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  • November 28, 2018

    Ah. Well, right. Though I can't help but note that IRL people who don't like blood usually just... pick a profession different than a fighter)))

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    December 6, 2018

    I decided to get through Dragon Rising so that Dawnguard would actually happen "when dragons return to the mortal realm of men" (and so I could jump into the Civil War if I decided to). I figured I shouldn't fudge the in-game dates, so I decided to RP that my character came to Solitude by boat on the 19th or 20th of Last Seed (and wound up in jail for a fun escape). What's a good crime for a Lawful Neutral Khajiit to be jailed for?

  • December 6, 2018


  • February 15, 2019

    Haven't played in a while but recently been planning on another playthrough. Just wanted to post the concept and few ideas that I had, perhaps someone has some great suggestion to add. (Hope this is the place to add this).

    The idea is a (quite heavily) modded playthrough as a reclusive breton mage. Breton mother, worked as healer during the great war. Met the father, a redguard legionaire after the march of thirst. They settle in Wayrest untill the Corsair's assault. Then flee and start living in the western reach, untill it's time for the character to leave home. While living in the western reach there were plenty of incidents with reachmen/forsworn.

    The char has a large burnscar across one side of her face. Thinking to have one of those raids to blame for that. (Being ill at the time having lowered her magic resistance. Thus disliking criminals, having a hatred for forsworn and being secretly scared of sickness/diseases.) Also adding to being shunned by the general population of Skyrim, whom are already not all to welcoming to mages.

    As a house wanted to use Halamshiral - Mage Tower. With the backstory wouldn't make much sense though to have a fully equipped and cluttered house from the start. Possible solution, Falion is her uncle and that it's his place. Also gives an excuse why the char choses to not go to the college (at first at least).

    Further using Spell Research and need mods to roleplay studying throughout the day. Only visiting Morthal when absolutely necessary for supplies. For the most part the swamp will provide however. Foraging with Hunterborn for edible plants and alchemical reagents. Also using Ordinator.

    Skills in no particular order: Lockpicking, for the bear traps. Alchemy and Enchanting. And finally, any, some or all magic schools. Fully depending on what Spell Research will unlock and go with that.

  • February 16, 2019

    This sounds fascinating. So the general idea behind the character is that you play a fair amount of it while being a bit of an outsider, staying out of the way and just doing your own research (while foraging for stuff of course). Yeah I can really get behind that, and with the mods you've added to make it work the whole character feels even more interesting.

    I really enjoy the idea of using Spell Research in builds, seems like it adds a bit more randomness to the character (in a way) without flooding the character with too little to do if you have bad luck. Hunterborn is a similarly awesome mod and I think there's a cool bit of synergy between it and Lockpicking from Ordinator, kind of gives the character a few survival skills. Speaking of survival, one thing that might be worth adding is...shit Frostfall right? Bit blurry for some reason but the survival mod that could add just a bit more to the character on that side of things, your in Morthal so it won't be quite as bad as characters who spend more time in the winter-y areas but could definitely flavour up the character a bit more. Not sure how that would effect your skills, haven't used it in awhile which is a bit of a shame...

    Anyway, yeah really interesting concept here mate, would be interested in hearing more about it :D

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    February 16, 2019

    @Brandon - Sounds like a cool concept and the Spell Research mod is really good for these types of characters.

    What I 'm doing quite often with these types of secluded mages is give them a few reasons that almost force them to deviate a bit from their secluded lifestyle and experience a bit more of the world. Most of the times is the need for materials and money to further their research and discover new things and knowledge. I found that the the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod and some other big or mid sized quest mods can cover nicely the need for the occasional adventures of a secluded wizard who has to come out in the world and reap some benefits for his research.

    Also in regards with the home you could just say it was an inheritance from some deceased relative and you decided to come in Skyrim and check it out after you heard that this relative was also a mage and you might find something there that will help you in your steps on the path of magic as well or something like that.

    I 've played this type of character and it's a cool concept; I started slow at first doing research and gathering materials and then I went and did some side quests and some other mod quests like Undeath, Vigilant etc and didn't even touch the game's faction or main questlines.

  • February 16, 2019

    Thank you both for the replies! I should mention that I have around 180 active mods, haven't seen unmodded skyrim since 2012 probably. Also cannot possibly imagine playing skyrim without Frostfall anymore. The mention is more than welcome.

    The idea is indeed to have early game be about research, without access to the (immersive) college of winterhold. I've done spell research playthroughs before, but having teachers around made me take a few short cuts here and there. (As is not unrealistic, learning from an expert will always be easier than being fully self taught.) Also often felt like burning through questlines before reaching the character's potential. Because they escalate rather quickly. Sitting still reading through notes doesn't make a lot of sense, when the college might explode.

    Mid/late game will be more about using the skills, for better or worse. (If the spell research lands on the dark magic spell mods the character will likely be more corrupted than if it unlocks mostly restoration spells. I know the system well enough to use archetypes that land on random spells at first, and after a few use the unlocks to specialize.) In the meantime I'll have missives for small localized quests for a bit of extra cash. (Imagine the alchemist shop requesting fungal pods on the board. And responding with an "oh... it's you.." when the char delivers them.)
    One extra note, I have FIZZLE aswell. It adds a chance for a spell to use it's magicka cost, but fail to cast the spell anyway. Based on the lvl of the associated magic school. So unlocking spells with spell research will not make a master on it's own. The spells will have to be practised with use before becoming reliant.

    Will be forced to buy supplies like ink, paper and food from time to time. Only living on swamp plants is neither appealing from rp perspective nor will it statisty iNeed with it's 'varied diet' system. So doing something to earn those septims will still be required, I'm thinking selling self written tomes/scrolls, doing the missives, selling some firewood. Because you're absolutely right, it's better to have some more interaction with the world/npc's, some reason for the char to do something they're uncomfortable with.

    Undeath is great, waiting for Path of Tanscendence to release to compare the two. Haven't looked into Vigilant yet. And with legacy of the dragonborn, I'm not yet sure if it'll be tedious or if I'll end up completely addicted to it. Anything in between would be a prefered outcome, though guessing that to be unlikely. But maybe I'll make a choice at some point what questline(s) to pursue, maybe I'll roll a dice. Forgive the people of skyrim and earn their respect by being a hero? Slaughter them all, using their souls for meaningless enchantments and their corpses for an undead army? Simply move to Solstheim/Bruma? Or send her home to her parents and retire the char? Going to have to wait and see, only written the start of the story so far. (parts of it at least).


  • March 31, 2019

    I know this question doesn't exactly follow the "spirit" of this thread, but I've been trying to write my current character's exploits in a journal, and I'd like to know what I should post it as. A profile? A guide? A some other third thingy? Can I even post it on this website? ANSWER MY QUESTIONS, YE KEEPERS OF THE LORE.

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    March 31, 2019

    tirrene said:

    I know this question doesn't exactly follow the "spirit" of this thread, but I've been trying to write my current character's exploits in a journal, and I'd like to know what I should post it as. A profile? A guide? A some other third thingy? Can I even post it on this website? ANSWER MY QUESTIONS, YE KEEPERS OF THE LORE.

    How about just jot it all down and then categorize it later? You could use the Workshop to get all the ideas down then see if it most resembles a Blog or RP Profile after it's put together. Like, don't let its final destination dictate your creativity and box you in. But failing that, I'd say a general rule of thumb is that if it's mostly a journal then a blog would be best, but if it's also like a character sheet with journal elements to break it up then somewhere in RP would probably be its best home :)

  • April 1, 2019

    I know this question doesn't exactly follow the "spirit" of this thread, but I've been trying to write my current character's exploits in a journal, and I'd like to know what I should post it as. A profile? A guide? A some other third thingy? Can I even post it on this website? ANSWER MY QUESTIONS, YE KEEPERS OF THE LORE.

    HAH, time to justify a content type I created ages ago :D In the Modder's Conclave we ran "Modder's Logs" as a type of content which essentially functioned as Journal Entries around a singular character. I know at the very least the concept was used in Art and ESO but there's no reason you couldn't follow something sorta similar as a way to post in Roleplaying (arguably it works better here). Basically it was just a way to combine in-game content with the author also talking a bit, but different people used different ratios (with some being more gameplay/discussion based and others being more in-game writing based). 

    But yeah, if not that then a Blog would probably work best.