Shinbira: Journal of a Survivor (Part 2), Chapter 10

  • By the time Hadvar and I reach Riverwood it's dark.

    My fight with the wolves has somehow left me feeling stronger and tougher. Maybe it's something to do with that strange encounter with the 'Guardian Stone'.*

    As you'd expect for the time of night the town is quiet. One or two people wander the streets, but it's mostly guards.

    Hadvar wastes no time & takes me straight to see his uncle Alvor, the smith; he's just finishing off for the night. He's suspicious of me, especially when he notices my red eyes and dark skin. Of course: he's a Nord! 

    "It's alright, uncle: he's a friend. Without him I might not be here."

    "Well, alright then: if you say so. You'd best come inside. Gods, you look terrible: what have you been doing?!"

    "Let's go inside, and I'll tell you all about it."

    "No, I wouldn't believe you either", I whisper to Hadvar as we walk to Alvor's house. "I suggest you tell our story with caution."

    "What do you mean? A Nord Imperial soldier and a condemned Dunmer running from a dragon and fighting together? Who wouldn't believe that?"

    I roll my eyes, not for the first time, as a large Nord hand slaps my back. 

    He definitely understands sarcasm...

    Alvor has a nice little house, and he invites us to sit down at his table. He introduces his wife Sigrid, who proceeds to ply us with food and drink. For the first time in days - actually for as long as I can remember - I feel relaxed and comfortable. 

    Then I remember that I'm at table in a Nord house - a Nord house! The mead in my mouth turns sour, and the food in my stomach makes me feel sick.

    I grudgingly have to admit, though, I have seen a different side at least in Hadvar, one Nord who perhaps isn't all bad. And these are his relatives: I'll suspend my judgement. For now.

    Hadvar tells Alvor our tale; he is initially skeptical, as you'd expect, but  - to his credit - he reluctantly believes his nephew. 

    They talk on, and I drift off into a pleasant haze of mead, ale and chicken.

    "Shinbira? Are you awake?"

    "What? You've got the wrong man - I was over there - he did it!"

    "Eh? No! I was saying I am grateful to you for helping my nephew. He says you saved his life. We give you our most heartfelt thanks."

    "Oh, it was nothing. I could see the poor man was struggling so I leant him my arm."


    "Even, remember, Shinbira?"

    "Oh, alright then: even!"


    "Hah! I can see you boys have got to know one another quite well, eh? Another drink!

    "If you need anything, friend, feel free to take what you need from here. Within reason, of course."

    Haha - thanks! I will! 

    Looking around, I salivate a little. But that's probably just the mead.

    "We would just ask one favour of you."


    "That dragon. Jarl Balgruuf in our capital city Whiterun needs to know about it, as soon as possible! Would you journey there tomorrow and tell him about Helgen?"

    "Of course. As you say: he needs to know."

    And I expect there are a lot of rich people in a city like that, too. Today is turning out quite well after all...

    Exhausted, full and drunk, I find a bed and collapse onto it. No-one seems to mind. I instantly fall into a deep sleep. In a Nord bed, in a Nord house! Gods, what is happening in my life?!


    I wake up. My head hurts, my feet hurt, my arms hurt,  but I feel rested. 

    We breakfast together, the Nords and I. 

    Afterwards I go around the house, as Alvor invited, taking any supplies I can find. Alvor and Hadvar head outside and I find myself alone with Alvor's wife Sigrid. 

    "Don't get any ideas, alright? I'm 'spoken for', you know! I'm married: Alvor is my husband!"

    Oh gods: here we go! She's a Nord all right! 'Damn Grayskins, coming over here, taking our stuff, stealing our women!'

    "What?! I don't know what you mean!"

    "When you fell onto our bed last night - you didn't notice that I was in it?"


    At least that might explain those strange dreams...

    "Sry" I mutter. 

    "Pardon? I didn't hear that."

    "I'm sorry! 

    "And thank you for your hospitality"

    "You are welcome."

    Then I notice her smiling.


    I think it's probably time to leave; my pack is overflowing anyway. 

    "Well, um, I'd better go, then: goodbye! And, thanks again."

    I quickly leave. As the door closed behind I me swear I could hear muffled laughter...

    Strange people, these southern Nords.

    I see a shop. And run towards it. 

               * Level 2: Health, Agile Defender 1/5

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    Glad I could help! I'm going to have to keep the urban dictionary open with you: 'naisu' was a new one to me roo. I'm learning a lot here :)
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    ahhh "* Level 2 agile defender 1/5" that's what I was looking for! Naisu naisu *nod* now I got a basic idea of how to incorporate levels on my private journal
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    I think it's probably time to leave; my pack is overflowing anyway. 
    I see a shop. And run towards it. 
    You have p...  more
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    I didn't actually mean for him to come across that way: he's embarrassed, like an awkward teenager with a sexy older woman. And she's just toying with him. He was just drunk and didn't notice she was in the bed
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    Leave it as it is. It works fine. It shows Shin's character and likely hood to play the field. If it's his nature to play about a bit then you should emphasise it.
    Albee is a virgin, the same as Sotek but they both have their different reasons for i...  more