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What Are You up to in Tamriel Vault? May 2017

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    May 7, 2017 9:58 PM EDT

    What are you up to in Tamriel Vault ? May 2017


    It’s been six months since I last asked this and during that time we’ve seen many a change in the Vault from formatting to plug adding. It’s now May 2017 and everyone is settled in the new site.

    (If it’s over 6 months old is it still referred to a new site? The New Old site? Semi New?)

    I can feel Edana’s eyes rolling at me so I’ll leave this for the Lore group to decide upon.

    (I would love to hear your answers on this guys n girls).


    What are you up to in the last three weeks of May?

    What plans do you have regarding Tamriel Vault over the coming months?

    Are there any goals you want to achieve before the Summer Holidays?


    I for one have just one goal this time.

    I’m setting out a goal to have all my remaining chapters edited. (Don’t ask how many, you really don’t want to know).

    Some of you writers are aware that NaNoCamp was in April. Some of us are still fighting off the effects although I’m still going strong at the moment. (Apparently there’s nothing like having a good woman behind you. I don’t know; I’ve a she-wolf behind me and she keeps prodding me in the back with an arrow).


    Six months ago I stated this:


    In a few weeks Skyrim Remastered will be coming out. That’s a whole new graphics experience for me so I’ll be revisiting my screenshots for my story. Now I’m not replacing every screen shot I use but there are some which stand out far better than others.



    Screenshots taken? 0, none, nothing….

    Way to go Sotek…. You’ve got your paw on the pulse there haven’t you?


    Well that’s my plan for what will be the rest of 2017 for I fear it will take the rest of the year to edit the remaining chapters.


    What of yourselves though?

    Do you have any events lined up or such events you are going to take part in?

    Maybe you plan to revisit the build in CB which you’ve neglected for so long?

    A few chapters crying out to be written for TSC perhaps?

    Maybe there's a piece of artwork you've been wanting to draw?


    What plans do you have for the spring/summer of 2017?

    Tell us about them.

    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine

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    May 8, 2017 1:21 AM EDT
    Recently, I've taken up drawing as well as writing ( guess what both have in common?). For The Silver Fox I'm now in the process of wrapping things up with Elise on Chapter 9. I think she already has enough screen(chapter?)time and it's time move back to Renartus's and possibly Kat's POV.
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    May 8, 2017 1:24 AM EDT

    Awwwooo Kaiser... 

    How about showing us a piece of art you are in the process of creating? Even a WiP would be great to see. 

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    May 8, 2017 1:32 AM EDT
    I only have the sketches which are just facial expressions. They're a bit messy with all those creases (I hate it when I rub my eraser too hard, and damn sweaty hands!). Currently I'm in the process of redrawing them into one picture on my laptop, but I think I can post the cleanest sketch I have.
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    May 8, 2017 2:07 AM EDT

    Well let's see, my usual approach is to take this group by group so let's go with that but to the extreme because I'll talk about every group

    Character Building - I intend to join all Events, but with my recent track record of building success I think I'll only produce builds for half of them (which will bum me out seriously). I've also got a build series that I'm starting sometime soon, with each build using only a single perked skill.

    Workshop - Well, other than doing that Hosting thing that I picked up that one time and never really put down, I'm going to be posting all my builds for CB, Classics and the RPG Group there, along with a few other pieces of content. Oh and the Workshop Spotlights of course on a weekly basis.

    RPG Group - I'm currently working on a massive Mass Effect Andromeda Guide which should be starting off properly on the 11th (roughly)...that means Thursday I guess. Other then that, I hope to have at least two builds finished by the end of July, which is either going to go really well or not.

    Classics - I has a build in the works, that may even end up finished :D

    Modder's Conclave - I have two or three active Modder's Logs at the moment that need to either be finished (unlikely since one was running on Oblivion which broke for me), closed or otherwise dealt with. One at least is going to be continued for as long as I possibly can, and there may be about... 18 of them coming through in the future (one for each of my Skyrim Builds).

    The Story Corner - I might have something for here in the future, I'm taking a Creative Writing Class at the moment and I'm writing weekly anyway so I could probably bend some of my stuff there to work within Skyrim. Dunno, just depends on my mood in the end.

    RP, Lore and the Fallout Hub - Sorry guys, got nothing for you in the near future.

    ESO - I have no doubt that once Morrowind comes along I'll get swept back into ESO but I'm not feeling it at the moment. I'm definitely going to be playing around and producing what I can only assume will be a very pointless Warden Build but I don't know if I'll finish it at any point. I definitely hope to but that's a few months away still.

    Tips and Sticks -*cough* Yes, content for Tips and Tricks. That's probably not happening, no. Very unlikely


    So total I'm currently planning 20+ builds, 20 or so Modder's Logs, a Mass Effect Guide (with 20 parts for consistancy :P) and maybe some other stuff... I predict a good 5% completion rate before July, but it'll depend on what can hook me in for the longest.

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    May 8, 2017 3:25 AM EDT

    What I’m up to? Umm…

    Opens a scroll of plans that rolls down the floor…

    Writing - Let’s see, I still need to write for “Protected, no longer” and post chapters on TSC here. That story is taking time majorly for writing with a goal to have 10k words (that’s monthly word goal) before June. I’m nearly at the middle mark now.

    “ESO Short Stories” will also have more chapters during this summer when I have the time.

    That having in mind, there’s more to come! Yes, you heard me correctly, more stories! After “Protected, no longer” is finished, begins another Ciel’nn story with Teldryn Sero. And, later “Sarade the Huntress” story.

    Looks at Tellik and hisses. No, Tellik you will not have a story of your own! You’re a trouble enough.

    So, those are major plans for now.

    Gaming/videos Of course, I’ll try to continue to make Rangalen videos for Youtube once a week at least, but writing is priority one. Lastly, I’m still playing ESO occasionally and Skyrim SE. Going back to Morrowind is on the list, too.

    That’s it. I’ll be busy the whole summer. :D

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    May 8, 2017 5:13 AM EDT
    Quick reply from work... I'm currently writing and finishing the photoshop for my Fallout 4 samurai. After that I have two more Fallout 4 builds planned, one that I've already started playing in the Dead is Dead thread and I might possibly post a new Skyrim build later on. :D
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    May 8, 2017 8:34 AM EDT

    Working on an event build for Fallout and then I have another started mega build that is in the works that I'll get back too.  That one probably not in May but post-event.

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    May 8, 2017 1:46 PM EDT

    Still writing Agents of the Queen and A Pirate Hero, as well as working on my mod project. Also, I continue to fail horribly at drawing.

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    May 8, 2017 2:58 PM EDT

    I've been pretty invested with making character builds for Fallout and enjoying other people's awesome content, but now I'm going to try and switch gears and put all my efforts into the Fallout Hub to make Probs and I have some plans lined up though to cure this, expect some cool things soon :)

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    May 8, 2017 7:55 PM EDT


    I'll continue my Bound in Blood story, been almost a month since I published the last chapter. Also, continue working on my Man of Steel story for Fallout.



    Finish my builds for the Secret Origins Event. Two different builds for two different games (not so different) and start my Team Fortress project. Man, do I have my hands full.

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    May 8, 2017 8:03 PM EDT

    I will answer this when I'm not drinking wine. Will be better for everybody that way. ;D

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    May 9, 2017 1:42 AM EDT

    Been pretty simple as of late: restoring builds, cruising the Vault looking for the next build to play, and maybe the occasional CB event if time permits. 

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    May 10, 2017 12:46 PM EDT

    Well, I finally have the time to work on and hopefully finish Signal Fire, so I'll probably be doing that through May and beyond. 

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    May 10, 2017 1:02 PM EDT

    Well right now I've got a few things listed:

    • Beat my 6 month old writer's block to pulp. I'm a bit late to nip it in the bud but we'll see how it progresses. I still have LC to finish and SoB to continue.
    • Finish my build for the Fallout event
    • Try to be a bit of a more active host both in my own group and in a selection of other places around the site
    • If I can fit them into the schedule I do plan on organising a few more lore events; I've got some great plans in the work!

    That should be it... Oh no wait before I forget :P

    • Pass the Teineeva Reforms over in the lore group. Expect an announcement for that one sometime soon-ish.

    It's gonna be goddamn glorious.

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    May 12, 2017 8:34 AM EDT

    Hmm, what I got to feeenish, lemme see...


    1. Gonna finish Book 1 of Straag Rod over the summer

    2. Gonna finish my Urag gro-Shub build

    3. Gonna finish my Khajiit build

    4. Gonna participate in the CB event in June.

    5. Gonna be slave to Karver the Lorc and edit his sheeeeet (this may negate numbers 1-4) :P

    6. Gonna catch up on blogs I've missed (I recently retired as a host, so like all old people, I now got some spare time to pursue other hobbies. Like trips to Country Kitchen and AARP meetings, things like that.

    7. Collaborate with said Lorc on a new short story that will bring our readers to their knees.