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    February 4, 2018

    Hmm, you need a Diblashuut? :D

    That's open to interpretation so you can't go wrong. Good candidates for a low level build could be Dismay or Disarm as they are slightly more passive and eschew violence, also carrying that illusion link that somehow has become associated with the goddess. I blame the Helm of the Crusader for that :D

    Another thought is Drain Vitality, maybe. The Word Wall inscriptions are quite thematic. Dibella is said to share certain areas of Arkay's sphere. Like, as a goddess of life's beauty, the undead are abhorrent to her. Life's beauty and energy can be broken down into the three attributes of Health, Magicka, and Stamina... and let's face it, she likes stamina!

  • February 4, 2018

    Hmm, I might have to research more on how Dibella is held in Nordic Society because honestly, I've only really got an Imperial view on her. It's pretty obvious she still has the same roles as a seducer or the erotic nature of people and of course the artistic nature of people but is there a more combative part of her Nordic nature? Something that changes her from the Imperial Goddess? Anyway, I think Disarm or Ice Form are my top two picks there at the moment...One represents her more passive nature while the other is the more artistic nature (what says art like statues made of Ice). 

    Yeah, I've started having some real trouble with the justification for the Shouts. Mara's the toughest to explain because my logic feels sound, but I'm basically taking the role of 'The Mother' as a leader of some sort, and justifying the use of Animal Allegiance. Dunno the more I think about it the more I think that it might work to give Kyne the Animal Allegiance Shout and then giving Mara something else...but I don't exactly have a justification for that.

    Now that I think about it, it's only Mara, Dibella and Alduin that I'm having trouble for...Eh, with Dibella mostly figured out I suppose I'll just figure out how much offence I want to add to the build and figuring out some things based around it.


    EDIT: I've decided to remove any DLC Shouts because those are really hard to get in 20 levels (and I'm already at Level 8). So no Drain Vitality even though I kinda like that for Dibella :P

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    February 4, 2018

    I honestly can't fault the ice aspect and interpretation. Indeed, am using frsotbreath myself as it just so Nordic :D I blame The Cleverman for that.

    Right, so the only thing that is maybe slightly esoteric is the connection Dibella has with souls and the dead. That's sort of the idea I ran with myself and given my character a Valkyrie vibe. To explain, Shor, Son of Shor says this:

    "Our chieftain loses heart," Dibella said, Bed-Wife of Shor, hefting another body onto the corpse pile some of us were making, "And so goes to the speak to one that has none anymore. Mirrors, indeed, and in that I see no logic."

    Of all those there, it is Dibella who is collecting the fallen. We know Kyne as the Kiss at the End and collects the souls of dead warriors and takes them to Sovngarde. I like to think she sends the moths to do this.

    Ancestor Moths have always had that connection to souls:

    The soul, I told him, has much in common with the moth—they are a symbolic pair. Though it is typical to think of it as the Aedric essence at the core of every mortal, I advised him to consider the soul in another light, scaled like the wings of the moth, and to imagine it comprised of vessels filled through the events of mortal existence. On release from life on Nirn, it is our belief that a kind of dissipation begins, and it is then that the moths learn the song of a soul’s fjyrons, which are shepherded under our care and protected generation after generation.

    So, combining those, Dibella is like a Valkyrie to Kyne's Freyja. If that helps at all in choosing a shout.

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    February 4, 2018
    Interestingly enough, in some IRL cultures, butterflies actually have a connection to souls and reincarnation
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    February 4, 2018

    Chris said: Interestingly enough, in some IRL cultures, butterflies actually have a connection to souls and reincarnation

    That makes it more awesome! The hidden aspect of Dibella, to me, is that she is the Nordic version of the Valkyrie. Queen Kyne goes out and brings her moth-sister to collect the fallen, Dibella listening to and capturing those soul's memories which the Moth Priests will use to decipher the Elder Scrolls.

    So i'd really enjoy seeing more on if there is a rl Norse connection in myth and folklore to butterflies. That would make it perfect.

  • February 4, 2018

    I have an idea for a paladin who has no actual weapon he just uses shield bashes faces in. I know I want to go into Illusion (bolstering allies), Block (bashes), Restoration (healing and end the lives of undead), Heavy armor (Juggernaut) and Enchanting (resist the elements) but I don't know what else to add. I'm thinking of putting in a small amount of One-Handed so I could use a weapon for tough enemies like dragons and trolls adn still have the ability. I'm also considering adding in some Alteration to increase my defenses. Anything would be helpful.

  • February 4, 2018

    Hmm, if you've got Block, Restoration and Heavy Armour already I'd almost consider Alteration to be a waste unless you're aiming specifically for Magic Resistance/Atronach, but then if you've got Enchanting (coupled with Elemental Protection) I don't even know if that's useful. I mean if you've already got everything covered that Alteration can do, I think it'd just be adding a heap of extra perks that don't add much. 

    Let's see... the build would have a natural synergy with Destruction just because Illusion + Fire + Necromage is a very potent anti-undead combination, but considering your running Sun Spells that's not really all that useful, more useful against non-undead enemies which might be a bit of a struggle for this character. Cloaks, in particular, would be very useful to add to the character. Smithing and Alchemy are obviously good choices but I think that you'd then have a bit too much crafting going on (which usually means too much grinding). But Smithing does boost the AR of your party and the damage of your follower, and Alchemy is useful for Fortify Marksman potions (which will boost Bash Damage). 

    Hmm, yeah I'd consider Destruction, Alchemy or Smithing to be the best skills to add to this character purely from a gameplay perspective. 

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    February 6, 2018

    Has anyone else played Sierra's old Quest for Glory series?


    Because I had a very interesting idea for a build: Bruno The Brigand; in fact, I am currently playing (and totally rocking) him in TES: OblIVion.


    Race / Sex - Imperial or Breton / Male.  Imperial works best - if you've ever played QFG, then you know Bruno was a white male of average height.


    Primary Skills:

      Blade (in the QFG series, he's known for throwing a poisoned dagger) - I know at least without modding there is no dagger throwing; I do not want to mod.

      Stealth (he prefers ambush tactics)

      Light Armor (He's light armored; eventually he will wear the Guildmaster armor)

      Marksman (as I said in Blade, he's knows for throwing a poisoned dagger - a poisoned arrow can equal that)

      Alchemy (he likes poisoning his weapons; what better way to get poisons than make your own?)

      Pickpocket (he makes poisons - the Poisoned perk is for him, too)


    His weapons: the best two daggers he can find, steal, buy, or make (The Razor of Mehrunes Dagon will be one of them) and a bow, and at least five or six poisons to place on his weapons.

    His fighitng style: if he can, sneak up close enough to his prey to hear him or her breathe, pick his or her pocket, removing the weapons, leave a poison (Poisoned perk from Pickpocketing tree), then strike the others with a combination arrows and poisoned daggers.


    His backstory: after the defeat of the Brigands of Spielburg (the ending of Quest for Glory I), Bruno left to try to gain support for a second gang of brigands; this one, he would lead.  He found Skyrim, and (trying) to join with Ulfric, he ended up captured at Darkwater Crossing with him, thus beginning the game.

  • February 6, 2018

    Haven't heard of this Quest for Glory series no. Not sure if I can say much about the idea without knowing about it but I guess the idea is that he's not exactly the nicest fellow, but the fighting style is definitely a fun one. How much of a focus are you going to have on pickpocketing poisons/close combat? Because really with this sort of layout it can be kind of difficult not to just fill everyone up with arrows (since it's the safest form of combat). 

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    February 7, 2018

    I am considering a character I am currently Role Playing in TES: Oblivion (and he is a fun RP.)

    Bruno the Brigand

    (If you've played Quest for Glory I, you know who he is!)

    Imperial, Male

    Primary skills:

    Blade (two daggers)

    Light Armor

    Marksman (in QFG I, he throws his poisoned dagger for a OHK; I do not want to mod)


    Pickpocket (poisoned)



    Backstory: after the events of Quest for Glory I, where Bruno and the rest of the Spielburg Brigands were disbanded when their leader's curse was disspelled, Bruno fled Spielburg to avoid capture.  En route to Silmaria (where his part ends), he found Tamriel, and having no "reputation" there, he tried to establish (and lead) a group of Brigands.

    Bruno keeps his daggers poisoned - it is his trademark way of fighting if he is forced to fight one-to-one; althought he prefers picking off his targets from the shadows with his bow.