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Character Build: The Beast Whisperer

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    December 27, 2018

    This build is based off of the kind soul from the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic television series. She gained the ability to talk to and understand her animals by a certain event that happened high in the sky. She is very timid but also can have an animal come to her side by using a power called the stare (or command beast, if you use the Skyrim term.)

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    In Valenwood, in a small hut on the outskirts of the city, a wood elf male and a wood elf female gave birth to a baby, she was very curious about the world around her and when she was old enough to walk, would often go out of the hut to explore. When she did, she often would trip over her own feet. The parents were concerned because she was not only very uncoordinated as a child, she was also scared of the world around her and as such would hide in the safety of her room.

    Her parents tried to make her go outside, but she would say it was too scary outside or there was some monster out to get her. In order to alleviate some of her anxiety, they bought her a pet bunny so she would have a friend who can help her overcome her fears. The days turned to weeks and into years, she was grown up, however, she still had that fear deep inside of her. She would pass the animal shelter on the way home from school and was saddened to see the animals living in their own feces in the cages. The cages would often rust from the urine stains that would build up on the cages' ironwork, she knew she had to do something about that.

    The elf girl asked her parents one day if she could work at the animal shelter, saying that nothing would make her happier than to help defenseless and sick animals and nurse them back to health. Her parents agreed. She hugged them both and went to work at her new job. This was something she felt she was really good at, her special talent. While working there, she learned how to communicate with the animals to find out their emotional state and their happiness level. 

    This is but a small step in a big world. To succeed, she has to learn how to pacify multiple animals so they, together, can take down beings that threaten to envelope the world in darkness.

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    Race: Wood Elf

    Name: Fluttershy Kindheart

    Standing Stone: the serpent stone (shadow stone with aetherium crown)

    Weapons: Nettlebane, Bow of the Stag Prince

    Armor: Green Pact Armor

    Spells: Summon Bunny, Summon Deer, Summon Frost Dragon, Earth Barrage, Flames, Paralyze

    Shouts: Kyne's Peace, Aura Whisper, Whirlwind Sprint, Become Ethereal, Animal Allegiance, Bend Will, Dragon Aspect, Dismay

    Powers: Command Animal, Beast Form

    Major Skills: Archery, One Handed, Smithing

    Minor Skills: Conjuration, Restoration

    Phenderix Magic World - adds some useful spells to various Skyrim spell vendors

    Imperious Races of Skyrim - reworks the Skyrim's races powers and abilities

    Aurora: Standing Stones of Skyrim - Overhaul for Skyrim''s Standing Stones

    Hunterborn - Enables a true hunter's experience in Skyrim

    Bosmer Leaf Armor - Fluttershy uses this armor to camouflage herself in Skyrim's wilds

    Druid Conjuration - adds many animal summons to Skyrim 

    Midas Spells SSE - this mod adds many druid themed spells, including healing vines, shapeshifting spell and more 

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    Archery - Her mother taught her how to use her bow to fell even the mightiest predator, even if to protect her friend

    Conjuration - The elf can call upon any of her animal friends to aid her in battle, even her favorite bunny, angel

    One Handed - The bosmer is quite skilled at using weapons made of nature herself

    Restoration - The wood elf is skilled at healing herself and her animal friends

    Smithing -  Working at the shelter taught the wood elf about various metals and how to smelt them, she was also taught by her father

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    Against giants, she can conjure a frost dragon to due to her overcoming her fear and totally own the giants. For frost giants, she summons a fire dragon. For dragons, she uses dragonrend. Another tactic she can use is her Bend Will shout to simulate using her stare on them to scare them into submission.

    On lesser beings like bandits, forsworn and hired thugs, she uses her dismay shout or her dragonborn frost shout as an 'advanced stare' to make them scared stiff.

    She really does not want to hurt animals, but, if she has to, she uses either command animal or bend will on them to try to make them come to her side, if not, then she will eradicate them using her Beast Form, using her increased strength and agility she can wipe them all out should they choose to rebel against her. 

    Against Mages, she either uses earth barrage, her beast form or her summoned creatures.

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    After she gets out of Helgen, Fluttershy goes in search for The College Of Winterhold in order to give her magic the boost she needs in order to protect her home from monsters and enemies that would do her harm. After this, she goes to Whiterun and joins The Companions to become one with nature by becoming wolf. With her beast form activated, she goes to locate a ring that will help her control her wild wolf form in Ill Met By Moonlight. She undertakes Kyne's Sacred Trial to reduce the damage she takes from animals while dealing more damage with her bow. She then undertakes Dawnguard and both parts of Man Who Cried Wolf to destroy those who wish to do harm to her land and her friends.

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    The Companions - Fluttershy must become in touch with her wild side if she is to know what it truly feels like to be an animal

    Kyne's Sacred Trials - The wood elf gains a special token that enables her to reduce ten percent of damage to all her animal friends

    College of Winterhold - The elf, Fluttershy, must go to the college to obtain the earth, wind, water and fire magic she neeeds to defend her animal friends

    Ill Met By Moonlight - Fluttershy must obtain a special ring so she can keep her wild beastial side in check

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    December 27, 2018

    Nice job on transitioning the Bearer of the Element of Kindness into Skyrim Blind. There was one other builder who did the same (alongside with Goku), but he's dropped off the radar

  • February 20, 2020

    I just Finished a playthrought with this build. I only added some mods and changed some details but kept it with the theme and style of this really fun build.

    Here is my Fluttershy with her animal friends!

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    February 21, 2020

    That is so cool. I might try her in Skyrim one day. What mods did you use for your playthrough?

  • February 21, 2020

    I added zzjay wardrobe for the nice robin hood like armor and I added bunch of mods that makes the land of skyrim as a big forest with alot more animals .