T.B.C: Ch. 26 - A Warning

  • *~Isran~*

    Frost Fall 21, 4E 203


    “You’ve got to be joking,” I mumbled.


    “Afraid not Isran,” Agmaer replied. “Ruunvald was… weird.”


    “So you’d have me believe.” I glared and pointed at the surrounding Vigilants of Stendarr. “And all of you.”


    Moric spoke, “Isran you need not berate my men and women!”


    “Oh, I wasn’t going to Sidrey. As far as we know you all are the only remaining Vigil in Skyrim. Which is shit news. For everyone.” Maybe there were some stragglers out there oblivious to their decimation. A pity really.


    “Don’t remind us.” The Breton ran a hand through his brown curls. “So how do we move on from here?”


    “You can either help us against the vampire menace we are all facing or you can fuck off and die in the wilderness until the Order’s Skyrim branch is extinct.” A couple of their huskies growled but a quick glance silenced them. The paladins all peered at one another with looks of uneasiness. Carcette and the rest had all laughed and mocked me for being prepared. Now look at the Vigilants, all but gone and a shadow.


    “Seems the boot is on the other foot now, isn’t it?” I gloated.


    “You wish to laugh at us? After we’ve lost so much?” Apa scolded. His posture made him appear to want to trade blows should the situation worsen. “If it had been you and your group who suffered this fate we would not be as critical and foolhardy as you Isran!”


    “Then I suppose it was a good thing it was you.” The Vigilants gawked in anger. Was that too far. Not at all. “Your Hall and Keeper failed to recognize the threat that the vampires could, and can, pose! Now you lot know what an organized movement of those fiends is like. What you all required is the proper preparation to combat them. Which you can gain from here.”


    They didn’t have much of a choice. With the Hall in cinders Moric and his group needed a place to stay to be safe for the time being. Stendarr’s Beacon would not cut it and they knew that. For now.


    “It appears we have been backed into a corner,” Ra’Ni, the Khajiit, said. “Trapped like a rat…”


    “For now at least,” Apa assured him.


    “Seems we do have no choice.” The Keeper gave a heavy sigh and I could instantly tell he had a plan. “Until we can renovate the Beacon. Will take time and resources however.”


    Well how about that? He thought of it all on his own. Bet it would’ve taken Carcette a few days. She always was more ignorant with that kind of shit but could easily throw with the best of them. Honestly it was a damn shame the woman was lost.


    “Think for the whole now, huh? Acting more like a leader than the previous Keeper,” I told him. “Good, that’ll keep you and your men alive.”


    Moric’s eyes opened more and a smile broke out. “Is that a rare praise worthy compliment coming from Isran? Ha! Maybe I did die at the Hall and in Coldharbour.”


    “Don’t mistake it for sympathy or empathy,” I countered. “Your lot still has a lot to learn whether you like it or not. Now go on. Mingle or whatever it is you do. I’ll have reports and assignments soon.”


    With the disperse of them it gave me time to mull over everything, which, truthfully, wasn’t much. Ruunvald was a success despite the pain in the ass that it was. Moricc and his Vigilants were with us for the time being at least. Even with that childish woman, Minorne or whatever, for all the good that’d do. A big tittied ‘goddess’ as Lights mockingly put it. Ugh… I hate the world sometimes. Florentius had gone to catch up with Sorine and Gunmar, mumbling about begrudgingly accepting the Altmer as an apprentice.


    She would be nothing more than a distraction. Particularly for the weak willed fools. Their attention was pulled due to minor things not worth the effort. Already they singled themselves out by drooling like puppies, thinking with their dicks instead of their heads!


    Then they will learn the hard way. I’ve scrutinized them before for more than a day or two. If they weren’t capable fighters, they would have been gone.


    Stepping outside the great oak doors the brisk, cool breeze and gray skies almost welcomed me. With Frost Fall nearing its end winter was just on the horizon. A more strenuous season to fight vampires in but the feat had been done before.


    The closer I got to the sentry gate the more distracted I got. Growling the nuisance away granted me enough clarity to see the oncoming courier in the dancing leaves.


    “Isran of the Dawnguard?” went the thin Bosmer.


    “What is it?”


    “Got a couple of letters is all,” he answered handing me several neatly folded papers. “Gotta go, few more deliveries before I can stop.”


    As quick as he came the elf was gone. Bosmer always were quick in their home of Valenwood and it showed even in a cold place such as Skyrim. The first letter I scanned was about a possible vampire hiding out with a group of bandits north of Shore’s Stone. Fresh as well if what the stated was valid.


    I’ll send Agmaer, Ameriya and several Vigilants do deal with it. In a couple of days, that is. He arrived back with Lights not long ago and was still tired. Being pushed past your limit now and then was fine, but not when the target would be a bloodsucker.


    The rest of the letters were about other vampire possibilities but it was the one in the back that had my attention. I was not expecting him to follow through on the reportings and yet here one was. Xian’s message had a weighty feel to it as opposed to the others.


    Dear Isran (asshole). I groaned.


    Writing this useless shit on the night of the 19th of Frost Fall. No idea when it’ll get to you and I don’t care. In Windhelm currently and will be heading for Winterhold in the morning. Don’t expect another one of these for awhile. And Serana sends you a ‘fuck you’ too.




    Slithery fucker, I thought. If he weren’t a hireling he’d be gone from the fort in record time. But he was not so a deduction in payment when he and the vampire returned with the Moth Priest would have to suffice. He could bitch and moan and threaten all he would wish to.


    The next thing that came to mind about Krie was what to do with him afterwards. When he would bring the Moth Priest to us perhaps paying him and terminating his contract. Simple and direct, exactly what I prefer in predicaments. None of that beating around the bush bullshit.


    And that vampire! That trickster, a dagger concealed within a shadowy cloak. How in Stendarr’s name could he be friends with that thing? And those eyes, orange blazes of fire of misdirection beating back the choking darkness. An unnatural being that only one treatment in the Dawnguard’s perspective: death.


    I knew Xian would fight against that fact but he would be unable to emerge triumphant against all of us. He would learn to live with it. He’d have no choice. A simple vampire could throw everything into disarray, even one as benign as that one.


    No vampire is harmless.




    “What is it Celann?” I asked without needed to turn to see.


    “Letting you know they were at it again,” the Breton sighed with contempt. “It’s really starting to pis me off.”


    “Stendarr’s Claws, are you fucking kidding me?”


    “No. Durak and I forced them quiet and gave them animal and bucket duty.”


    “Bring them to me.” My voice rumbled like a bear growled. “Immediately.”


    There was something in the smile of his as he walked away. Elation and ease. Like a great weight was being taken off of his shoulders and he could finally relax. He returned moments later with the men in question.


    “Baldr. Dunlain,” I spat.


    “Yes, Isran?” they asked. There wasn’t much fear radiating from them.


    “I’ve had it with both of you! Your idiocy, racism and more!”


    “B-but sir!” Dunlain tried. “We meant nothing by it! Honest!”


    “And that’s why you fuck ups resumed your antics on Ameryia even after all the animal shit cleanings we’ve put you on?” I demanded. They froze on the stop looking like statues, expressions stuck in place. “Can’t even muster up the nerve to speak?”


    There was the fear.


    “W-we’re sorry Isran!” the balding Baldr exclaimed.


    “No you fucking are not! If you were you’d have ceased your pointless prattling after your first scolding!” I was turning red with anger. “Pathetic little boys is all you are and will ever fucking be! Give me your weapons, your time in the Dawnguard is hereby done.”


    The men looked to one another for a long while in uncertainty. Celann was just out of the way to not be in the conversation and quietly laughed to himself. A justice being carried out as he saw it. A nuisance being dealt with, a gnat swatted away.


    “Did you not hear me? NOW!” Reluctantly and with hesitation both men took the swords from their hips and handed them over. “Good. Now get the fuck out of here and don’t come back. Not even for sanctuary.”


    At first the pace was slow but a quick scrap of my boot in the dirt sent the idiots running for the hills. I hated that I couldn’t do that sooner to those disappointments. Creating discord between themselves and the rest of the Dawnguard, Baldr and Dunlain would have gotten people killed.


    “You have no idea how happy I am Isran,” Celann beamed. “Been waiting a long time for this.”


    “They share the same ideology as Ulfric Stormcloak, don’t they? Skyrim for the Nords bullshit. Maybe they’ll get smart.”


    “That’s precisely what I don’t want out of them. To join those morons.” His smile was gone. “Those boys would be right at home.”


    “And be part of the problem. The civil war is taxing and vain. It is all being fought for the selfish wishes of one man.”


    Celann shook his head. “The people suffer enough.”


    “Yes they do,” I answered. “But our primary concern are the night stalkers that raze farms and villages in the dark. That is all it will ever be.”


    “You’re right of course, but that doesn’t mean I like it.” He tried to get back on a more pleasant note as compared to the doom and gloom of that shit. “Baldr and Dunlain got what they deserved today, thank Stendarr.”


    “Shame it took this long but necessary. They will not be missed.” I handed the man the weapons. “Take those back to the armory. No one needs them for now.”


    “Sure. Is there anything else?”


    “There is. Tell Ameriya to start crunching the numbers for teams to be sent out to the holds. With that Dunmer it shouldn’t take long.” She was practically our accountant, having numbers and variables for everything from weapons to food and even potions and ingredients. “After you get done with that I want a couple teams to bag as much game as we can get. Mouths need to be fed and we’re running low.”


    Celann nodded and was off. Alone with my thoughts again I couldn’t shake the sensation of something was coming. The Dawnguard had an edge against the vampires, the Volkihar. The Elder Scroll, they would be vying for it.


    From experience, the fiends were patient but also rash. Deadly but foolhardy. The one I tortured, it stated that Harkon lead the Volkihar clan, that there’s an agent in our ranks. So far every Argonian has turned up clean. Could it have been lying?


    Even if the vampire did lie, it didn’t gloss over that the Elder Scroll was in their hands. One that was destined to stay with the night stalkers. If I were Harkon I’d demand a strategic attack to retrieve it. But it is still in the clutches of Serana, who wasn’t on the grounds.


    If they were bright the bloodsuckers would wait until it was actually back instead of scouring Skyrim.


    I sighed heavily to decompress only to stare out to the waterfall. Movement. It was faint but there was no denying it. The light that shined passed the gray clouds above was distorted like it was passing through a crystal.


    It appears that we are being watched. “Sentries, ready yourselves! We have some uninvited guests that require our attention.”


    “Are our guests what I am thinking?” asked a large khajiit as he jumped from the nearby tree.


    “They are. How many I do not know. Take the shortcut to the cave to cut off the escape route. Misdirect them. Eliminate all that try to enter or leave. Provide coverfire when I give a signal.”




    Cathay-raht may have been large felines but they were as nimble as the common Cathay. In a moment's time he and two other sentries disappeared into the trees.


    Stendarr’s Mercy be upon you for I have none to spare. His Claws grant me strength when my own drains away,” I chanted silently as I drew my warhammer. As I grew closer to the waterfall the shimmers stopped, almost as if cornered. Invisibility spells and potions only work if nature cooperates.


    “Don’t bother trying to hide. I can see you.”


    “Where’s you backup Redguard?” came a taunt. The magic that shrouded the monster melted away revealing a Breton. Its eyes shined with a deathly delight. “Because it looks like you are outnumbered.”


    “Maybe so. That hasn’t stopped me before, vampire!”


    “Is that why you had three of your lap dogs run ahead? To ambush us?” one of them grinned. A Argonian, pale as the snow with prominent fangs jutting out like stalactites.


    I frowned, “No. They’re simply cutting off your escape.”


    The bloodsuckers had formed a circle around me blocking any means of fleeing. Flee... A funny word, one that I did not use very often.


    “You won’t evade us Isran!” the leader sneered as they all pounced.


    A flex of my hand caused a bright white light to surround my entire body. The vampires saw the mistake too late. They landed in the aura and instantly sprang out hissing in pain while blisters formed on their faces and arms.


    So they’re fledglings merely trying to chew the large chunk they bit to impress the leader. “You may be fast but you you throw caution to the wind.”


    “Motherfucker!” one shouted in rage as it swung its blade. “Harkon will bathe us in adoration and power for your death!”


    The first swipe was dodged and the others were blocked. Bastard must have been recently turned, not even a few years old. He lacked the speed the others had. The pummel of my weapon bashed it cheek stunning it long enough for the head to bring the body to the ground.


    The back of the creature’s head burst open, erupting like a crushed melon. Bits of bone and pieces of brain splattered around us. As quickly as he was taken, the body disintegrated into ash. Shame the fucker died so swiftly.


    The remaining three watched in terror as one of their own fell in no time. At the same time it seemingly spurred them on, giving each a rush of adrenaline to ignore fear.


    My aura spell prevented the creatures from touching my physically but that didn’t pertain to their weapons. The attacks were one after the other, never allowing me time to gain an edge. A snap of my fingers and an encasing of green enveloped me. Stoneflesh would protect me a bit more from the onslaught.


    Buy them time.


    Two of them slashed downward going for my shoulders. The blows were blocked but left me open. There was a pain in my back as the leader’s blade bit flesh and drew blood. Pushing the beasts in front of me away I swung my hammer only for it to hit red mist.


    Fledglings but trained.


    The Argonian tried to take advantage of my turned back but quickly found a boot crashing against his stomach. The cloth and leather armor did not do much to absorb the blow allowing me time to crack the lizard in the arm.


    An unholy shriek escaped his lips as he flew to the ground, arm shattered to pieces and ribs broken. The arm hung limp and useless on the ground, blood dripping from the fingers and saturating the sleeve. The vampire sprawled in the dirt as pain took over, shrieking like a banshee in a barren ruin.


    With another out of commission the remaining two fought harder than I originally thought. The blades danced like rain on my guard forcing me back. The wound I was dealt began to tear causing me to cry out. The vampires took that for weakness, in which it was, and capitalized on the opportunity.


    A fist connected with my jaw sliding me further backwards. If the flesh spell was not activated my jaw would have been broken. One punch was followed by a kick to the chest, knocking me away from the assailants. The unnatural stamina that flowed within kept the cretins from growing tired. My limbs, despite the short fight, were starting the feel the creeping spread of weariness.


    “What’s the matter, Dawnguard?” the Nord vampire asked in feigned concern. “Running out of steam?”


    “Perhaps,” I spat. “But I won’t stop until all of your kind are ashes beneath my boot!”


    “Funny. Harkon was thinking the same about you.”


    “I don’t doubt it. Now,” I growled rolling my shoulders, “shut up and fight!”


    “Your blood will grace my lips, mortal!”


    With strain I managed to parry one of the attacks and the other evaporated into a red mist and solidified behind me. The pain in my back was started to get worse as the blood ran down my leg. They were wearing me out before the killing blow.


    The Nord woman grabbed my hammer by the shaft and pulled, yanking it away with ease. Taking a couple of steps back the vampires had the look of triumph in their eyes. They had managed to trap me in a corner after a tiring fight.


    The bastards are overconfident, I thought. Looking behind them, hidden away in the brush and silently waiting were the sentries with their crossbows at the ready.


    I held up my hands in surrender. “Seems you’ve won.”


    “What are you up to?” the leader demanded, her face twisting in suspicion.


    “It doesn’t matter, Ul’aan! We have the Dawnguard leader beaten!”


    I smiled, “No, you don’t.” My palms shined brightly with Autherial light, charging the Sun Fire spell with everything to blind the vampires. “Now!”


    The whistle of bolts made it to my ears as the two bodies fell at my feet and turned to dust. I was not far behind, collapsing to a knee.


    “You were cutting it rather close, no?” asked R’Via. The large paw was held out.


    “It bought you the time you needed,” I groaned accepting the hand. “The threat is gone. For now.”


    “You are losing a lot of blood Isran.”


    The last of my reserves were consumed to stop the bleeding as the golden glow waved over my back. “I’ll get the attention I require later,” I panted. “Grab the unconscious one. I have more questions.”


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    Moricc and his Vigilants were with us for the time being at least. [Moric]

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      Moricc and his Vigilants were with us for the time being at least. [Moric]

      With Frost Fall nearing its end winter was just on the horizon. [Frostfall]
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