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Profile: Walks-In-Darkness - Redone

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    April 3, 2021

    Normally, I'd simply update the original profile for changes to my characters, but a lot of changes have been made recently to the point this can be considered an entirely different character. The only reason I'm keeping the name is because I've used it for my Argonian characters long before the Nightblade was created, and I see no reason to cease using it. A similar profile will likely follow for my Oblivion character soon-ish. If you want to compare this to my original Walks, you can see that old post here. Also, there's an absolute ton of headcanon in this, so if something sounds inaccurate or made up it probably is.


    Name: Walks-In-Darkness

    Sex: Male

    Race: Argonian

    Class: Sorcerer

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Age: 23



    Skin Tone: Pitch black scales over ash grey skin, with large white rings around his eyes.

    Height: 5'8"

    Weight: 165 lb

    Build: Has a broader build than many spellcasters due to a preference for heavy armor, but is not as well muscled as a dedicated warrior.

    Eyes: Dark blue

    Horns, Feathers, And Fins: Two straight horns pointing backwards at the back of his head, and another pair closer together on the top of his head pointing upwards.

    Weapons: The only weapon he carries around is a Destruction staff. If he needs a more potent melee option or is disarmed, he can use either close range Destruction magic (touch and cloak spells) or bound weapons.

    Apparel: Wears primarily heavy armor. His preference is a set of robes over plate, making it obvious that he's a spellcaster with the raw ability to cast powerful magic even while restricted with armor.



    Place Of Birth: Imperial City, Cyrodiil

    Family: His mother and father were both powerful spellcasters in their own right, with his mother being the leader of the College of Whispers and his father a Wizard from the Synod. Their union was an incredibly controversial move for both organizations, but only the Synod could actually do anything about it, choosing to expel Walks' father from the organization entirely. He has no siblings to speak of.

    Birthsign: The Serpent

    Religion: Loosely follows the worship of the Eight Divines. Additionally, while he doesn't "worship" them, he regularly communes with Daedra.

    Affiliations: College of Whispers

    Occupation: Magician with the College of Whispers.

    Residence: Until recently, his primary residence was in the Frostcrag Spire, passed down through his family for the last 200 years.

    Training: With the guiding hand of his parents and the College of Whispers' resources, Walks has a vast knowledge of most schools of magic and can wear heavy armor without penalties to his magical capabilities.

    Other Skills: While not a part of his training, he is fairly competent in hand to hand combat. He learned early on that, despite his heavy armor, he does suffer in the melee with an opponent who has any clue what he's doing, and bound weapons can only take him so far. As such, he used the College's resources to learn a Dunmeri martial art revolving around grappling and being incredibly aggressive with rapid blows, designed explicitly to make the most use of elemental cloak and touch spells.

    Special Powers: Being born under the sign of the Serpent, he has the ability to draw power from Doomstones, temporarily gaining a weakened version of the traits someone born under that birthsign would normally have.

    Magic: While he knows a lot from basically every school of magic, his primary focus is on usage of Destruction and Conjuration magic, Electromancy and Daedra summoning in particular, but his capabilities with Alteration, Restoration, and Mysticism are still very potent. However, he was never taught anything about Illusion magic as his mother believes that, as a leader, you shouldn't rely upon influencing people's minds with magic to get what you want.

    Combat Style: Despite wearing heavy armor and knowing unarmed martial arts, he prefers to fight safely from a distance, avoiding close combat if he can. As a result, he often shirks on usage of his defensive spells, relying instead on his armor to minimize the damage he does take while he pours more magicka into Destruction magic.

    Flaws: His heavy bias towards certain magic does impact his efficacy with certain schools. For instance, while he knows an incredible amount about the school of Restoration, he neglects it enough to be vastly inferior to what he should be.

    Likes: He enjoys actively using his magic, and often sneaks out of the Spire to find a few bandits to send to their gods. He also really likes books to the point he was banned from the library in Bruma because he kept forgetting/neglecting to return the books on time, despite Frostcrag being only an hour's walk away.

    Dislikes: He's always had a dislike for Vigilants of Stendarr, holier than thou attitudes annoy him to no end and he couldn't hope to count the amount of times a Vigilant has accosted him for having a Clannfear or some other Daedra following him around. He also naturally holds a distaste for the Synod, being a member of the College of Whispers and by extension subject to their provocations.

    Personality: Coming from a very successful and powerful family that expects you to keep that going will generally make one of two people: those who feel like they aren't good enough and will strive to do better, and those who are very full of themselves due to repeated successes - Walks is both of those things. He is very confident in his abilities as he took to magic incredibly well, but always knows his limits and knows that there is more to learn, someone better, and by extension someone to better. He has but one goal: become the most powerful mage Tamriel has ever seen, and he has made a very good start.


    Backstory: Walks comes from a lineage that traces back to the Champion of Cyrodiil 200 years ago: a line of powerful elite spellcasters called "Sorcerers". Shortly after the Oblivion Crisis, Archmage Raminus Polus pushed for the idea to end Daedra summoning within the guild. The Champion, who was Master Wizard at the time and an avid summoner, pushed back against these policies with no small part of the guild backing her. The Champion's group ended up splitting off and becoming what would later be the College of Whispers, ending with the Champion being crowned Archmage. The title was passed on through the bloodline once the next in line was deemed worthy to lead the College, and Walks is to be the next inheritor. Unfortunately, he would never get the chance.

    He accompanied his mother to Skyrim to request an audience with the Archmage of the College of Winterhold. She had sent envoys to speak to him before and all were turned away, but if the College of Whispers' leader and the next in line showed up in person, the Archmage may be interested enough to return the favor. They chose to teleport to the College's headquarters in Old Ebonheart and make their way Northwest into the Rift then North through Eastmarch and Winterhold.

    2 days after entering Skyrim, in the dead of night on the border of Eastmarch and the Rift, they were waylaid by what they assumed to be a large amount of bandits. Walks' mother managed to take down dozens of them with powerful lightning magic, but a lucky arrow pierced her armor and she fell to the ground. Walks managed to take down a dozen himself before being knocked out cold by a blow to the back of his head. When he awakened, he was in bindings on a cart with other prisoners, one of them gagged as well as bound, and on the horizon he can make out the shape of a town, flying banners for the Empire.