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Character Build: The Knight

  • July 15, 2013

    Yeah, I think that's what they were going for. Though I like to imagine it more as your inspiring/fearsome presence, which would allow fear spells and those ones, but not fury nor paralyze (you could maybe justify paralyze, but it's a long shot and I never used it).

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    July 21, 2013

    Just the music alone makes me want to go play this. +1

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    July 21, 2013

    I joined this site (and this group) to thank you for this build, Tim.

    As a chronic sufferer of 'restart-syndrome', you have saved Skyrim for me with this build, which I use as the basis of my 'Knight Of Fate' character.  The Knight Of Fate is this build, minus the use of illusion, and using my old D&D dice to randomise his activities for the day*.  I'm roleplaying him hardcore and loving the game again.

    +a gazillion from me!

    *Happy to elaborate, if anyone's interested.

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    July 22, 2013

    I'm playing this build but I went with dual wielding, two swords dispense twice as much justice.

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    July 23, 2013

    Brad, I'm so glad I was able to help out with your Skyrim experience. Comments like this make all the work worth it! This game has helped me feel awesome through some rough times, so it makes me immensely happy to see that my work has given you a richer experience =]

    How does your random decision mechanic work, it sounds really interesting?

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    July 23, 2013

    Happy to oblige, Maestro!

    I developed the random-mechanic to help combat my endless-restart syndrome, which used to stem from the fact that I'd inevitably reach a point where characters either felt 'samey' or 'wrong' somehow.  Having done Bleak Falls Barrow 12 times in one weekend, I resolved to 'sort my Skyrim life out'.

    I use D+D dice and a backstory involving an order of Knights in Cyrodill. It has ensured that no character since has seemed boring or just...wrong, as he (I) does not control his fate.

    As an example, my daily activity is generated on a D20.  To RP the receipt of a vision, my Knight crouches (kneels) and spends time seeking guidance through prayer (waits an hour!)  Here's the list:

    1 - Progress MQ

    2 - Find and clear new location

    3 - Smithing day

    4 - Travel to new town

    5 - Find 5 new locations and return

    6. - Travel to new village

    7 - Complete local quest/rumour/bounty task

    8 - Visit a shrine of the Divines

    9 - Seek training

    10 - Clear known location

    11 - Progress/start Misc. quest

    12 - Progress MQ

    13 - Map 3 new locations and return

    14. - Clear 3 known locations

    15 - Complete local quest/rumour/bounty task

    16 - Day off / interaction day

    17 - Progress/start Misc. quest

    18 - Clear known location

    19 - Day off / interaction day

    20 - Smithing day

    Other dice help me with other decisions (D4 = compass directions etc) too.

    In play, the character builds very well, I RP more consistently and the game becomes more immersive and somehow slower. Ocassionally, I will encounter areas I'm too weak to deal with, and I now accept the need to retreat and return - the 'clear known location' result gives me a chance to RP doing so.

    I combine this with my RP rules:


    No FT

    No armour in town

    Respect the dead

    Realistic carrying


    Your build was the missing piece, so thanks again.

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    July 23, 2013

    I'm rocking sword/board/voice of the emperor at the moment - going well.

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    July 23, 2013

    Agreed - mine certainly does, I RP voice of the emperor as a gift granted to Knights of my order and use magically enchanted gear, but don't enchant myself

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    July 23, 2013

    Love the Knight build looks fun to play though I never could get the hang of heavy armor..It keeps jingling when I am trying to sneak up and slit most guys throats..and my fur OMG do you know how hard it is to replace heavy armor every time you change into a werewolf or for that matter pick fur out of it?? Any way plus 1 for you. Oh yea one more edit I LOVE "Two steps from hell" best band ever.

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    July 23, 2013

    Am trying to justify Dawnbreaker and The Black Star in my RP, too, but haven't managed to yet - Companions are out for me, too, given that the QLine starts with punching a woman in the face and ends with werewolves!

    The Dawnbreaker/Black Star would rock when I eventually finish the MQ and start Dawnguard, - Just need a tiny hint as to why a goodly Knight would embrace the quests?