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A Roleplayer's Copybook: The Lazy Bard Challenge

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  • December 31, 2018

    Well, Snow Elves probably thought that the men found some dangerous artifact and were going to use it against them. Alfter all, they came and built their city on the Snow Elves' land, and started to expand. If you were in their place, wouldn't you become somewhat alarmed too?


    Making elves the main villains would be a really stupid move. Because they are a playable race. If they were villains from the start, that would be one thing. But now, after 5 games (6 if you count ESO) where the Altmer were a playable race and there are people who likes them and their culture, suddenly telling all thise people that their favorite race is a villain race, that would be a spit in the face. Even in ESO, where the Imperials are kinda everyone's enemy, it's actually just a bunch of Daedra worshippers, the fellows like Mannimarco and Tharns, who are the enemy, not the Imperial people as a whole. These guys don't represent the Imperial culture and they aren't the traditional Imperial rulers. With the Thalmor it would be much more complicated. Though I doubt that Bethesda thinks that deep. Keep it simple and stupid, after all.


    Some time? Like a month? Because it's been said that he was the lead writer of Fallout 76. I actually tried playing Morrowind. Can't say I like it. Not just because of awful graphics, but also because of its too complex mechanics. I'd say the ideal for me would be something between it and Skyrim. And Daggerfall is not only unplayable but also lacking on the lore part, the lore became well-developed and good only in Morrowind.