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Character Build: Renrijra Krin Stafflord

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  • TZ
    December 27, 2012

    Renrijra Krin Stafflord's are the elite soldiers part of the radical group that believes that the Khajiit should reclaim land in Cyrodil that once belonged to them that was bartered away by their current head of state Mane.

    They prefer to use heavy armor with shields and their claws as well as Staves that help them as tools to increase their claw power potential. They are masters in how they use staves and are capable of deadly combinations that can hinder a foe helpless, no matter how powerful of an opponent they may be.



    A Stafflord in complete battle armor and weaponry, using a crown to represent no King above any Khajiit and that every Renrijra is a free man. No god is above the Khajiit either, especially not their messengers.



    The Renrijra Stafflord is a Battlemage build that uses staves instead of weapons and claws as melee to save on using only staves. There are 5 staves and 3 shields so all keys from 1 to 8 or all d-pad directions can be bound and by pressing the same key or d-pad binding you will unequip your staff or shield so it's like adding another binding.

    I have never had so much fun playing melee on Master Difficulty as with this build, because you do not use any weapons you are free to spend more perk points in other talents that you may not have before and because you are not spending any points on Magicka, you will have lots of HP and Stamina but your also using magic to aid you.

    Khajiit was chosen for RP reasons but for playstyle Argonian will work just as well.

    Because another economy is being used, the charges on a stave, you will have more stamina to spend on shield blocks/bashes rather than using stamina for power unarmed attacks or weapon power attacks.


    Ultimately, I have made an archetype that people can tweak on which 5 staves or 6 and 2 shield or 1 shield and 7 staves, it is up to you, this layout for the build is a guide on how I liked playing it but I can definitely see some other creative uses.

    Renrijra Krin Lore

    The Renrijra Krin are a radical Khajiit organization dedicated to reclaiming areas of Cyrodiil they see as rightfully belonging to Elsweyr.

    Their principal belief is that the Count of Leyawiin has driven them from the fertile land around Lake Makapi and the River Malapi, their name for Niben Bay and the River Niben [1] and that this area should be part of the Khajiiti homeland as it always used to be. In this they disagree with their ruler, the Mane, who made the current agreement with Cyrodiil.

    The name translates as "The Mercenary's Grin", "The Laugh of the Landless" or "The Smiling Scum" [2], and reflects the group's philosophy of bravery and enjoyment of life, while also indicating that they owe allegiance to no ruler.

    The organization has no fixed rules, preferring to call its tenets "thjizzrini", or "foolish concepts":

    Factions, Role-play Quests/Playstyle:

    As with the philosophy of the Renrijra, certain groups will fit and certain won't. As a person who desires freedom and a lack of authority or regulation, you can admire the Companions approach to not having a leader but rather a wiser member as head advisor.

    Structured organisations such as The Dark Brotherhood must be destroyed as their anarchic nature will only hinder any revolutionary actions of the Renrijra and they only seek to harm the world.

    Renrijra are however not stupid, Immortal Volkihar blood can change the destiny of the world, many have sought out these dark powers but once they are tasted, some stray back stronger than before and during their transformation.

    Authority must be quelled, you hate the Empire and what Cyrodil has done to the Khajiit people in the disposition of their homelands and you fight along side the revolutionary Stormcloaks to throw off the shakles of the oppressors, a victory in Skyrim can snowball into a victory in Cyrodil, forging new allies while weakening old enemies.

    Crimes are a means to an end, you in your heart know that whatever trivial petty theft that the Empire wants to charge you with is nonsense, considering the fact the Empire has turned the lords of Skyrim into Vassals.

    Your ultimate goal in life is to become powerful enough to be able to defeat the Empire through politics and brute force. When words and sentiments are not enough in a strange and dark world, the truth of the triumphant will trumpet across the echoing planes of history. Let your heart never stead off the cause, a future without oppression. 


    Using combinations of staff attacks can do a lot more damage rather than just one and also only using a little bit from each is enough. Summoning a storm atronach allows you to have an extra tank for taking the early brunt. Special moves will also like in the video above show Synergy benefits.

    Lots of Magic Resistance from items and enchants and also using a shield protects from melee, your claws are viable and fun to use with Wall magic from staves.

    Points and Perks(Level 50):

    Magicka/Health/Stamina: 0/1/1 50/50 for Health and Stamina.

    Heavy Armor: Juggernaut 5/5, All the rest except Matching Set and Reflect Blows.

    Block: All Maxed Out.

    Destruction: Novice, Augmented Flames 2/2, Augmented Frost 2/2, Augmented Shock 2/2, Deep Freeze, Disintegrate.

    Alteration: Novice, Apprentice, Magic Resistance 3/3.

    Enchanting: All Maxed Out except Soul Siphon.

    External Link: Renrijra Krin Perk Build


    The Video above outlines it but for a textual basis to read upon, you use your shield charge to knock over foes and your staves of Wall magic to attack enemies while they are knocked over and then using your claws to finish them off. You can spray a whole area with Wall magic as well as summoning an atronach and having a helper while you keep shield charging foes into the wall magic. 

    Shouts, Special Moves/Tactics:

    (Shown in the Video Above)

    Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Slow Time, Become Ethereal, Dragonrend.

    Special Moves or Tactics:

    + = Use together.

    / = Use this or the other.


    Super Reflexes

    With cat like agility, move faster than time to strike foes multiple times tearing their souls asunder.

    Requirements: Shield Charge + Shield, Staff of Frost Wall+Storm Wall+Flame Wall, Slow Time Shout.



    Power Punch

    Harnessing the power of the elements, add fire, frost or lightning to your claws, like a conduit of death.

    Requirements: Shield Charge + Shield, Staff of Frost Wall/Storm Wall/Flame Wall, Unarmed attack.



    Phoenix Blast

    Blasting an opponent like the flaming gale force of a phoenix gust, the Stafflord packs quite a whallop.

    Requirements: Staff of Flame Wall, Unrelenting Force Shout (Rank 3).



    Divine Power

    Ideas can never be killed, the Stafflord becomes the essence of time and observes a brave new world.

    Requirements: Shield Charge + Shield, Staff of Frost Wall+Storm Wall+Flame Wall, Become Ethereal Shout.


    Gear, Enchants, Standing Stone, Race and Blessing:


    Full set: Falmer Hardened Armor (Except Helmet)

    Helm: The Jagged Crown + The Aetherial Crown (Bug, but so worth it)

    Ring: Ring of The Beast (Join Vampires to get, then cure self of Vampirism)

    Necklace: Anything to Enchant. (None will show on armor)




    Head: +X Magicka & Water breathing. (Sadly only Options)

    Chest: +X Health & +Y% Health Regen.

    Gloves: +X Unarmed Damage & +Y% Block.

    Boots: +X% Stamina Regen & +Y% Fire Resist.

    Neck: +X% Shock Resist & +X% Frost Resist.



    (With Key Bindings)


    1. Staff of the Storm Wall, 2. Staff of the Frost Wall, 3. Staff of the Flame Wall, 4. Staff of Soul Trapping, 5. Staff of the Storm Atronach

    Special Thanks to Mason for this Information:

    Staff of Paralysis located in: Snapleg Cave.

    Paralysis is an extremely powerful combination for a Stafflord, usually hard to find but our scholars have located a staff that can be obtained upon entering Skyrim. (From level 1).


    6. Shield of Ysgramor, 7. Spellbreaker, 8. Auriel's Shield

    Standing Stones: If Using The Aetherial Crown: The Lord Stone + The Lady Stone, if no crown just The Lord Stone.

    Race: Khajiit, but Argonian can work.

    Blessing: Any, I stick to Talos for Shouts.


    Staves of Skyrim:

    ☼ Features ☼
    30 New Staves added to the game! 15 new models and textures, plus new textures for the default models
    Defensive Staves! No longer feel your mage has to carry a shield around to defend against swordsmen
    Staff Conversion! Convert your staff between a Defensive Staff and a Magic Staff on the fly. Recharge your staff with your magicka instead of soul gems
    New Perks! Enhance your mage’s defensive abilities with new Perks in the Block Tree
    Enhanced abilities for daedric and special staves! Convert to a defensive staff, illuminate, or recharge back to a magic staff at will

    Click Here for Full Page Link.

    Thanks to Jourell for this information.

    Early Leveling and Questing:

    Aim to get as many staves as possible as well as getting the shields above. Early on you will need to use destruction magic but that's okay as it will help you level the tree, the tough part is only having novice and not spending any points in magicka so keep lots of mana pots on hand, I did and I needed to use them. Once you start getting staves you need to have the soul trapping one or enchant a helm with +magicka and use the Soul Trap spell or a weapon with soul trap on it, for finishing blows, I.e Mace of Molag Bol, I had a sword of soul trap early on and just used that until I got my staff of soul trap. For the most part have fun smashing faces with your shield and clawing out the faces of the infernally damned. Enjoy!

    My Other Builds:





  • Member
    December 27, 2012

    Another great build man, the jagged crown looks great with hardened falmer armor, especially with the shield of Ysgramor. Unless I missed it, do you have any recommended quests? Some of them are obvious like joining the College for stave crafting (summoning), but I mean RP wise. Also with the new Dragonborn you can craft all types of staves I think, so that could be great for this build (I don't have it yet.. I read it on the wiki). Anyways, +1

  • TZ
    December 27, 2012

    I kinda listed as a note with armor but yeah it's not in the quest section, you have to sadly join Vampires to get Ring of the Beast which is an excellent ring for Unarmed users, it's dps and +health is great. I will add a Roleplay section now for factions/quests, one moment. 

  • December 27, 2012
    Ah, I love your builds! :) +1

    Minor dragonborn spoiler that you don't need to worry about:

    In the new dlc you can MAKE destruction staves! That would fit really good with this build! :D EDIT: I just saw Zach's reply! :P
  • Member
    December 27, 2012

    Great Build, I was literally just reading up on these guys yesterday when I saw this build! I'll take some time to try this one out. Again, great job and keep 'em coming :)

  • Member
    December 27, 2012

    Ah I didn't notice the vampire thing (well I did notice it I just didn't remember as I commented, same thing), sorry 

  • TZ
    December 27, 2012

    Hey Ben C, They work for knocked down but not paralyze, I tried using a Para staff to use it then use wall, no effect. But with knock down they take damage over time, I think it is countered as a "heavy stagger". 

    The scale of opponent matters a lot I found, i.e some trolls could take a bit but the fun thing about shield charge is the utility, if your near the edge of a cliff or high up knock them off then use a staff on where they land. (If not dead already)

    I was also instead of walls using staff of fireball etc, so if your not into the walls you could use those ones. They do the same DPS just in bursts rather than over time. Also think they get more damage the higher destro is than what walls get.

    Ultimately, the amount and type of staves you use is up to you.

    The video will also show proof that when they are knocked down they take damage, especially in Super Reflexes, the slow time helps show that.

  • TZ
    December 27, 2012

    Added this below the Renrijra Krin Lore section: Factions, Role-play Quests/Playstyle:

    Hope you like it. 

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    December 27, 2012
    Always wanted to start a shield mage might try this or a variant of this I like it +1 from me
  • Member
    December 27, 2012
    Awesome character concept! I like the incorporation of unarmed fighting. I like it +1