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Character Build: Knight of Infamy

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    January 22, 2013

    You are a travelling emissary; searching for potential business partners, governments to exploit, and wealth of your own. Traveling the treacherous roads of the north you run into a conflict between unknown factions. When you become caught in the rabble you become stripped, bound, and tossed into a wagon for your execution, like lowly debtor... ironic isn't it?

    I hope you have today’s payment…


    Knight of Infamy

    You were raised on the belief that wealth is power, that structure breeds wealth, and that guilt creates structure. You truly believe that your dealings are necessary for making Skyrim the best it can be, and that you will do anything to seize power. Most see the you for the corrupt knight you are, but are blind to your quest for promises of wealth, prestige, and longevity.

    This build similarly follows the path of a War-Priest or Paladin, but doesn’t take the selflessness with him/her. Gold is always on your mind, and you will do whatever it takes for your quest for fortune. Being a knight of virtue and vice means you live to serve for order, but will always want something in return.

    Regular knights toil endlessly seeking satisfaction from deities, and become puppets for leaders who see them as “a symbol of honor”, you laugh at these poor fools and slowly bring a glass of wine to your lips as you sit in the lap of luxury. You look back at how you got here, and fondly remember the extortion, the bribery, and the people you have killed to attain this position.

    Another note is that this build has many alternate paths to follow; you could favor a sword and shield, play a deadly battlemage, or instead prefer hacking away with a battle axe! This is Skyrim remember, play how YOU want to play! I would also highly recommend having Dragonborn DLC, and this is all I am going to say; the final reward for beating the main quest line allows you to reset your perks. Moving on…

    Wealth IS power.


    The Build

    Race: Any human race (I prefer Breton for their magical resistances)

    Stone: Steed, Lord, Lady

    Major Skills: One-handed, Restoration, Speech, Block

    Minor Skills: Conjuration, Smithing, Enchanting

    Recommended Gear: Ebony Armor (Enchanted)/Ebony Mail, Konahrik/Volsung, Amulet of Articulation

    Recommended Weapons: Any enchanted one-handed weapon/Nightingale Blade (Make sure to get this at higher levels for a more potent sword, 46+ is as good as a Daedric sword)

    Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Marked for Death, Slow Time, Whirlwind Sprint

    Spells: Healing spells, Conjure Seeker*DB (Seekers are the perfect match for a creature to resemble the thrulls that serve the Orzhov)

    When choosing armor sets nothing can out best the beauty of Ebony Armor. There really isn’t much to say other that Ebony supplies plenty of protection, fairly easy to obtain, and looks amazing with Konahrik.

    Konahrik is a dragon priest mask which has a chance to summon a Dragon Priest to aid you in battle, and can also heal you on the brink of death. Konahrik is a bitch to get, this dragon priest mask requires you to gather all of the other dragon priest masks and bring them to Labrynthian. I will briefly tell you the general requirements for acquiring all of the other masks: Complete the Main Quest, complete the Civil War quests via peace or war, complete the College of Winterhold quest line, and complete the dungeons associated with each priest. However I am not saying it’s not worth it because it is! Konahrik is the most powerful mask in the game and follows the flavor of this build. I substitute Volsung for Konahrik while I quest for my other masks, for the same reasons.

    Another gem for this build is the Amulet of Articulation. This amulet is a reward for completing the Thieves Guild. It allows you to successfully pass any speech challenge and boosts your speech skill; another interesting point is that it actually has a light armor rating.

    Interesting… send an envoy at once!

    Anything goes for weapons really. I prefer a sword, axes and maces work just the same. Nightingale Blade looks really cool, but it’s leveled and to get the best version you need to be 46+ for it.

    For enchantments just use the best available, and upgrade when you see fit.

    Fus Ro Dah nuff said. Unrelenting force is my favorite shout of all time, it is satisfying and powerful. 

    Marked for Death gives your enemies a huge debuff and really helps to bring down bosses. Slow Time helps a lot when you are over your head, and Whirlwind Sprint is useful inside and outside of battle.

    Conjure Seeker is a Dragonborn DLC only spell, the summoned Seeker is actually quite a powerful spellcaster for being only an Adept level spell.


    Skills and Perks (50+)

    One-handed: 5/5 Armsman, Fighting Stance, Savage Strike, Paralyzing 


    Restoration: Novice – Master, Dual casting, Regeneration, Respite, 2/2 Recovery, Avoid Death

    Speech: 5/5 Haggling, Allure, Merchant, Investor, Fence, Master Trader

    Block: 5/5 Shield Wall, Quick Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Elemental Protection, Block Runner, Shield Charge, Power Bash, Deadly Bash, Disarming Bash

    Conjuration: Novice – Adept, Dual casting

    Enchanting: 5/5 Enchanter, Insightful Enchanter, Corpus Enchanter

    Smithing: Steel – Daedric, Arcane Blacksmith (Daedric to fully upgrade Konahrik)

    Attribute spread I would go: Magicka-20%/Health-40%/Stamina-40%

    A recommendation is to complete Dragonborn DLC main quest, then dump perk points into Enchanting and Smithing, then create what you need to create, and then simply refund the points to use for your combat perks.

    If you aren’t here to pay debts back away.


    Gameplay and Strategy

    I preferably like to play on Expert or Master Difficulty for the extra challenge.

    To play as the Knight of Infamy is to basically play smart. Look at the situation find a good point to make a stand or prioritize enemies that need to die first. Knowing how melee combat patterns work is essential for any skirmisher. Power attacks are trump, if an enemy is being annoying and won’t lower his shield break it with a power attack. The Respite perk really seals the deal while fighting because not only are you increasing your longevity you are also restoring precious stamina to perform more devastating blows.

    Always have your Restoration spells and shield favorited. It is much faster to swap out a shield than having to draw your sword again. Your Conjure Seeker is a perfect way to draw away some enemies and to dish out some additional damage.

    Block may be one of the best skills in the game, no doubt. It is so versatile because it not only is used in a defensive manner (obviously), but it can also be extremely aggressive skill. Disarming Bash is incredibly powerful, but my favorite perk from Block skill tree is Shield Charge. This perk is just really cool and totally badass (Shield Charge doesn’t require an actual shield so it can still be done with a two-handed weapon).

    For questing wise you should make getting all of the dragon priest masks a priority. It is a great opportunity to level up and hone your skills. Making coin is another top priority, and the Thieves Guild could really use an asset like you; the honor of a thane and the depravity of a tax collector. The Dark Brotherhood is another organization who could benefit from your membership, especially Shadowmere. Joining the Imperial Legion is another obvious choice because rebels must be put back in line and order must be upheld. However for Dawnguard DLC you could swing both ways (I prefer siding with the Dawnguard but if you like being a vampire go right ahead).

    *This is a revamp of my Knight of Orzhov*

    All rights to Wizards and Magic the Gathering; source of images from

    Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy this build as much as I do! Feel free to leave any comments for discussion.

  • February 5, 2013

    Auto-like  from me! I love Magic.  I did a Planeswalker build on here, but it got shot down pretty fast.  Nice looking build though!

  • February 5, 2013

    See, this isn't fair really.  Just because it's Magic doesn't mean it should be shot down.  People can change the back ground story to meet their own wishes.

  • February 5, 2013
    It's not the fact that it's a Magic build, it's the fact it prioritized MtG over Skyrim. The MtG background should be short and sweet.
  • February 5, 2013
    I don't mind non-ES related builds... As long as they fit the environment (a dragon age/witcher build could work... Bleach/batman/anything non medieval related... No) and they change the history for it slightly (don't use locations that aren't in elder scroll, etc.)... That being said, I don't like this build, purely cause I don't like it, magic had nothing to do with it
  • February 5, 2013

    I guess we all just have to agree to disagree. 

  • March 28, 2013

    No mention of the Masque of Clavicus? That would have worked well...

  • October 21, 2013


  • October 21, 2013

    I like this build a lot. It's something new and I love the lore. I'll definitely make this, +1. 

  • October 21, 2013