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  • Chris Laptop charger broke
    May 13
  • Caladran Just letting you know that writing is a bit slow now because I'm fighting with my allergies and feeling a bit sick too. :'(
    June 11
  • BlueDremora I think it time to announce my newest build: The Headhunter. Heres a little taste... "As the headhunter your profession is blood. You hunt the creatures other men dare not, you collect the bounties of wicked outlaws, dark wizards and twisted heretics alike. You carve a living by carving the heads from the corpses that you make. With the blade of your axe, the potency of your magic and the grimness of your experience, Skyrim proves nothing but a hunting ground in which you shall thrive".
    August 14, 2018
  • Paws Just a quick reminder that ESO's Fifth Anniversary Event starts at 10:00 EDT (15:00 BST). Remember to consume cake every two hours for that sweet xp buff :)
    April 4
  • Dragonborn2121 Test
    June 28