the Tale of Mathias Wulfe enteries 9 and 10 : Shopping Day

  • Jake: hey bro, lets do some shopping before we head out.

    Entry 9

    we woke up and headed out, as we were about to leave Whiterun...

    Melissa stopped and grabbed my arm.. she told me she forgot her Amulet of Akatosh that she left on the nightstand next to my bed. she ran back and grabbed it and a coat for later.

    I asked her about her Amulet and she told me the story of her Grand Father who was in the Oblivion Crisis and his encounter with both Septum emperors.

    'S'ince then her family as fought for the Blades and for the Empire with Akatosh as their Divine... I was impressed with her tale and glad we met..

    Me and the gang decided to get some more supplies and provisions..

    I went to the War-maiden's to buy some Smithing materials. I crafted a new set of Steel armor and traded in my Steel plate, in which Jake  gave me a strong look... good thing I crafted him a double edged Battle-Axe, which he told me he will use to fight bandits and other none magical enemies. Jake Improved his Battle-Axe and I improved my Steel armor set. went inside and bought a Dwarven Shield to replace my old one and had it Improved.. Melissa ran over to me with some potions and brought me some coins for the stuff she sold that I gave her.

    Entry 10

    we took a carriage ride to Falkreath arrived at dawn, we took a nap in the carriage on the way to Falkreach.. we headed west to Bilegulch Mine to do a quest for the Jarl Siddgeir.. I do hope Aela doesn't mind the detour.. found some bird eggs on the way, they will be good for later.. Made it to the bandit camp..

    Jake stole my Kill..

    I killed the second bandit with ease... The third one was between 2 parts of the hill, he died by my Fire-Ball... we looted the gear from the table near the mine and I smelted down them... the camp was nice looking before the bandits were killed..

    I smelted the ore that was on the cart and the stuff from the table. Jake told me that I should create a sword to enchant for later, I liked that Idea and crafted a Orcish Long-sword...

    Jake offered to carry the rest of my ingots for me.. the Bandit Leader was a hulking Orc wearing a mix armor set containing both Iron and steel and carrying a Steel Warhammer...

    Jake Took Him on while Me and Melissa where hitting him with our spells...

    Jake Finished him off with a deception from his Battle-Axe..

    We gathered the Ore from the mine and emptied the leader's chest... we had the ore smelted down and Jake carried the ingots.. we are now heading to Jarl Siddgeir...


  • Medieval
    Medieval   ·  August 3, 2015
    Keep doing it bro, nice, looks really cool
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    ShyGuyWolf   ·  August 3, 2015
    thanks for everything bud.
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    Sotek   ·  August 3, 2015
    I had a play with your post like I said I would. What do you think?
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    ShyGuyWolf   ·  August 3, 2015
    thanks bud.
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    Sotek   ·  August 3, 2015
    Hello Mathias.
    Three things come to mind.
    1. Falkreach it's actualy Falkreath.
    2. Break up your blocks of writing.
    'S'ince then her family as fought for the Blades and for the Empire with Akatosh as their Divine... I wa...  more