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  • Endemic to Skyrim, Frostbite Spiders are a common threat to many cave explorers. Though all Arachanae are highly venomous, Frostbite Spiders differ in what its toxins do to its victim. Instead of inducing internal haemorrhages and necrosis, Frostbite venom will slow the heart and seize the muscles before the victim will eventually suffocate. It is especially dangerous in the cold winds as the weather may mask the victim’s condition before it is too late. Be aware that biting is not the only method these creatures may transmit it’s venom – they can and will spit globs from afar although this will drain its venom reserves but unnecessary risks should never be taken.


    Typically brown or grey, Frostbite Spiders are as large as a mule although there have been reports of larger sizes. Frostbite Spiders have five eyes, all facing forward and its eyes offer it some levels of night vision. Like other Arachanae, Frostbite Spiders have eight legs and a pair of fanged pincers although its chitin is not as durable as its relatives. Should you engage in combat, note that its underbelly, mouth and eyes are especially vulnerable to damage.


    When entering its lair, remain vigilant for its webs for the silk is strong enough to ensnare a grown-man. Also keep watch for the ceiling for they wait for unsuspecting prey before silently descending for a quick and deep bite. While commonly found in caves, do note that Frostbite Spiders have been sighted scuttering in the open wilderness and are no less deadly than they are underground.


    Practitioners of the arcane beware: ice magic has little effect on the creature but fire magic would make short work on them. If possible, coat your weapons in Namira’s Bane.

    - Exercpt from Bestiary: Frostbite Spiders by Vigilant Ostrid


    Warning: DO NOT try to suck out the poison. Even if you don’t have any sores in your mouth or stomach, the venom will at best produce a numbing sensation on your gums and at worst, instant putrefaction. To all cave explorers: carry a syringe of antivenin with you or even better – spend the month before exploration with weekly dosage of antivenin to immunise yourself to the bites and carry a syringe of antivenin with you.

    - Additional Footnote from Bestiary: Frostbite Spiders by Senior-Vigilant Falrielle, scribed by Vigilant Gideon of Wayrest




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