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Character Build: Divayth Fyr

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    December 30, 2014
    I really like this Elysium. It's not often I get blown away by a build, but this one did just that for me. So many builds struggle with Daedric Armour and justifying OP enchanting, but this build really sold it for me. I also like you restricted the enchants to the relatively tame stuff, not going for complete reduction in spell costs. It also makes 81 seem like less of a grind, as it suits the character. Speaking of which, you explain him very well. I've never played Morrowind, always looked wistfully at the original Xbox and Morrowind GOTY edition in the local games shop, but I feel like I actually understand Divayth Fyr without ever meeting him in game. Anyway, an easy +1. I can see the effort you've put into this, and it's certainly paid off.
  • December 30, 2014


    The journey to 81 certainly wasn't as long as I thought it would be, and I'm glad you feel like you know Fyr. He's one of the most interesting characters in TES lore, I feel, about as close to a god as a mortal elf can get.

    Whenever I think of Daedric Armor, I always think of Fyr, since it was basically his symbol and anyone who played Morrowind ended up killing him at the end of the Main Quest, for that armor.

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    February 6, 2015

    Great build! Just one question, it seems that Enchanting is part and parcel of the build but it appears unperked and is not in the skills\perk diagram. Would be kind of hard to put two enchantments on items like that. Perhaps making it legendary early on or am I missing something? Anyway +1

  • February 6, 2015

    Once you get Alchemy to a decent level, Enchanting is really sold and your endgame gear can easily be made. I made it legendary around level 25 (though I had Daedric a little sooner thanks to Conjuration) and never looked back.

  • Tim
    February 26, 2015

    I saw this awesome build some time ago, and was just reminded of it from the Hidden Builder Spotlight. For some reason I forgot to like it, but I will be fixing that now

  • April 7, 2015

    This is an awesome build!

    I love the lore, the aesthetic, the gameplay, just about everything! 

    One question though: you mentioned Enchanting as a skill, and heavily enchanted your gear, but there are no Enchanting perks. Why is that?

  • April 7, 2015

    I'm glad you enjoyed the build, Ernilthur. TES lore is one of my favourite aspects of the series.

    I ended up Legendary-ing it after crafting my gear. It's a habit (some would say a bad one, Teccam), but I'll note it above to be clear.

  • April 7, 2015

    Ah, I see now.

    For a long and complex build, I think that's a good idea, but it would also be good idea to note it in the skills or gear section.

    I too am a big fan of TES lore, especially Dunmer and Nord lore.

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    April 15, 2015

    the idea behind this character inspired me to continue with one of mine - being a master of everything. at first my character was leveling mainly destruction, conjuration and enchanting and other mage skills. but it became a bit boring and he is absolutely a powerhouse with destruction. this build inspired me that even a mage can diverge into martial skills. my character keeps a shrine of Divayth at his home (Tel Nalta II) (the perk spread cannot really be compared, since i'm using skyre and a lot of other mods) and hopes to fill his shoes someday (if that's even possible)

  • July 23, 2015

    Just found this today it is AWESOME and awe inspiring, I remember Fyr from Morrowind and this is him, imposing, a bit conceited maybe, powerful and an absolute joy to read, and play. You should be proud of this its brilliant, and I am going to ask Paul if he will feature it as a hidden gem.......Applause