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Role Playing Background Questions List

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    May 18, 2015

    Disclaimer: This is an article of our former member, renown Loremaster Vix, acknowledged by Bethesda themselves. It ended up being deleted and I'm merely reposting it. Thanks to Adam for backing it up.

    Role Playing Background Question List


    • Race:
    • Gender:
    • Age:


    • Where did they live?
    • If non-native, how did they get to Skyrim?
    • Why are they there?
    • How do they feel about the current status quo in Skyrim?
    • What social class was their family? How did they feel about that?
    • What do they think about their family?
    • What did their family do for a living?
    • What kind of parents/guardians did they have? Were there any specific traditions or rules?
    • Was their upbringing traditional, progressive, or fringe compared to their community?
    • What kind of education did they receive?
    • What is their patron god/gods? What role have they played in the character's life?
    • What do they think of the: Aedra? Daedra? Other racial pantheons?
    • What do they hate most of all? Why?
    • What do they want most of all? What are they willing to do to obtain that?
    • Any notable quirks, ticks, or habits (think of at least 1 for each)?
    • What do they fear (think of 1 fear or justify no fears)? What are they willing to do to avoid that?
    • What do they think of sacred places (IE crypts, shrines, temples, etc)?
    • What is the hardest thing they've ever had to do? How did it affect them?
    • What is the best moment of their life so far? Worst? How did that affect them?
    • Choose 5 words to best describe your character's personality.


    • How do they feel about: government in general?  The Emperor?  The Thalmor?  The Jarls?
    • How do they feel about religion? Do they respect foreign customs?
    • What do they think of: Superiors?  Authority figures?  Laws?  Groups?  People in General?
    • Are they introverted (quiet and reflective) or extroverted (loud and opinionated)?
    • Are they independent or group oriented?
    • Do they take orders well?
    • Can they put aside their desires/ideals for others?
    • Do they feel like others are trying to use them for their own advantage?
    • Do they view animals as better companions than people?
    • What do they think of other races? (For each race answer why they think this way) Could they cooperate with them?

    Complete the following sentences:

    • I pledge allegiance to ...
    • The last thing in the world I'd want is ...
    • I'll rest easy when ...


    • What are their views on killing?
    • Have they killed before? Who was the first person they killed? How and why?
    • How easily are they angered? 
    • Are they vindictive?
    • Can they control their passions or are they self indulgent?
    • What weapons are their familiar with? How did they learn to use them?
    • What role does honor play in combat?
    • Do they have any creeds, standards, or codes they're compelled to follow?
    • Will they use force to take what they want? If so, even if it belongs to someone who hasn't wronged them?
    • Is torture acceptable?
    • Is mind control/possession acceptable?
    • Is pillaging acceptable?
    • Are poisons an acceptable tool?
    • Would they accept an opponent's yield? If yes, even one from a dishonorable opponent?
    • Would they kill someone defenseless? If no, even if directly ordered by a god/superior?
    • What environment are they most comfortable fighting in?
    • Have they had any training/experience fighting Daedra, undead, werewolves, or anything of that nature?
    • Do they have a most hated foe (specific individuals, groups, races, Daedra, Undead, etc)?

    Archetype Questions

    Mage questions:

    • How old were they when they first displayed magical talent?
    • How did they discover it?
    • What did others think when they displayed magical talent?
    • Is magic an emotion or is it a talent?
    • Did they have a patron/master? If so, what was their patron's area of specialty? What happened to them?
    • Do they enchant? For whom? For what purpose? Do they have any naming conventions for their wares?
    • What do they think of organizations (mages guild, college of winterhold, Synod, noble collectors, etc)?
    • How do they feel about consorting with Daedra or the Undead?
    • Do they have an interest in the pursuit of knowledge? If so, how far will they go for that pursuit?

    Complete the following sentences:

    • Books are good for ....
    • Physical weapons are ....
    • I learn by ....

    Warrior Questions:

    • Who was their tutor?
    • What is their favorite weapon?
    • Was it formal or informal instruction with a weapon?
    • What styles of fighting are they adept in (attack, defense, or particular martial style)?
    • Do they have any formal military training (IE military, paramilitary, or guilds)?
    • Was equestrianism (riding) taught to them?
    • Do they make their own weapons/armor? If so, how did they learn it and why?
    • Do they fight for money? Glory? Honor? Recognition? Because they're told? Because they have to?
    • Are they calm tactical soldier, or emotional warriors?
    • What's the worst fight they've been in so far? How did it affect them? 

    Complete the following sentences:

    • The best defense is ...
    • The best offense is ...
    • He who runs away ...

    Rogue Questions:

    • How did they find their talents?
    • What role does theft play for them?
    • Will they kill an unwary opponent?
    • Are they an opportunist or do they plan everything out?
    • Do they use magic/deception? How or from who did they learn it?
    • Have they ever been in prison? If so, how did it affect them?
    • Do they have any contacts?
    • How do they feel about: other thieves? Organized guilds? Rules of any sort?
    • Do they do freelance work or do they have a patron/organization?
    • What was their biggest 'job'?

    Complete the following sentences:

    • When in doubt ...
    • Thank heavens I always carry a ...
    •  My greatest advantage is ...
  • May 30, 2015
    Wow. This is Awesome! This didn't-Doesn't get enough Credit! It saved my character from being deleted!
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    May 30, 2015

    Thats pretty cool!

    But what do you suggest if one uses a hybrid-character? (The Archetype Questions)

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    May 30, 2015

    Fill out both 

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    November 7, 2015

    This is helpful Now I can post it right.

  • March 7, 2016

    Going to use this to help structure my character out. I've been looking for something like this to help myself emerge into the role-playing world of Elder Scrolls (though I'm not new entirely to roleplay).

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  • April 5, 2016

    Ahhh even if you have a fear of death?