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Character Build; Kodesh iitay jah

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  • October 30, 2017


    I hear your voice, Dovah! by Ti-R


           This is going to be a rather interesting build, but shouldn't require too high a level I think. This character has no patience for Smithing and Enchanting, so we will be relying on a few specific bits of equipment, and bolstering it with whatever we can find. It will focus on riches, and the aquisition of them even if they're not necessarily yours to take...  (BUILD MAXES OUT AT 56)


    Dahlari came from the hot scorching sands of Elseweyr, and had been getting into mischief almost as long as he could walk. Picking locks when he was tall enough to get them, seducing the servants, even picking people's pockets. However despite all his bad behavior he never managed to get in trouble.. having always been able to hide from danger or simply talk his way out of most issues. Normally when someone steals it's to have better things than they have.. but he came from a wealthy merchant family, his family wasn't poor by any means, Dahlari was just bored out of his mind. He didn't have to work he didn't have to earn his coin his father would give him a lavish allowance every week. He never had to hunt or fight to get his food he was given huge dinners every night with all sorts of fish and meats.

    Hearing of the trouble her cub had been causing caused Dahlari's mother to force him to attend a military training camp. Though he showed little interest in the use of sword and shield he swiftly progressed in the use of the Bow and heavy armor. He also excelled in the use of Hand to Hand combat. However, the training would prove useless at straightening him out, as his parents had paid for him to have luxuries even at the camp, a private expensive tent, fruits and wines available to him at dinner etc, so he swiftly became bored and returned to his old ways, talking his way into the beds of several female officers and even a few male ones.

    One day he decided that enough was enough and out on a training exercise he faked his own death, falling off a cliff. He followed the river below, killing a random fisherman who looked like him and leaving his clothes behind with the fisherman, sneaking off into the port and stowing away aboard a ship. Though he was soon found, he was able to talk the Captain into playing a round of dice, if the captain lost he would have to provide food and transport. If Dahlari lost he would be cast overboard with a small boat. Fortunately, his skill at pickpocketing allowed him to easily win the dice game.. though his sneaky actions earned him the prefix "Dar", meaning thief or sneaky.

    Unfortunately the ship ran aground and he woke up in the marshes of Leyawin, in the province of Cyrodil. He heard rumors of a war going on in Skyrim, and as the old addage went "War is good for business." So he slowly trekked his way north, stealing food to survive and stealing a few rings from a Khajiit mage, who said they would bring luck. He braided them into his mane and facial hair and for a while the rings proved lucky, he was able to steal bountiful food and find safe places to sleep. However the rings were lucky, not enchanted by the divines, and his luck ran out as he attempted to steal food from the tent of General Tullius. He was bound and stuck on a cart bound for Helgen.. but he was certain he would be able to talk his way out of that little issue. Sure enough, the rings proved lucky once more as a giant flying lizard attacked and he was able to escape with someone called Ralof. The man wanted him to join some sort of rebellion but Dar'Dahlari had other things in mind... Lots of things.. lots of small round golden things..

    K'Rhass by Nafrin

     (Alas I don't have any screenshots at the moment. I will add them at some point.)


    Race: Male Khajiit, Dark Fur, braids, rings in hair and facial hair. (I went with 4 in facial hair)

    Stone: Thief/Warrior then Steed until Conditoning, after that Shadow on the Aetherial Crown and either Lord or Atronach.

    Stats Distribution: [0] Magicka[5] Health[5] Stamina. (As this is not a mage build of any sort you will want to devote completely to health and Stamina, Health for obvious reasons and stamina because each point gives you a bit more carry weight capacity.)

    Equipment: Ebony Mail, Ebony Boots of Muffle, Ebony Gauntlets of Archery, Amulet of Articulation, Ring of Archery, Aetherial Crown, Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow.*Optional* Auriel's Bow (This build is going to be pretty minimalistic in terms of your equipment. You have your heavy armor, you have your bow and you have whatever potions you can find. There will be no Alchemy or Enchanting and little to no smithing.  As you are going to be doing the Dawnguard DLC anyway, you're gonna get Auriel's bow. This Bow is really useful against the undead and you can easily get any soul gem filled by giving it to your follower and giving them a soul trap weapon so you can recharge it easily.)

     Lycanthropy/Vampirism: Obviously with the Companions questline comes Lycanthropy... "To reach the heights of the Companions, you must join with us in the shared blood of the wolf". Should you wish to keep Lycanthropy feel free, I'm not going to include it in the strategies, it's really up to you if you just keep it for disease immunity. Likewise with Vampirism, though you will be siding with the Dawnguard since they pay you more. However, though you can get Vampirism from Serana if you choose to, the Dawnguard will refuse to talk to you until you cure it. However, use the form as you see fit, As this build does not center around either path I won't be making a detailed section for it.

    Followers: I would suggest using someone good at stealth, Cicero may be annoying but he's one of my favourites as his stealth is really high and if there's trouble he can be a BEAST of a tank for you. You can also use Jzargo from the College, as he does level with you, you can use Karjo as two Khajiit walking the frozen hills etc etc. You can also use the priestess of Azura from the Shrine after doing Azura's Star. The star can be sold for coin and the quest doesn't take too long after all. You can use whomever you are the best with however.

    Spouse: I would suggest Ysolda in Whiterun, as she looks relatively nice and doesn't seem to have issues with Khajiit. Other than that marry whichever male or female you choose to, Dar'Dahlari is bisexual.

    Death in the Darkness by CrescentVenus 


          I would suggest focussing on your stealth first, though you can get a free set of heavy armor by leaving with Ralof, you're going to want the "Muffled movement" perk as soon as possible. This build is going to be relying on the power of the Ebony Mail to keep yourself more hidden, so aim to get that as soon as you can..

    [Heavy Armor]: Heavy Armor, the build's primary (and only) defense, is chosen not only because we're going to be using the Ebony Mail, but also for the Fists of Steel perk, which we use to improve our unarmed damage.

    Perks chosen: Juggernaut (5), Fists of Steel,  Cushioned, Conditioning,

    [Archery]: The build's primary damage source will be the use of Bows, and eventually the Dwarven Enhanced Crossbow. This bow at base stats is higher damage than the Dragonbone bow and comes with the inbuilt trait of ignoring 50 percent of Armor, which is useful against heavily armored targets.

    Perks chosen:  Overdraw (5), Eagle Eye, Steady Hand (2), Power Shot, Quick Shot, Bullseye.

    [Speech]: To maximise the gain from acquiring wealth, be it legitimately or illegally, you're going to need to SELL a lot of items. Following this perk tree will allow you to invest in merchants, and sell them stolen goods without having to go to the few fences in the Thief's guild questline. Remember, Greed is Eternal.

    Perks chosen:  Haggling (5), Allure, Merchant, Investor, Fence, Master Trader

    [Lockpicking]: UNPERKED BUT MAXED

    [Pickpocket]:   Obviously the key to any thief build is the ability to steal things, not just from chests but people as well. The perks I have chosen will give you the ability to steal even equipped items from people, and give you the extra pockets to carry it all...

    Perks Chosen: Light Fingers (5), Night Thief, Cutpurse, Extra Pockets,, Misdirection, Perfect Touch

    [Sneak]: Obviously for this build you're going to need to be stealthy. Focussing on getting the Muffled Movement perk early on will help early game sneaking in heavy armor a lot easier. You're also going to want your shots to matter more, so head for the Deadly Aim perk as well.

    Perks Chosen: Stealth (5), Muffled Movement, Light Foot. Backstab, Deadly Aim, Silent Roll, Silence, Shadow Warrior

    [Smithing] This tree is optional, and is only for use in upgrading the Ebony Mail and in crafting bolts, if you find you're running low. Remember it takes 10 bolts plus a fire salt to make 10 fire bolts etc. After you have done those tasks remove the unnecessary Perk Points and redistribute them elsewhere.

    Perks Chosen: Steel Smithing, Dwarven Smithing, Orcish Smithing, Arcane Blacksmith, Ebony Smithing.


    Khajiit - Through the Blizzard by SpyroRue

    Combat Styles:

    BANDITS, MAGIC USERS. Shoot everythng from a distance or if they get in close use unarmed atacks to finish them off. I've always loved the feeling of watching someone get picked up and smashed to the floor, it looks really cool to me. I would suggest making use of Shock bolts as well, as no enemies in Skyrim have a resistance to it really and it makes for a cool looking shock explosion when you hit someone. It's less stealthy but it looks good. Generally I tend to either snipe with stealth or just shoot while standing my ground, but depending on how high your difficulty is (I generally start on apprentice til I start hitting for harder damage then increase to adept/expert) you might wanna move around to avoid some of their hits..

    DOVAH/DRAGONS;  This one should be a fairly obvious choice seeing how to deal with Everything else. Move around a lot, shooting the Dragon until you die or it does. Use of Fire bolts on Frost dragons and Frost bolts on Fire dragons can also give you an edge, but be careful, because if you're not using smithing to make more, you won't really have a lot of them since Sorine usually only has a few at a time. If you are incredibly lucky and can manage to sneak strike the dragon I suggest you use a shock bolt on it first, as they don't resist shock either side, and it gives you just a little bit of extra damage on top of the 3x you get otherwise.

    UNDEAD, DRAGON PRIESTS, VAMPIRES; For these I would suggest relying more on the crossbow than the Unarmed attacks, use stealth as much as possible and, if you have any, use your Bolts of Fire on them.. as most if not all undead have an inbuilt weakness to Fire damage. If you have Auriel's Bow you may use that as well, as sun damage is useful against the stronger ones and it's able to be recharged with a common soul gem.

    THE BETRAYED/FALMER;These should be basically the same as your fights against ordinary bandits.. though watch out for their frequent use of Poisons. Utilize stealth as much as possible, as taking them down from a distance is usually your best chance to get through unscathed. As far as I know they don't have a particular resistance to ice so for the tougher ones you can use Frost bolts, it will slow them down and allow you to get more hits in as well. As before, if you're on higher difficulty you may wish to move around so you don't get caught/killed as quickly, but I tend to hold my ground and rely on my followers for support.

    DWEMER AUTOMATONS; You might struggle a bit with the larger ones, but generally pick them off from a distance if you can, or rely on your follower to help keep you safe as you support with archery. I would also suggest the use of shock bolts as they seem resistant to fire and frost, but they seem rather weak to shock. This is an enemy that you definitely should not use unarmed attacks against, as punching a Dwemer Centurion to death is likely to result in YOUR death.

    (THAT SHOULD cover all areas of combat... if I missed something tell me. This Build is a lot more straight forward than my last two so I really don't need a large combat section for it. I have however given you a few tips and tricks with the use of the different kinds of Bolts you get from the Dawnguard DLC. )


    Archer by Zhucha


     Main Questline, Dragonborn, Dawnguard (Side With Dawnguard)- This character is mostly focussed on whatever can bring him the most profit. As Such, he sides with the Dawnguard as they give him enchanted items he can sell as payment instead of the Volkihar vampires who mostly give you potions of blood. As for the Main questline, do it last. It brings you no profit, so do until you start unlocking shouts and then leave it til later. This build doesn't rely heavily on shouts so they're not as important.

    Delayed Burial (Help Cicero)- As Cicero is part of the Dark Brotherhood, and your follower later on, I like to help him out.. also considering you get 250 gold coins for helping him which at a low level is pretty high amount of coin.. and as I said this character is mostly focussed on Profit.

    Civil War-Though you could argue with the rankups you'd get a few random items to sell, I believe that the Civil War questline would not benefit Dar'Dahlari overall and as such am saying not to do it. It's pointless tedium regardless of which side you go for.

    College of Winterhold- I mostly say to join them so you can gain access to the Winterhold Fence, since having access to all ways to get coin is always helpful. You should gain access to it when you eventually by doing the Main Questline since you can just use the Thu'um to get in for free. It's also part of the Dawnguard questline to get in since you need to access the book "Ruminations on the Elder Scrolls"

     Thief's Guild- Here you will be doing everything as part of the Thief's guild.. you are focussed on Profit so you will complete the Thief's guild, become guildmaster and go through the tedium of getting the Crown of Barenziah simply because it all leads to more coin and profit. Plus the more fences you can access the more gold you can earn.

    Companions- He views the Companions as a means to an end.. you can earn some coin and it allows you to contract Lycanthropy for disease immunity, as Dar'Dahlari getting sick would require him to either visit a temple.. which he tends to avoid since they generally have nothing to steal, or use some of his hard earned/stolen coin to get a Potion of Cure Disease. If you wish to pursue Wuuthrad simply for a collectable... feel free.

    Dark Brotherhood (Full Questline)-
    Assassination pays well, and Dar'Dahlari has never had an issue with getting his claws dirty to earn a little coin. Much as it will pain him to do so, he will do the right thing and use the 20k gold you get from killing the emperor to improve the Dawnstar sanctuary, simply because he feels it will serve him better in the long run. The torture chamber can refund about 6k but otherwise you'll have to do occasional contracts from the Night Mother to earn more coin that way.

    Retake Thirsk Mead Hall-
    If you choose to do this, retake it. It gets you a ton of Black Briar reserve and access to a smith, giving you access to an extra merchant and fence on Solstheim.

    Other- Other than these you may do any questline you desire. I HIGHLY recommend for Roleplay purposes you do any quests you get at the inns and from stewards, as they usually lead you to bandit camps who you can kill for experience and to loot their chests of all their valuables, which then become YOUR valuables by the international right of.. eh who cares it's yours now. I also suggest you do the Sleeping Tree Sap thing because that allows you another way of getting gold and your character doesn't care about it being illegal, just that it gets him money.

    Introducing: Vi'Tesh by ChloexBowie

    Closing Notes

    This build took a lot longer than I thought it would, but it should be fully viable for use now. Perks max out at 56, so it's high levelled.. but by no means an impossible task. Enjoy the build and let me know in the comments if you have any issues!

  • November 1, 2017

    Look's like a fun romp of a build, nice one Baldur.


  • November 1, 2017

    :) Thank you.