New Blog of playing skyrim!

  • So, I decided to make a blog of playing with this build, the arrowsworn, with my own twist, as I am using restoration as well. If you haven't read it, then I highly recomend this build, but basically I just can't loot. So, this will be written in a lore friendly journal form, of my characters adventures in skyrim.

    Morndas, Suns Dawn, 13th

    Well, It has been quite a day. I remember walking across the border to skyrim, hoping to help tend to sick and wounded during the war. I saws some soilders fighting, stormcloaks and imperials and one stormcloak smashed a mace in my head and everything went blank. I woke up in a cart, and was being sent to be executed. I escaped with an imperial soilder named hadvar. We arrived in a town called riverwood, and I stayed for 2 days, Hadvar had an uncle there, and he let us stay at his house. I smithed a hide helmet and a dagger, chopped some wood, and bought a bow and some arrows. I headed to whiterun and a man named Amren asked me to retrieve his sword from a den of thieves. I inform the jarl of whiterun that a dragon may attack riverwood, and that if so riverwood would be defensliss. He disbatches a squadron of guards to the town,He gives me a set of Iron Armor and I put it on, although it feels a bit bulky. I go to the blacksmith Eourland Gray-Mane and buy a pair of leather boots, and put them on. The ground feels so much better when I have shoes! I head out to the plains of whiterun and hunt for a bit. I then find an abandonded cabin and crawl into bed for a rest. I am awaken a few minutes later by a torrental downpour, but I escape quickly into an old musty basement. I find a bedroll and spend the night there.


  • Ctfgaming
    Ctfgaming   ·  October 6, 2015
    just copy it and and some details make it 400 words then copy it  and paste it.
  • John Smith
    John Smith   ·  October 6, 2015
    How do I save it?
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  October 6, 2015
    Hi John
    I'm Sotek a host at Tamriel Tales. Now I hate to be the big bad wolf of TT but CTF is correct in stating that the blog has to have a minimum of 400 words unless it's a poem. As such I'm going to have to give you a 24 hour window to either fl...  more
  • Ctfgaming
    Ctfgaming   ·  October 6, 2015
    john you need to have 400 words.