing the fate of his comrades, thought better of his first intention and took to his heels.”

    Race: Imperial – Calming your enemies is really useful, and they start with a minor boost in block – I had a RP reason too, my character came from Cyrodiil.

    Stone: Lord/Atronach/Lady – Lord stone will give you some magickal and phisical defense, but you still can be one hit killed even with the armor bonus, atronach is really useful against mages and dragons, and Lady will help your stamina/health regeneration.

    Stats Spread - 0.2.2 Magicka/Health/Stamina

    Gear – You can wear anything without an armor rating. So long as it looks the part, or has some practical usage. Take my set below, for example. (Chosen because it looks awesome)

    Merchant Clothes (Red) Brown Boots,Gloves,Redguard Hood,Ring Of Wielding, Blades Sword/Hunting Bow and Iron Arrows

    One Handed: Your close combat skill. Remember that you don't have armor so keep moving while fighting; blocking and dodging will be your best friends.

    Block: Blocking is your only way of defense and quick reflexes can really help your offense, and remember to bash if you can't dodge.

    Archery: Samurais were known for being talented archers, so ‘Archery’ will be your long range skill. Try to shoot as many arrows you can before fighting in melee range, or you can run and shoot at your enemies if you don't want to get in melee range.

    Smithing: Sorry, it's not a "no crafting build", but you don’t invest much here anyway. Smithing is used for more damage on your weapons and to take care of your sword. To a Samurai the sword is a part of your soul, you need to keep it clean and sharp.

    Alchemy: “It is difficult to realize the true Way just through sword-fencing. Know the smallest things and the biggest things, the shallowest things and the deepest things.” your healing and buffing skill, remember: Only potions, poisons aren’t very honorable.

    Level 23

    Level 45

    "If you try to wield the long sword quickly you will mistake the Way. To wield the long sword well you must wield it calmly" Myamoto Musashi

    Buy a horse as fast as you can, walking around without any protection is dangerous, an unseen enemy can lead to a quickly and gruesome death.

    Go after Archers first, you need to concentrate in dodging in meleefighting and an unseen arrow can end the fight before your sword do.

    You’re not defenseless, the block skill can reduce a big amount of damage! Remember to keep your guard up, when quick reflexes activate you should dodge and hit him OR you can activate Zanshin if only your swordmanship isn’t enough.

    Followers - They can be really useful - Wandering the wilds is dangerous and a group of Bandits and Saber Cats can quickly kill your horse (And you), they would be more than helpful in Solstheim - You can't bring a horse! I was wandering when one "Imperial" Dual-Wielding warrior appeared and killed me before I could react, if I had at a follower at time He/She would have protected me.

    But if you want to play as a Lonely Wolf you can, just pay attention to everything around you.

    Against Mages: Your magical resistance will be low (40%), try to kill them from afar with your bow of shout slow time and run to him, bash to cancel the spell and keep attacking.

    Against Dragons: Dodge the breath attacks as you can [Become Ethereal helps] when they land slash the wings and tail (And Move while attacking!) or keep shooting at them from afar

    Against Warriors: “The primary thing when you take a sword in your hands is your intention to cut the enemy, whatever the means. Whenever you parry you must cut the enemy in the same movement.” Block some attacks, when they power attack, dodge and slash them! Against groups try focusing in one at time, and killing him as fast as you can, or activate Zanshin (Look at the special moves)


    Slow Time - If you are fighting a heavy-hitter this shout is useful because you can dodge more often. Can also be used to get close to Archers and Mages. 

    Whirlwind Sprint – to get out of combat when in danger

    Become Ethereal – For avoiding magic/arrows and dragon breath, or the claymore nearly cutting your head off!

    Marked For Death - Useful against heavy armored and robed enemies alike,as the shout constantly increases your damage dealt. Casting it on groups of Heavily Armored warriors and dragons, however, would probably be optimal.

    "It is said the warrior's is the twofold Way of pen and sword, and he should have a taste for both Ways. Even if a man has no natural ability he can be a warrior by sticking assiduously to both divisions of the Way. Generally speaking, the Way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death." Myamoto Musashi


    As Nate.T pointed out, Mounted Combat works very well with the build.

    Horse: Any (But not Arvak and Frost, Arvak would be a good choice, but he's undead, and my warrior would never taint himself with 

    Dark magic, And to get Frost you have to do some pretty dishonorable things, like consorting with a criminal, stealing, etc. etc.)

    With Archery, you can shoot enemies from afar and then run when they get close (still shooting arrows, of course!) Do note the synergy with the Steady Hand perk here, it can increase your effectiveness ten-fold! And with melee you can hit your enemy and run to safety, just to quickly close the distance and hit him again!

    Tactic: Hit and run my friend, the extra speed will make sure they will never get you.

    The purpose of the pilgrimage undertaken by The Wanderer, is primarily one of self-improvement. The Way of The Warrior teaches “do not sleep under a roof. Carry no money or food. Go alone to places frightening to the common brand of men. Become a criminal on purpose, be put in jail and extricate yourself by your own wisdom.”  Striving to be the best one can possibly be is the objective. “To know ten thousand things, know one well.” Remember, though, “You may abandon your own body but you must preserve your honour."

    If you are a heavy roleplayer, you can carry no money or food doesn't matter where you are going, but still eat at least 2 times per day and sleep where you can, but never buy a house, you will need to hunt your own food or do some minor jobs in a hold to gain enough money to buy some in the inn.


    You will never steal or murder innocents.

    You will never buy a house or stay in once place for a long time.

    Stop at shrines and leave an offering.

    "Do not think dishonestly.
    The Way is in training.
    Become acquainted with every art.
    Know the Ways of all professions.
    Distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters.
    Develop intuitive judgment and understanding for everything.
    Perceive those things which cannot be seen.
    Pay attention even to trifles.
    Do nothing which is of no use."

    Destroy the dark brotherhood! - They are ruthless killers that skulk in the dark and cut throats, there's no honor in their ways. [Remember, to do that quest you need to kill Grelod The Kind, if the torture room and the bags of money in her bed aren't enough to justificate the murder, then you can just ignore the dark brotherhood]

    Main Quest – Follow your destiny

    The Blades- You choose here, I spared Paarthurnax because I really hate the Blades.

    Dawnguard - Defeat a powerful Vampire Lord who wants to rise in power and blot the sun.

    Dragonborn - Free the island of Soltsheim from the evil influence of the first Dragonborn

    (and other good, radiant quests)


    • "In strategy your spiritual bearing must not be any different from normal. Both in fighting and in everyday life you should be determined though calm. Meet the situation without tenseness yet not recklessly, your spirit settled yet unbiased. Even when your spirit is calm do not let your body relax, and when your body is relaxed do not let your spirit slacken." Myamoto Musashi

    Dance Of The Wind

    In an impressive feat of swordsmanship, the Wanderer dodges an incoming strike and returns with his own before his enemy can react.

    -Very useful for dodging those power attacks of heavy hitters (if you are not killcammed ) and attacking them at the same time, a powerful offensive and defensive move.

    Quick Reflexes + Block + Enemy Power Attack + Dodge +Attacks





    The wanderer enters in a delicate state of mind, where He can see and react to everything around him in milliseconds

    Quick reflexes + Slow Time





     Inner strength

     The ‘Wanderer hits one enemy with the hilt of his sword. The strength of the hit is enough to send him flying, and then the warrior runs as fast as the wind, slashing the enemy to pieces before he even touches the ground.                          

    Slow Time+Shield Charge+Attacks

    (For more information on how to use shield charge with a two handed weapon or a one handed weapon with nothing in the off-hand: The Ka Po' Tun by Henson)



    Vazgen – For the screenshots.

    Phil – Who helped me in the Roleplaying section and in the artwork










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    December 3, 2013

    This is a good start, but I feel it should be fleshed out more. Right now to me it just feels a bit empty. You could use the other unique blade swords, like Dragonbane against dragons and Bolar's Oathblade against two handed warriors. There's also a few shouts you could add that would really help with gameplay, such as Dragon Aspect, Elemental Fury and Slow Time. Also, why not add Archery? Right now you only go up to level 37, with archery you could easily fill up to 50, and it wouldn't be against the samurai theme you have going on, as most samurai were talented archers. Lastly, add some recommended quest.

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    December 3, 2013

    Thanks celtic wolf!

    i will add a note about archery,i not added it because i never used archery on my playthought.

    and i just forget about shouts,i´ve been playing many non-dragonborns latelly...

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    December 3, 2013

    Added A note on followers and healing

    added shouts and recommended quests

    added bonus skills

    Added Special Moves

    is better now?

  • December 3, 2013

    Im not so sure special moves would work with this build. At the very least he should go into detail on how to fight effectively with this build. An unarmored melee fighter is normally at a considerable disadvantage in battle. He ought to describe how he overcomes this at the very least.

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    December 3, 2013

    Added a perks spread in the form of a image 

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    December 4, 2013

    I dig this style of build, and think you have a pretty good start here.  I'd mainly focus on proof-reading, as there are plenty of spelling and grammar mistakes.  Perhaps also consider incorporating some mounted combat?  It could provide some added dimension to the build, as well as fit in nicely on a lightly armored and speed-oriented build.  Plus, you can look totally badass charging in with your sword raised high atop your mount, kinda like in Shadow of the Colossus.

  • December 4, 2013
    Ok where to start, this isn't terrible for a first build (trust me I've seen a lot). Your problems are a bit common, you say in some parts to just use any clothes with 0 AR, most people on this site would want a recommended clothes type and a reason for why you chose it. Next and this would be the more critical mistake, you barely explained the skills your chose,your choices are very obvious and not so interesting, a skill such as illusion for fleshing out enemies by using frenzy and fear, then finishing the weaker opponents left from the carnage. Another good skill choice is sneak because of the amazing shadow warrior perk, it really improves combat techniques and do some good damage when combined with backstab. Then alchemy could be a good choice for improving the damage output and adding some serious debuffs like slow and ravage health, and also healing your wounds. Potions that increase health regen have some good synergy when combined with restoration. Overall it's not a bad build, just a bit ruff around the edges, just take in this advice and improve your build, I see some potential.
  • December 4, 2013

    I'm gonna try this!

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    December 4, 2013


    added a section in the gear saying what i choose and why

    i played only with smithing,alteration,one handed and block,everything else is listed as bonus skill

    my character would never use illusion,because he will not taint himself with dark magic

    sneak is for ninjas,not for a samurai seeking for honor!and killing someone with a sword in the back before they see you isn't very honorable

    restoration is listed as bonus skill

    alchemy will be added as bonus skill if the player don't want restoration (for potions only! poisons aren't very honorable...)