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Character Build: The Vancian Wizard

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    June 7, 2015

    Thanks Al!

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    June 13, 2015

    Excellent work here, it's a long read but you get a well deserved +1. And the music, man! LED ZEP Fits perfectly  

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    June 26, 2015

    While I think i lack the discipline for this build in its exact form, it has stoked my imagination about trying a pure mage playstyle

    take a like.

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    June 26, 2015
    Thank you kind Khergan. So long as you're a pure mage we coo ;)
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    August 31, 2015

    Very nice build, indeed! The way you managed to flipped the whole magic system upside down is an statement to your creativity indeed. Can't wait to be able to test it, albeit in an already running, modded-to-oblivion, wrong-race playthrough (I currently play a power-hungry Imperial who relies on scrolls and staffs to cast magic, so I think it is somewhat in-character). Also, when I get to test them I'll try to organize a list of "spells" that sprouted in the back of my head while reading your build. Best of luck (no pun intended), may this reach its rightful place at Legendary (from my part, my +1 and my hat tipped to you, sir).

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    September 1, 2015
    It's always nice to meet a fellow wizard. Thanks for the tipped hat and the +1 Let this build be a testament to the calamity of Greater Powers, a truly underrated and untapped source of magic. I can't wait to see what kind of spell book you come up with, Luck. Post in the comments and I'll link them in the build. Don't forget to give them fantastical and mysterious names; that's the fun part ;)
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    September 16, 2015

    Ok, so true to my word, here are some spells I thought for the spellbook. As I play with a lot of mods that make gameplay slower (I just like it better) and I had to go a long way to adapt my playthrough to this build, I didn't get the time to test them out in my playthrough per se,  and while I managed to test each one of them to make sure they are feasible/effective (all hail the mighty console commands!),  it would be nice to see someone tell me how practical they actually are. Without further do:

    Crypt of Dukaan

    Frost Breath + Dragonborn frost + North Winds + (optional) Blizzard

    You seal your enemies in frost coffins, paralyzed and helpless, while unleashing an unnatural cold to cover them and seal them in their tombs for eternity.

    Invocation of the Shivering Darkness

    Nightingale subterfuge + Wabbajack

    You call upon Nocturnal to cast a maddening darkness upon your enemies, making they go into a frenzied state, but such madness gets the attention of Sheogorath, who will be more than pleased to lend his power to intensify  the chaos, and more than furious if you don’t use such power to amuse him.

    Kame’s Perfect Wave of Destruction

    Secret of arcana + Lightning storm

    Studying Ahzidal’s secrets, you uncover a way to perfectly balance and manipulate the very essence of Nirn's energy flux, creating an everlasting flux of pure, devastating energy to vaporize your foes. Works better with Unrelenting Force or Mythal of Legend to get your breathing space to cast it. Just don’t forget to scream a very special word while casting, it makes all the difference =p

    On a side note, Sanguine's Rose is an awesome staff for the build once you're up to level 10, and is RP friendly imo since this wizard wouldn't resist the offer of a staff from Sam, even if it meant a drinking contest.

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    September 17, 2015
    Love the names and the flavor! I'd like to test some of these myself because I'm interested to see what would happen. With Crypt of Dukaan Dragonborn Frost freezes your opponent but I thought they couldn't take much damage while frozen. That may just be physical damage though.

    Nightingale Subterfuge and Wabbajack, very interesting! I wonder if the Frenzy effect would remain through the opponents transformations. It's a very peculiar spell but I think those are the best kind! I like it.

    Kame's Perfect Wave of Destruction (DBZ? Lol) is obviously devestational. My one beef with this spell is having to level Destruction to at least 90 which is a difficult task for any build but especially this one since it doesn't have many ways to level and doesn't use a lot of Destruction magic. A player could definitely incorporate more destruction spells to supplement this but I think it would alter the design of the build. Which is totally fine so long as the player has fun! :) I'm adding these to the build and linking your comment for sure! Love the names and glad you shared these awesome spells
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    December 18, 2015

    Ok, back with some more.

    Ahzidal's Wall of the Eternal Flame

    Slow Time + Secret of Arcana + Ahzidal's ring of Arcana + Ignite + (optional) Dual Casting

    Learning Ahzidal's secrets and using his charms, you unlock an understanding of fire matched by few. This allows you to unleash a relentless storm of flames that sear through your enemies and immolate them long after the impact. My favorite boss finisher. Given we perk Aspect of Terror anyway, this spell becomes tremendously powerful, hence why I only ever use it to finish big, bad guys who can insta-kill me. 

    Channeling of the Zenian Gates

    Mora's Grasp + Conjure Seeker + Staff of Miraak

    Your time in Apocrypha has taught you how to seamlessly merge Hermeus' realm with mundus, using a mortal body as a vessel. The knowledge gained by the vessel is said to be tremendous, but the powers you invoke though it make sue it won't survive to tell the tale. It shuts down your use of Mora's Agony, but it's good when you know the enemy is resistant to poison and needs to be shutdown (such as Draugr deathlords), as it takes them out of the fight, allows you to summon a beefy tank and sets them up to be stagger locked with the staff of Miraak while you think on another way to deal with them.

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    December 19, 2015
    Luck these are awesome! Keeping the Ring of Arcana is smart cuz ignite is so good. Combined with Slow Time AND Secret of Arcana that spell would shred just about anything except a Flame Atronach. Mora's Grasp is arguably much better than Mora's Agony depending on the situation. I like how you tied in his knowledge theme and brought the full havoc of Apocryoha with the second spell! I'll definitely add these in ASAP! Still enjoying the build? ;D