Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 97

  • Contains mature scene!!


    Shouting was followed by the sounds of barricades was being broken. A furious shout came as a heavy weapon hit on the wooden reinforced board. The strikes were wildly cheered. They had lost some comrades to the archers that still tried to stop them, but it didn’t matter because The Ebony Wielder and her two allies were at the gate.

    Some of the Redoran Guards had gone and taken the fight to the Reavers. Shared slashes were brutal and wounding, but both sides were taking casualties.

    Folms watched the siege going on and readied his Stalhrim bow. The wind blowing around him was bothersome, but if he felt it right, it was weakening. Notching an arrow, the reaver aimed at the archers on the Bulwark. Letting the arrow fly, Folms grinned inside his helmet as it struck one of the archers. He notched another arrow while he narrowed his eyes at the Bulwark. Something had caught his eyes.

    The gate broke down and Brivan prepared to fight, but he froze as the tall reaver with the ebony battle axe rushed in. The young Redoran Guard’s heart raced and his chest hurt as his breathing rasped. He stared at the reaver and trembled, gripping tighter on his sword. Brivan opened his mouth to scream, but no sound came. He found himself on the ground. For a brief moment he wondered what had happened before his eyes dimmed.

    The reavers advanced through the broken gate.

    The Redoran Guard with Captain Veleth had seen the youth’s death before them. Veleth felt his chest hurting. The young one had been in his charge. He should have forced Brivan to the side gate. But it wasn’t time to mourn yet. He shouted a war cry and charged to face the reavers with his soldiers. The Captain made his way to the Ebony Wielder while others picked their own targets, shouting in Dunmeri, “For the House Redoran!”

    Hearing the shouts from the gate, Tenaru felt like something was missing and focused to throw two heart stones before the gate. “Come and assist me!” She commanded as two ash guardians appeared to block the entry. The Alchemist turned to look at the archers and screamed as something struck her shoulder. She fell on her side, gritting her teeth. With a quick glance at her shoulder, Tenaru realized that she had been hit by a Stalhrim arrow. What s’wit had done that? She’d curse them to Oblivion! “Avoni! There’s a reaver archer on the cliff side!”

    The lead archer frowned as she heard the Alchemist who was now injured. Avoni nodded and barked a command to assist her. She then changed her elven bow to a modified chitin bow. Then her eyes searched the cliff side on their left side. Further along the ridge stood a lone reaver. Avoni narrowed her eyes. The distance was tricky, but she might just and just pull it off. Notching an ebony arrow, the lead archer aimed. The wind was slowing down. She waited for a couple more seconds and held her breath.

    He hadn’t seen the arrow coming. Folms screamed as it struck his throat. What a lucky hit! The reaver collapsed on the ledge and rolled over the side.


    The battle still raged behind him as he left the town, Slitter didn’t know what to feel. Maybe it stung a bit. He might have joined for the defense if it wasn’t for the spirits who had a task for him. A task  to find the ash dancer and assist him. The old mer couldn’t help but to wonder if this was part of his redemption.

    He wondered how Ciel’nn would react when he’d see him coming, and what would he do then? He probably will hate me even more. Curse me to the deepest hole of Oblivion. Yes, that he’d do and I have deserved it. Even in my redemption.

    I wonder if I’m redeemable in the eyes of the Tribunal. Oh right, I haven’t prayed for years until… Until the recent events.

    Slitter found some blood work and dead reavers. He eyed them briefly and continued his searching. He thought of following the dead reavers that Ciel’nn and the mercenary had left after them. His eyes widened suddenly. They’re a deadly pair. I almost feel pity for the reavers. The wounds the two mers had inflicted on them were merciless.

    The old mer continued across the hill, finding one more dead reaver and struggle patterns on the ash. Slitter slightly frowned at this and moved on.

    Ciel’nn shivered as the air grew colder.  If they couldn’t find Sildras soon, he’d think this whole trip was wasted. But in his mind his voice hissed quietly as if he was waiting for the encounter. Just a matter of time and we’ll find him, Ciel’nn told himself. He glanced at his partner who was the most important person on Nirn to him. He loved Teldryn in his own way. I think he knows that. When the older mer glanced at him, Ciel’nn nodded.

    A lot of footprints in the snow. Ciel’nn pondered how many had left. How many stayed behind?

    “That’s a lot of reavers.” Teldryn rumbled. “I wonder…” He looked over his shoulder toward the direction of the town. There wasn’t knowing how things fared at Raven Rock? They could only hope the Redoran Guard would manage to turn the tide. But so many reavers went that way… I don’t know.

    Ciel’nn frowned inside his helmet. If the Redoran Guard would fail, they’d look for him and Teldryn next. Hunted like an animal. I’ve been hunted before but the reavers are another matter. If only I’d knew how that cur thought. The only escape would be by a boat and then attempt reaching for Morrowind. The young mer shook his head. No, that would not happen. He won’t let that happen. “They’d better finish the reavers.” Ciel’nn finally said.

    Although, there’s Tel Mithryn for a sanctuary. Surely Ne—

    No, stop thinking like that!

    Two reavers stood, with stiffed muscles nearby. Both of them had two-handed swords on their backs. The taller one tilted his helmeted head while the other shifted in his place, on alert. The posture, Ciel’nn recognized it. It was the mer who had struck his dagger in his leg weeks ago. He readied himself for the final clash, his hands slowly reaching for his blades.

    And here they are, Ciel’nn thought grimly.

    The taller reaver barked a laugh and took his helmet. The cold was biting his face but he seemed gotten used to it. “I never thought I’d see you again, kid.” Sildras flashed a smirk at the young mer who now removed his helmet. “What are you doing here? Don’t tell me you came here to stop us?” His tone carried some amusement.

    “He’s mine.” The other reaver hissed, reaching for his sword.

    “Don’t be so hasty, Casseth.” Sildras said without looking at his son.

    “You’re a loose end, cur.” Ciel’nn growled, his eyes narrowed at Sildras, and his blades ready in his hands. His heart raced and he was aware of their situation, and he felt his partner shifting near him. Sildras’ indecisiveness annoyed him. Casseth on the other hand was eager to clash with him.

    The snow shifted as Ciel’nn darted toward Sildras, but Casseth rushed to block his path. Blades clashed, and the young mer quickly backed away from from the savage strike that the reaver youth was so eager to deliver. Ciel’nn changed his stance. He despised two-handed swords so very much.

    The reaver youth became enraged as Ciel’nn slipped out of his reach. “You’ll die for Arnas’ death! You will suffer, s’wit!” With that he slashed brutally at the young mer.

    Ciel’nn tried his best to parry and dodge the slashes he was getting, but the reaver youth was constantly at him. He felt a distant pain in his shoulder as the sword slashed by. His breath was fast and his heart pounded, but at the same time he heard a whisper in his mind, demanding the reaver’s death.

    Someone screamed in agony.

    Ciel’nn recognized it.

    No! Teldryn!


    He didn’t have enough time to look for his partner. He only knew that his partner was in trouble. Ciel’nn yelled in anger, then he rolled aside from the reaver youth’s strike. He reached out with his sword and thrust through Casseth’s side, leaving it there.

    “Father!” Casseth cried out in burning pain. “Help…!”

    Ciel’nn pulled himself on his feet and took a quick look around for Teldryn. The older mer was laying on the ground, bleeding and didn’t move much. “Teldryn!” His shout was rough. But when he didn’t get called back, his eyes shifted to Sildras, filling with hate. The tall mer was saying something, but Ciel’nn didn’t hear a word.


    Another dark whisper of his own in his mind…

    Having Sildras as his sole focus, Ciel’nn rushed to the Reaver Lord with his dagger ready. He tried to ward the slash with his left arm, but then he got kicked away, savagely.

    Ciel’nn rolled away, out of air. He now began to feel some of his injuries. The young mer gasped and then winced. He still held his dagger in his right hand. I can’t stop - Teldryn needs me. I need him!

    He shifted as he began to get on his feet slowly. His eyes veiled, but there was still ultimate hatred and rage. He heard Sildras saying something again. Ciel’nn poised himself and renewed strength flowed blood and mind. The young mer shifted.

    They both fell down when Ciel’nn rammed into Sildras.

    Screaming, Ciel’nn managed to smack the handle of his dagger onto the Reaver Lord’s forehead before he grabbed his wrists. Then he began to stab with ferocity at the mer’s chest, seeing only flashing red in his eyes. All that he felt, all the troubles and wounds he had endured and seeing his partner down — Ciel’nn extended them into each stab. Blood splattering on his hands and face.

    After some time, Ciel’nn stared a brief moment longer at Sildras. The blood lust began to fade and his mind was quiet although longing to see Teldryn. He pulled himself up, wincing and stepped away from the body.  “Teldryn…”

    His vision had begun to darken at the edges when he shakily rushed to his partner. Each injury screamed for healing, but he ignored it. Ciel’nn collapsed on his knees next to his partner. “Teldryn… Hear me?” He cried out as he looked closer, looking for the wound. He couldn’t tell if the other mer was just unconscious or dead. He feared the latter one. “Don’t be dead… Teldryn…” Then he found the wound on the mer’s side, and Ciel’nn reached with shaking hands to his belt for the health vials which he only used in utter emergencies. With care, he poured the vial on the wound and the next vial while his tears rolled out.

    He then noticed that there weren’t any vials left for himself. Ah well… He took a break that rocked his body.

    Ciel’nn winced at his own injuries as he touched Teldryn’s cheek. “Teldryn… Hear me?” He carefully took the older mer in his arms and sobbed. His vision blurred. “I’m so… sorry, Teldryn. I don’t wish you to… depart from me yet… I need you.” He took Teldryn’s hand into his own.

    His head sagged. “I don’t want to be alone… Now that I’ve found you…Teldryn…” His eyes closed as darkness came.

    A sudden jolt brought Ciel’nn back to consciousness. A threat, but where? Ciel’nn opened his eyes, but he couldn’t see anything. It was still dark, but the sense of dread was imminent. He blinked around, but no avail. There was someone close by though.

    “Well, look at you!” A strange voice said. “It seems I don’t need to fight you at all.” A laugh. “I’ve been wondering how your fear would taste, your blood, mortal. Your taint is… so tempting and delicious.” The latter said with a near purring tone, then clink of a armor as if it came closer.

    A muffled shout.

    Ciel’nn thought it was familiar, but he couldn’t say. It was distant and he felt how he slipped back into the darkness.



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