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    June 26, 2013

    Updated with Race tags, independent of the other official tags!

  • June 27, 2013

    Hooray! Race Tags! I knew it would be a good idea! Now let's check up upon some nice Bretons.

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    July 3, 2013

    How about Aedra and Daedra tags? Like if a build associated with a certain god or prince.

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    July 8, 2013

    If the Race tags don't count towards the limit of 3 tags, this page should be updated to reflect that.  The way it's listed with the limit of 3 described at the bottom of the page makes it sound like the limit applies to all tags.  Perhaps it should say:

    "Any build that you choose to add to the archive is allowed up to 3 group tags, 1 race tag, and 1 rank tag."

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    July 8, 2013

    You should probably read what's actually written there before posting this sort of thing.

    "Race tags work slightly differently. Simply add the tag Race:(Name of Race), Race:Breton for example. There are no spaces in there so no quotation marks are needed."

    As for your second point I had the rank tags (which don't have spaces) in before the Photos folks did their thing. It's a little late now that lots of photos are already tagged though.

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    July 8, 2013

    Updated, thanks for reminding me

  • August 1, 2013

    Update: All past Character Build Showcases have been tagged so they can all be found easily. Either follow the link here, or use the one on the post to find them.

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    August 9, 2013

    Could we move the Battlemage to the list of Magic using classes? Because, as the name says it, the Battlemage is a mage:

    - in Morrowind, 3 out of 5 Major Skills and 3 out of 5 Minor Skills were Magic Skills. That's 6 out of 10; the remaining 4 are Combat (3 skills) and Stealth (1 skill)

    - in Oblivion, 5 out of 7 Skills are Magic Skills, the remaining 2 being Combat Skills

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    August 20, 2013

    Added a "Character Build: PC" tag to use if you're basing your build heavily around mods.

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    September 5, 2013

    Oh man I knew this was gonna happen sooner or later. the Skyrim blog is slowly creeping its way to become pc elitist

    When Emer was coming into power the one thing I said to myself was please don't add a modding group BAM modders workshop.

    Then I said "GREAT know were gonna have builds based around mods" BAM "character build: pirate prince"

    I did not expect that we would have a whole character tag around pc mod builds

    Even though I've said all this it was bound to happen anyway so I suggest maybe the pc character tag shouldn't count towards your whole tag count so you should have 3, then a race tag then if NEEDED a pc tag. but that's just my suggestion take it or leave it