Tales of a Seeker - Chapter II: The Waters of Apocrypha

  • Yamurn looked down from the sickly green sky and looked at his surroundings, a pathway ahead of him, only deep, dark green water beside and behind him. He shuddered as he saw the vast oceans of green water stretching as far as the eye could see all around him, he had read of the acidic waters of Apocrypha, one wrong step and Gods know what could happen.


    The Orsimer began to walk along the paper-covered walkway, he could hear it creaking beneath him, but undeterred he trod onwards. Every now and then, Yamurn could have sworn he saw an eye, round and slimy staring at him from the edge of the water. He passed towering bookshelf after towering bookshelf of burned and ruined books, some dissolved by the acid, he knew that he wouldn't need any of them, the knowledge that he sought would obviously found via an audience with Mora himself, all he had to do was find more books within Apocrypha and he knew he would get there soon enough.


    As Yamurn walked he heard the sounds of the abominations of Apocrypha, the distant roar of the Lurkers, the faint gurgling growl of Seekers and he could have sworn that he saw the figure of a dragon in the thin white clouds. Before long, he entered a corridor, an enclosed space leading up to a pedestal with a large black tome upon it “The Black Book” Yamurn thought, a smirk crossing his face, suddenly there was a short sharp whoosh and a brief flash of faint green light as a horrific mass of tendrils appeared before him – a Seeker.


    Yamurn raised his staff as the Seeker opened its mouth to screech, as its draining blast was thrown at the Orsimer, he raised his hand, summoning a ward just in the nick of time, Yamurns practise with wards had lead him to absorb energy from other spells, he felt a refreshing surge in his bones as the Seekers magical attack struck his ward. With a grunt and a narrowing of his eyes, Yamurn cut off the energy to the ward and pooled his energy to create a mass of sparks between his fingers and palms, releasing the crackling energy as a burst of lightning towards the Seeker, it howled in pain as the blast struck and hovered backwards before sending another wave towards Yamurn, catching him off guard. The Orsimer staggered slightly as the spell hit him, slowly draining his energies, he growled and sent forward a second crackling blast of lightning to the Seeker, stronger than the last one, the abomination hissed furiously and retaliated with a forceful wave of energy that sapped away at Yamurns power even more than before. Yamurn spat aggressively, slamming his staff on the ground and sending a mighty explosion of fire towards the Seeker, with one final howling scream, the creature fell disintegrated to rags and ash. The Orsimer grunted


    “Bastard thing...” then began rummaging through the rags for anything useful the creature may have been carrying, he found nothing.


    As Yamurn walked to the book, he saw a glowing blue light in the bookshelf that was the right hand wall of the corridor, some kind of energy? He put his hand towards it cautiously, no telling what it could be. As his pale green fingers made contact with the energy he felt a refreshing wave of strength wash over him


    “Mmm…” he sighed contently as his energies were restored. When he finally withdrew his hand from the font, the energy faded and the tingling in his forearm slowly left. He continued forward to the book, opening it and allowing the faint green energy to entrance him, with a flash of green light he found himself standing in another corridor, a long one at that. The Orsimer huffed and trod onwards, the floor was damp around here, he could see the glimmer of tinted green water running over the books on the floor, somehow not dissolving the pages at all “strange...” he thought to himself.


    The corridor finally opened up into a large room, a closed gate was on the opposite side and a circular pool was in the centre. All of a sudden there was a rumbling beneath his feet, Yamurn took a step backwards, his grip on his staff tightening as he prepared for whatever was coming. A slimy, dark green arm burst up from the water, followed by a head like a large slaughterfish and another arm, pulling itself out from the water, clearly unaffected by the acidic properties of the depths it clearly called home. The creature, which by description Yamurn recognized as a Lurker, turned towards the Orsimer and let out a terrible roar, a mass of tentacles erupting from its maw, missing Yamurn by mere inches, it squelched where it landed and writhed for a few seconds before falling still. With a determined grunt, Yamurn stepped forward, his staff above his head as he began to pool his energy into a mighty spell, the Lurker gave another screeching roar and began to stomp towards him...


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  • SpottedFawn
    SpottedFawn   ·  November 14, 2016
    Nice description of the lurker! I'm eager to see where the story goes from here.
  • Mortiferous
    Mortiferous   ·  June 21, 2016
    That sounds like me, I keep loads of books on my bookshelves that I've already read and never get around to reading them again so they end up getting ruined in some way or another...
  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  June 21, 2016
    Maybe they are bored because they read them already. 
    Nice description of apocrypha. 
  • Mortiferous
    Mortiferous   ·  June 18, 2016
    It's truly horrendous, isn't it? 
  • Paws
    Paws   ·  June 17, 2016
    The sights and sounds you describe remind me of home  You gotta wonder, why do the Seekers treat the books so badly? No respect for the classics, eh?