The Hunter and The Prey Vol.5

  • Momo took her bow of her back and loaded an Arrow "I Despise people like you, always using others for youre Personal gain, Im Sick of It. "Foolish Girl if you had seen what i saw during my years as a Traveler you wouldnt even dear to question my ways. the Civilians started runing at the two Adventurers Momo fired 3 Arrows in quick succession in to the chest of one of the Undead. "It didnt even flinch, What is this?" stummerd Momo. at the time Momo shot the Arrows Frostbite sprinted towards the robed Figure. Jumping to bite his Neck. The Man catches Frostbite by the throat and whispered. "Im no ordinary Mage, unlike you idiot i can control my Magic". His Hand started to glow in a dark green hue when Frostbites Skin started to Rot away. "NECROMANCER" screamed Frostbite before the Man stabbed him with his Ebony dagger and tossed him to the Side. Now for the Grand Finale. The Necromancers hand started to glow again in a Dark Green Light. A Ring of Magic Symbols appeared under Momo exploding in a Dark Green Cloud.


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