Daily Skyrim Log

  • Today I woke up early to play since I have to go to work soon and I didn't get all too much done, but it was fun nevertheless.

    After accumulating an ungodly amount of filled soul gems I went cave diving in hopes of finding some new enchantments to add to my collection and some rare items to use those enchantments on. First I entered a dungeon where a lone bandit was standing guard outside. A quick cut to the throat relieved him of duty. As soon as I stepped inside I saw something that is never, ever a good sign; dead bloody bandits everywhere. I started sneaking around to hopefully avoid the same fate but I soon heard the pitter patter of little Drauger feet. I stabbed him in the chest and moved on. I found more carnage of what definitely was serious battle between the undead and the bandits. I happened upon a nice looking Dwarven helmet on a pedestal that had a hefty fortify magicka enchantment. Without thinking I grabbed it and was almost impaled by trap spikes. I finally found my way to the bottom of the dungeon where there was a dragon word wall and a Drauger death lord standing there. I snuck attack him but just barely took half his health. Then he shouted at me and blew me 10 feet backwards into a wall. While I struggled to stand up yet another death lord ran up and they both proceeded to gang bang me with great swords. I frantically kept using health potions and it took forever to stand back up on my feet. I used my dragon breath on them and finished them off just barely surviving. After I learned the final word of Frost Breath I left with some more treasure I had found, including a long-coveted fortify sneak ring. Since I can't disenchant my Shrouded Hood this is a blessing to find. Once I get my enchantment up to lv 100 then I can double enchant some godly armor.

    My planned armor some-what weighs on a mystery I've been wondering about. If I can double enchant does that mean I can add one more enchantment to my nightingale armor? The hood fortifies Illusion which is worthless to me. If so then I'll wear that hood always since I'm overly fond of the hood + mask combination. I'm debating between combinations of Daedric and Ebony armor. Maybe I'll wear the Ebony Armor + Daedric Gauntlets and Boots. And I have my heart set on some duel weilding Daedric swords. I'll enchant my fortify sneak, one-handed, stamina regeneration and health and finally use Muffle on my boots. I decided to rename the set Sunderbain when I enchant it.

    I dungeon dived some more, did a cannibalistic Daedric quest and worked on my enchanting. It's now lv 74 so I have what seems a long way to go. I also refound those two redguards who said they were looking for a redguard woman. I killed them both for their Scimitars which are beautiful and impossible to find. I sharpened them to flawless and will enchant them later when I have a worthy spell to use.


  • Titan
    Titan   ·  November 26, 2011
    Thats no ghost in there ,dont be scuured
  • Luke MaCaulay Smart
    Luke MaCaulay Smart   ·  November 26, 2011
    Sounds good to me. Personally, I hate dungeons. The suspense of creeping around a mass grave of draugrs creeps me out but I know they are good for loot as well as shouts, sometimes. Yesterday, I went to ivarstead, to climb to high hrothgar. There I notice...  more