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Character Build: The Party Leader

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    August 29, 2012

    In every group, there emerges a leader. Her power is not her sword, but her charisma, her might not in her arm, but in her strength of arms. Though she may not be the one to deliver the deathblow to the dragon, when the song is written, it is her name that shall live forever.


    The Party Leader


    "Eomer! Take your Eored down the left flank

    Gamling! Follow the King's banner down the centre.

    Grimbold, take your company right after we pass the wall.

    Forth and fear no darkness!"


    The Party Leader offers a unique support style play through, based on the use augmenting, buffing, healing, and leading Six real followers. You could gain more, but I find things start to get cluttered around 5. All of the named npcs listed are essential and cannot die.


    Level 50

    Stats: 3 Magicka 2 Health 0 Stamina

    Race: Imperial. You have natural charisma and charm, people like you, and listen to you.

    Stone: Mage or Lord Stone

    Major Skills: Illusion, Restoration, Conjuration

    Minor Skill: Enchanting, Smithing, Any Weapon (Archery is an example)


    Armor: Tavern Cloths Whatever looks good to you!

    Weapons: Steel Dagger It could be a mudcrab for all the use it will get.


    Shouts: Call of Valor, Dismay, Marked for Death


    ~ Grand Healing: A powerful 300+ heal to all those around you, careful, it can heal enemies.

    ~ Heal Other: Used to a heal a wounded ally.

    ~ Healing Hands: More smooth than heal other, can be used in a short burst to get all from staggered just enough to get on his feet.

    ~ Guardian Circle: A circle of protection, use it to shield yourself. If coupled with an Atranoch absorption effect, it will give you nigh infinite mana while within.

    ~ Pacify (and Voice of the Emperor): Use to calm foes when distanced from the protection of your party.

    ~ Call to Arms: Your charisma and inspiration


    The Party:

    Mjoll The Lioness: Warrior. The party tank. Decked out in heavy armor, wielding a sword and shield. She has more health than any other follower in the game.

    Esbern: Conjurer. The party mage. He will summon powerful atronachs while casting fire based destruction magic, using alteration and restoration to stay on his feet.

    Delphine: Blade. The party rogue. She is a master of sneaking and dexterity, one handed attacks, and archery, offering speed, and agility, and experience to the group

    Serana Necromage. (Dawnguard Only) An optional follower for those of you wanting to set down a darker path, though you can cure her of Vampirism. You can use an exploit to have both her and Mjoll. She is a powerful mage and will summon undead to further bolster your ranks.

    Thralls: Warrior. You have two "converted" ex-enemies swayed to join you. They could be bandits, forsworn, soldiers, or maybe even a converted Vampire.

    The DragonbornBadass. That's you.



    Custom Abilities:


    Name: Artificer

    Skills:  Blacksmithing + Tempering + Enchanting

    Effect: You are a master craftsman. Not all magical items were made in the distant and legendary past. People once made them, every one. One day, some one might be on a quest to find a magic sword you made.


    Name: Rejuvenate

    Skills:  Heal Other + Healing Hands (each cast one handed)

    Effect: Heal a target slowly, revitalizing health every second, after a couple of seconds, the spell blossoms, healing them for a large amount.



    Name: Stand Together

    Skills:  Voice of the Emperor + Call  to Arms + Dragon Rend

    Effect: Dragons show up at the worst times. Battling an army of Forsworn? Bandits? Imperials? Then a dragon shows up, and suddenly, you're outnumbered two to one. Stand Together flips these odds. using your charisma, you make the enemy group agree to face a common enemy, joining forces for the duration of the fight to slay the dragon.



    Name: Against The Dark

    Skills:  Guardian Circle + Grand Healing + Grand Healing

    Effect: Draw a circle of protection, shielding yourself and your ranged allies against the hordes of undead as you channel  powerful magics to fully heal your party. Criticaly effective against unleaded,as the heal wont spill over on them.



    "Alone he is strong, together, we are stronger!" ~ Excerpt from the last speech of Captain Uthgard



    The Perks

    You are the leader of a band of adventures. You are the face of the party, make all the tough calls, and hold the group together, giving them purpose and direction.

    What you do:

    Smith and Enchant epic gear: You begin as a petty enchanter and end up crafting powerful artifacts, legendary swords and magic rings. Give endgame weapons Names and a bit of flare, make them cool!

    Followers will only gain benefits from the following enchantment effects on their apparel and armor: Fortify Health/Stamina/Magicka, Fortify Heavy & Light Armor, Fortify Unarmed, Muffle and any Fortify resistance.

    Use your calm spells to avoid fights without followers. You have Fear and Rage spells, but use them sparingly, its all about the team effort.

    Use Call to Arms to buff followers, with Necromage its even better on you "converts" Kindred Mage also improves these buffs.

    Use your repertoire of healing spells to keep the party on their feet and fighting.

    You can't interact with your thralls and special followers like normal. Reverse pickpocket items, and give Thralls gear before you bring them to life. (If you want an army, you could give everyone a staff of Raise Dead, but it doesn't really fit this build).

    Make Decisions with your group in mind, give them personalities. What Would Mjoll think if you stole that? Would Delphine leave the party if she saw you betray that guy? etc etc.


    "'Alone, we are fighters, hedge knights, and sell-swords. Together, together we are heroes."


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    August 29, 2012

    Caught that while proofreading, refresh, it should read Call to Arms.

  • August 29, 2012

    I would definitely find this build more enjoyable to play if all my followers weren't essential. But that's a fault with the game, so +1.

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    August 29, 2012

    Agreed, I like to have some casualties when an epic battle goes down. I run it on a PC though, so that's not a problem. You can console-code on and off essentially pretty easily, or just sue a follower mod, like I do. It also enables the use of multiple followers, so you don't have to take Esbern and Delphine, but I like to try and make my builds console friends.

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    August 29, 2012

    Yeah! It is a way different feel when you play it. I was going for the archetypal D&D / LOTR style of party play. The Leader is kind of Frodoy, in the sense you're kind of protected by the pack, but at the same time you possess something incredibly powerful and could save the world!

  • August 29, 2012
    Is it possible to get all 5 followers at once? If it is, how?
  • August 29, 2012
    Also another great build, it is quite a change from some of your other builds which basically make you a lone wolf, just created a new female character I might try this out with her :)
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    August 29, 2012

    It is, Esbern and Delphine will follow you for the mian quest, if you dont do the quest, they just stick with you. Thats 2. Mjoll is a standard follower, theres another. + 2 "zombies" makes 5.

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    August 29, 2012

    Thanks Popo, I wanted to change things up. I've been thinking of a lot of more shadowy lone wolf type builds, so I thought it might be cool to mix it up! Skyrim really lends itself solo style adventuring, but I come from a background of morpgs and D&D, hell I was raised on LOTR, so i think the party aspect is really cool, and I did my best to bring that to Skyrim.

  • August 29, 2012

    I love the idea of this class it really appeals to my heavy roleplay type play style and looks really fun to play so +1 Bravo!