the Tale of Mathias Wulfe entries 5 and 6

  • Jake: Hey Bro, I'm heading out to hunt for a while.

    Me: ok Jake, See you in the mourning.

    Melissa: Hey Mathias, I love spending time with you. Can I sleep with you for tonight?

    Me: I love being with you too, and sure.

    Entry 5:

    Man, that felt good sleeping with Melissa.... Melissa is one cute Dunmer and a great friend, and she has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen....

    We set off to fight a Dragon on the way to Bloodlet Throne, me and Melissa met Jake right near Falkreath's gate with a Moose across his shoulders.... Jake said that he killed this near a spring and killed the Spriggans that where there as well.... I asked if he ripped the hearts out of the Spriggans and he handed one to me an Melissa to keep... We headed out and found a cave that ended to the place where the Dragon was, this Dragon flew up and we started attacking with range attacks... the Dragon had Frost Breath while taking hits with range attacks, it landed finally.... I set it in Flames with Fireballs and released the Fire that was burning from that Word Wall back when I was at Dustman's Cairn ... the Dragon let out a scream and died... Man, I it feels good fighting with my pals...

    After I absorb the Dragon's power and learn the new power, we headed up the hill to the Bloodlet Throne.... we entered the Bloodlet Throne, and let me tell you there where a lot of Succubi there.... I Slayed the Thrall and Melissa handled the First Succubus, this lady most have formed with ebony armor on... she was carrying a Dwarven Warhammer, glad Melissa handled her... I walked down the stairs and was greeted by a Gargoyle that busted out of a statue... Jake and Melissa killed the beast and I raided it's corpse for ore and jewels... I followed the open set of doors and found a Vampire chick sitting at a table in the room near a ice hallway, I let out my Fire Breath and burned that B to the ground... went to an opening that had a bunch of Succubi waiting for me, I set one in Flames with my Fire breath and decapitated another... Jake ran in with Righteous Might and went to town on three Succubi and Melissa also ran in and set fire to the rest... another Gargoyle came out of a statue and Jake slew it down, Melissa ran down the steps... the Head Vampire released the Hounds and we killed them, I set the Vampire in Flames and he burned to a pile of ash...

    Melissa tended my wounds and cured me of Sanguinare Vampiris by handing me some cure disease potions... Jake didn't have a scratch on him, then again he is a Werewolf... Melissa gave me a hug and told me that she loves me, I told her I love her too... As I was walking on the way out, Jake pointed to a chest and I found some Voice's Beacon...

    Entry 6

    Made it back to Falkreach , gave the lady my report about that Dragon and went to the General Store before I headed to Whiterun... Made it back to Skjor with that Bloody Warhammer and we chatted abit before Aela came in with a strange Argonian... the Argonian turned out to be her Husband and he introduced himself as Sotek, and he is a Argonian Werewolf... Skjor and Aela had a surprise for me at the Under Forge and Sotek is ok with it....


  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  July 16, 2015
    Hi Mathias, it's cool to see that you are taking the effort to write your story. One thing, ellipses are a very effective writing tool, when used sparingly. There are also three ellipses in the format, not four. It is better, from a mechanical standpoint,...  more
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  July 16, 2015
    Looking better Mathias.