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Profile: Hunts-The-Night

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    January 14, 2018

    I decided to make a character profile on my new (and first) ESO character. Like my Walks-In-Darkness profile expect this to change quite a bit except its because I'm getting new gear and such.


    Name: Hunts-The-Night

    Aliases: Ebonslayer

    Sex: Male

    Race: Argonian

    Class: Nightblade

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Age: 43



    Skin Tone: Black

    Height: 5'4"

    Weight: 170 lb

    Build: Slightly muscled and thin torso with large arms, hands, legs, and feet.

    Eyes: Dark blue eyes.

    Horns, Feathers, And Fins: 2 small horns on the back of his head with a row of black feathers between them.

    Scars: None.

    Tattoos: Faded markings of the Ebonheart Pact line his body from neck to foot. They lost their once gold sheen and are now a dull silver.

    Other Features: His black skin is soft and scaleless which helps him in stealth as there's no light reflecting off him. A rare trait for argonians.

    Weapons: Uses a straight edged, ebony sword he looted off an Akaviri commander in the Battle for Stonefalls that he carries on his left hip. On his right hip he carries an ebony Blade Of Woe dagger in a loose sheath, immediately within reach of his right hand whenever he needs it (note: I headcanon that every Dark Brotherhood initiate is given a personal Blade Of Woe instead of it being a unique, summonable weapon). On his back he carries a bow with arrows that cause small explosions when hitting their target, they're expensive to make so he summons normal arrows with Shadow Magic. He also carries a small, one handed crossbow with an automatic reloading mechanism replete with silver bolts on his back belt that he uses against undead and daedra.

    Apparel: White clothing, scarf, and open fingered gloves beneath a black leather breastplate, bracers, spaulders, tasset, leggings, and boots. The leather is reinforced with various iron buckles and plates and guards on the elbows and knees.



    Place Of Birth: Murkmire, Black Marsh.

    Family: Being born under the sign of the Shadow, he was given to the Shadowscales upon birth and thus never knew his family.

    Birthsign: The Shadow.

    Religion: Reveres Sithis.

    Affiliations: Ebonheart Pact, Dark Brotherhood.

    Tribe Of Origin: Kota-Vimleel or Black Tongues, master alchemists who are very loyal to the Shadowscales and even have potions that can influence female's egg-laying cycles to hatch under the Shadow constellation.

    Occupation: Assassin.

    Residence: A mud house on the outskirts of Stormhold in the Shadowfen.

    Training: He was trained by Shadowscales and various Shadowmancers for the first 20 years of his life.

    Other Skills: A master alchemist and craftsman, able to fletch bows, forge blades, stitch leather armor, and create potions and poisons with relative ease.

    Special Powers: He has been trained to call upon his Moonshadow.

    Magic: He has extremely powerful Shadow Magic such as invisibility, teleportation, siphoning, and shadow summoning clones and weapons. He is particularly fond of his three pronged shadow dagger that he uses mainly for stealth attacks and sometimes throws them.

    Combat Style: Typically employs a very underhanded style of fighting, using a large amount of invisibility to flick in and out of existence at will while slowly picking off his foes by targeting their weak points

    Flaws: Due to an emphasis on Shadow Magic during his training he has a disadvantage in fighting and traditional stealth compared to other Shadowscales. However, he is still dangerous in battle and is hghly experienced at exploiting weak points in combat if given the chance so he's not to be taken lightly by any means.

    Interests: Nothing is able to hold his interest for long, but he meditates whenever he gets the chance.

    Citizenship: Due to the war has full citizenship within Ebonheart Pact territories. He also has some friends in high places that can get him into territories of the other Alliances, so long as he promises not to cause any trouble.

    Personality: Is a Dark Brotherhood assassin and appears ruthless from a distance, but internally he wishes for an end to his involvement in the conflict and wants to settle down.


    Backstory: Hunts-The-Night was born inside Murkmire under the sign of the Shadow to the Kota-Vimleel clan, on birth he was given to the Shadowscales for training. At this moment in time Shadow Magic was a very new thing but very potent, to see how it performs the leaders of the Shadowscales selected a small group of the newborns, including Hunts-The-Night, and taught them mainly in Shadow Magic, as a result their normal stealth and combat talents were given less attention and they are far less dangerous when silenced or out of magicka, though they were still taught many combat tactics and weak points and can hold themselves strong in combat and are highly efficient in stealth. Out of the 50 initiates taught Shadow Magic, Hunts-The-Night was the only survivor. At the age of 20 he finished his training and was sent out to a Sanctuary in Morrowind.

    In 2E 572, the Shadowscale was out on a contract in Black Marsh to assassinate a commander of the Archein, a group of Argonians who sell others of their kind as slaves to the Dunmer. He tracked his target to Thorn where he saw a young Argonian female slave by the name of Heita-Meen challenge the commander. Knowing such a frail thing couldn't defeat a battle hardened warrior he silently used his Shadow Magic to strengthen her and give her the strength to defeat the commander. After the combat she ordered the army to make way to Stonefalls to fight off the attacking Akaviri army. He joined Heita-Meen and her army and aided the Dunmer and Nords at pushing back the Akaviri invasion in Stonefalls. While they were distracting the Akaviri army he went deep within enemy lines and assassinated all of the Akaviri commanders, putting the superior army into a state of disarray and giving the allied armies of Dunmer, Argonians, and Nords a crushing victory against them.

    Over the coming battles he would achieve many victories for the Pact through use of Shadow Magic, sneaking behind enemy lines and creating discord among the enemy armies. When the Akaviri were driven out of Tamriel he was assigned the title of "Ebonheart Pact's Slayer", or Ebonslayer for short, but went into hiding for a bit.

    When the Alliance Wars started years later he was called upon once more and put back up to his old tactics, going deep into enemy territory and assassinating key targets. He was never on the battlefield until years through the wars when the Planemeld began, he was immediately on the front lines, flicking in and out of existence in a flash and killing what seemed like infinite amounts of Daedra. Eventually though, he had run out of magicka and was quickly overrun by the hordes he had previously been all but hidden from. He was incapacitated by Dremora and delivered to Mannimarco who took his powerful soul and sacrificed it to Molag Bal. The old hero of the Pact wouldn't be seen for 6 months until his unconscious and near-dead body washed upon the shores of Bleakrock Island.

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    January 14, 2018

    I must have started a domino effect; everyone's posting up their argonian profiles! I won't complain.

    I like your conception of a spellsword here. Often I find (and maybe this is thanks to Oblivion), people tend to look at them as stealthy spellswords. Ebonslayer seems like a true assassin. 

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    January 14, 2018

    Delidas said:

    I must have started a domino effect; everyone's posting up their argonian profiles! I won't complain.

    I never actually seen your Vara-Sei profile until after I posted Walks-In-Darkness so it's not that in my case.

    Delidas said:

    I like your conception of a spellsword here. Often I find (and maybe this is thanks to Oblivion), people tend to look at them as stealthy spellswords. Ebonslayer seems like a true assassin. 

    That was sorta the idea, yeah. I envision him as the ultimate assassin, unrivaled in the art of stealth and able to do it even in combat or on a chaotic battlefield due to his abilities. The same isn't true with my previous Walks-In-Darkness profile though, he's just a stealthy spellsword.

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    January 15, 2018

    Like I said on your Walks-In-Darkness profile, I do likethe idea of a profile that grows over time. It's like watching a backstory in motion.

    This is a really cool character, Ebon. The fact that his greatest strength is also his greatest weakness (ie Shadow Magic and his reliance on it) is a really cool trope that I know from experience is hard to work into a character organically. And I also can't complain about more Argonian profiles being posted!

    Oh, and something that seems to have slipped my mind. Can you change both Walks and this to just 'Profile: _' instead of 'Character Profile: _' please? Just to make everything nice and neat.

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    January 28, 2019

    Changed some of the personality, backstory, and alignment of this profile to suit my current vision of him. Similar changes to Hides-In-Shadow and Walks-In-Darkness will soon follow.