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Character Build: Outcast of Stendarr

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  • August 29, 2012

    "I had spent years dedicating myself to the God of Mercy. My goals had almost been reached, I was about to take my oath and join the Vigilant on their holy mission. Standing at the front of the Hall of the Vigilant I began to reflect on the circumstances that had brought me there. That awful night when I was just a youngling and a tribe of werewolves made my small village their target. The visions of my family being torn to pieces by these wild beasts flooded my mind. I remember the look in the eyes of the wolf that was about to end my life. I remember how those eyes suddenly flew wide open as the beast's head was smashed by mace. I remember how the beast's blood tasted as it had dripped into my mouth while I was trapped underneath its corpse. After that... all I could remember was the rage. That same rage came flooding back to me while I stood at the front of the Hall. I couldn't control it, I knew the beast was coming, betraying my true self to my bothers and sisters of Stendarr. I ran as fast as I could but the transformation happened right before their eyes. I never stopped running until I eventually collapsed in the mountain's where you three found me. I thought the God of Mercy had sent me a sign when you helped me survive. But now that we're on our way to the chopping block at Helgen... I guess I am going to pay for my sins after all."

    The Outcast of Stendarr


    You play the trained Vigil of Stendarr who was cast out from the order when they discovered his lycanthropic blood. Despite your own personal violation of the order, you still believe in their teachings. Your mission is to travel Skyrim and rid it of the foul creatures and daedra that seek to do harm. 

    Race: Breton (for magical resistance)

    • Nord or Imperial will also work


    • Maces only: I prefer the look of dwarven and ebony but any mace will suffice
    • Shields: Once again I prefer the look of dwarven but any shield will do (its advisable to use only heavy or light shields as you don't want to have to put perks into both types of armour)
    • Robes and Hoods: Enchanted to help you where you are weakest. Mine are enchanted with fortify restoration and Alteration as well as fortify Magika.
    • Gauntlets and Boots: Heavy armour only as that is how the Vigilant roll... ( I personally just wear clothing as it allows me to use the mage armour perk)

    Major Skills:

    One Handed: Your main source of attack. The Vigilant are typically seen with maces which are used to put down the unholy with righteous impunity. 

    Block: Not all manner of beasts and demons will fall to your mighty blows... when they fight back its best to put a large piece of metal between you and their sword/claws.

    Alteration: Used to light up the dark crevasses that wretched creatures hid in to escape justice. Also used in place of armour to stop you from becoming a vampire's thrall after a single blow.

    Restoration: Obviously used to heal yourself and others around you (followers should you choose to have them, or your mighty steed). The dawn guard adds some nice spells that do damage to undead and vampires under the restoration tree. 

    Minor Skills:

    Enchanting: Used to power up those robes

    Smithing: Use it to build and improve your arsenal of mercy bringing weapons.

    Alchemy: Just a nice hobby for a travelling battle priest to have. Picking flowers and playing with butterflies. Turning flowers and butterflies into deadly poisons to wipe out the daedric scourge that plagues skyrim. Also use it when your in a bind because of low magicka or health. 

    Heavy armour: Optional. I chose to go without, however if you want to something other than magic for protection this is the way to go.

    Speech: Optional. Use it to spread the word of the God of Mercy. Use it to convince the guards that the guy who's brains you just bashed in was actually a daedric worshipping vampire. Use it to get more money for selling those vile creatures earthy possessions.


    1. Absolutely no conjuration at all. Your vision is a world devoid of these demonic creatures...not a good idea to bring more of them in to Tamriel.
    2. No Stealing or Illusion. Your a preist... thats just so inappropriate
    3. No daedric quests. You hate these revolting false gods. (only exception is if you throw their reward artifacts into the ocean north of Skyrim to prevent others from gaining their dark powers)

    Important Quests:

    • College of Winterhold (You need spells and things of that nature)
    • The blessings of Nature (your a preist... act like it)
    • The book of love ( the reward for being an agent of Mara will help you out)
    • Agent of Dibella ( again the reward is useful)
    • Companion Questline (Help cure a group of warriors of the same lycanthropic curse you have... you also need to get lycanthropy from them so you can play the part properly)
    • Dawnguard (put down Lord Harkon and his wretched vampire clan)

    Sample Perk Placement level 25:

    • One Handed: Armsman (3), Fighting Stance, Bone Breaker(1)
    • Block: Shield wall (1), Block Arrows, Elemental Protection
    • Alteration: Novice-Adept, Dual casting, Mage armour (2), Magic Resistance (2)
    • Restoration: Novice-apprentice, Regeneration, Recovery, 
    • Enchanting: Enchanter (2)
    • Smithing: Steel, Dwarven 


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    August 29, 2012

    I really like the idea. +1 like.

  • Member
    November 3, 2012

    This doesn't really make sense to have this build be a lycanthrope.  Werewolves are slaves to Hircine.  I would take lycanthropy out of the equation and roleplay the reason you were outcast.

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    February 7, 2013

    im currently doing a "paladin of stendarr" (NOT vigilant, theres a difference ) and i use conjuration but ONLY for banish daedra. its actually pretty fun when you come across an atronach or dremora and send them back to Oblivion

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    February 18, 2013

    I like the idea of a Vigilant of Stendarr, but i think the burning fire of destruction tree a must. To purge the undead using a flaming cloak is very nice.


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    February 18, 2013

    Waiting for it....

  • February 25, 2013

    I guess he meant it as the popular saying fighting fire with fire

  • Member
    April 18, 2013

    While I agree most Daedra are evil, you could go with Meridia. You could roleplay that the two were brother and sister. Meridia is pretty much anti undead and is the most "good" Daedric Prince