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Profile: Hides-In-Shadow - Redone

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    April 30, 2021

    Finally, the "updated" version of my Oblivion character: the first I built back when I played Nightblades, but the last I shall create as a Sorcerer. If you wish, you can see the old profile here. Also, let me know if I accidentally say "he" anywhere in here referring to Hides, I'm not used to writing female characters.

    [Image Not Here Yet, Maybe Not Ever (I suck with Oblivion's character creation)]


    Name: Hides-In-Shadow

    Sex: Female

    Race: Argonian

    Class: Sorcerer

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Age: 32



    Skin Tone: Black with orange markings.

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 145 lb

    Build: Very well muscled for a mage, but far from a behemoth of mass.

    Eyes: Dark blue

    Horns, Feathers, And Fins: Has a crown of spikes circling the back and sides of her head.

    Weapons: A Destruction staff, preferrably of a hard wood or metal so she can thwack someone with it.

    Apparel: Wears heavy armor accompanied by a hood to help conceal her identity.



    Place Of Birth: Deshaan, Morrowind

    Family: Her mother and father are nobles in Southern Morrowind: the mother a self proclaimed elite mage called a "Sorcerer" and a direct blood descendant of heroes past, and the father a member of House Telvanni with a lineage tracing back to the first Argonian Telvanni Magister.

    Birthsign: The Serpent

    Religion: In her travels she has seen many pantheons, but follows none.

    Affiliations: House Telvanni

    Occupation: Mercenary

    Residence: None, as she cannot stay in one place too long.

    Training: She received little formal magic training from her parents, instead relying on the raw power in her bloodline and self taught skills to survive.

    Other Skills: While working as a bodyguard for a group of Khajiit merchants in High Rock, she did pick up a few tricks on the fine art of bartering, as well as a nose for narcotics.

    Special Powers: Being born under the sign of the Serpent, she has the ability to draw power from Doomstones, temporarily gaining a weakened version of the traits someone born under that birthsign would normally have.

    Magic: While her raw magical potential is incredible, her control over it is minimal due to being a hedge mage, and as such she can only conjure the most basic of magical effects. Her main areas of interest are in Destruction, Restoration, and Alteration, with a bit of Conjuration on the side even if she can only reliably bind lesser Daedra. Mysticism eludes her almost entirely and she has a great distaste for illusion magic.

    Combat Style: The definition of a front line fighter, but instead of using blades she prefers magic and a smack upside the head from a piece of carved hickory. Due to her lack of magical knowledge, she tends to treat her magic as more of a hammer than a scalpel, overloading her opponents with a magical barrage or placing a physical barrier between her and enemy attacks.

    Flaws: Due to having not received a full education, she's not very intelligent. She's very wise, but not smart.

    Likes: Fighting. There's a reason she chose to be a mercenary when there's many other choices out there. The thrill of a life or death struggle excites her.

    Dislikes: A lack of personal freedom. Being told what to do with no choice in the matter has always angered her. This includes illusion magic due to it forcing people to do things against their will.

    Personality: While she has a good heart and is easy to get along with, she doesn't exactly abide by a civilization's laws. She's more than happy to do whatever she damn well pleases at any given point, and anyone who doesn't like it can piss off. She is also rather blunt, and will speak her mind without sugarcoating it.


    Backstory: When Hides' parents created a child it wasn't out of love, but of selfishness. They both had a great deal of magic in their bloodlines, and sought to combine their lineage into something greater. Hides was the product of this union, and it bore down heavily on her as the years went on. She felt weighed down by their need for her to be powerful, to not squander their "gifts to her". She was not opposed to magic, but didn't want the pressure they put on her. She became rebellious, defying their orders and sneaking out of their mushroom tower.

    One day she saw one of the slaves getting whipped by her mother, and she likened herself to the poor being: removed of any personal freedom to be someone's pawn and plaything, your wants do not matter before those of your master's. That realization made up her mind. Under the cover of night, she freed all of the slaves and led them across the border into the Black Marsh. Her parents sent hunters to capture them alive, but all were cut down by the young girl's powerful magical capabilities; the first time she had thanked her parents for their "gifts".

    After a dozen or so of these troops being slain, they managed to capture one. The hunter said that the slaves could go free, they weren't important: their client wanted their daughter back. In response, the young girl killed the mercenary, took her armor, and sent the other Argonians deeper into the marsh. Afterwards she took a boat to High Rock and started her new life as a mercenary.

    For the next two decades, she would evade her family's troops when she could, kill them if they did find her, and jump provinces if needed. One day, on an odd job in Cyrodiil, she was confronted; not by hunters, but her parents. They gave her an ultimatum: come home or they would make her. Once more, the false choices they gave threw her into a rage. She launched an assault, their defenses were worn down, and they were killed by their own flesh and blood, with the very "gifts" they had left her with.

    Before long, she was found and arrested by the Imperial Guards for murder and set to be executed. It has been 7 months since then, and she languished in her cell, waiting for an execution that would never come: fate had other plans, and she had no choice.