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Profile: Hunts-The-Night - Redone

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    April 23, 2021

    This is the new version of my ESO character, Hunts-The-Night. You can see my post for my previous Walks-In-Darkness change here, or the original Nightblade version of Hunts-The-Night here. My Oblivion character, Hides-In-Shadows, will follow shortly.

    [Image Coming Sometime]


    Name: Hunts-The-Night

    Sex: Male

    Race: Argonian

    Class: Sorcerer

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Age: 27



    Skin Tone: Black

    Height: 6'3"

    Weight: 210 lb

    Build: Very bulky for an Argonian.

    Eyes: Dark blue

    Horns, Feathers, And Fins: Two small horns on the back of his head with a row of black feathers between them.

    Weapons: Uses a Destruction staff with a spearhead attached, allowing him to both channel spells through it and defend himself in melee combat.

    Apparel: Wears Dunmer-crafted heavy armor, primarily because he was forced to for most of his life.



    Place Of Birth: Tel Garen, Vvardenfell

    Family: They abandoned him when he was a child, and their current fates are unknown.

    Birthsign: The Serpent

    Religion: Worships the living gods of the Tribunal temple.

    Affiliations: House Telvanni (Unofficially)

    Occupation: Apprentice

    Residence: A Telvanni mushroom tower in Vvardenfell called Tel Galen.

    Training: Being apprenticed to a Telvanni wizard for almost half of his life, alongside his natural talent, he is a very powerful spellcaster. His time as a "bodyguard" has also allowed him to use heavy armor efficiently, and provided him with no small skill using a spear.

    Other Skills: Serving under a Telvanni wizard, especially one on the road, means you have to have at least a passable skill in cooking. Hunts' skills are very refined from his entire life being served under one such wizard.

    Special Powers: Being born under the sign of the Serpent, he has the ability to draw power from Doomstones, temporarily gaining a weakened version of the traits someone born under that birthsign would normally have.

    Magic: To keep with the times, his primary school of focus was Lightning destruction magic. However, he also has great knowledge of Daedra summoning and curses, and basic knowledge of a few healing techiques.

    Combat Style: His armor and spear isn't just for show. He tends to be close to the melee whenever possible, but is more than happy to bombard enemies from afar and let them come to him. He's also very mobile for a heavy armor user, actively attempting to avoid attacks instead of shrug them off.

    Flaws: Unfortunately, due to not being properly trained in armored spellcasting, heavy armor does decrease his efficiency with magic. It makes it more difficult for magic to enter and leave his body, ultimately impacting both his ability to replenish his depleted magicka stores and the power of his spells.

    Likes: Advancing his skills. Whether it be with magic, armor, or weaponry, he seeks to better himself to the point of perfection, and if needed will push past perfection.

    Dislikes: He greatly dislikes wasted potential. Slavery is artificially limiting someone's potential, and as such should cease to exist, but the one thing he hates more than that is wasting your own potential: drinking your life away or otherwise doing nothing to advance your own self worth is the greatest crime in his eyes.

    Personality: Being one of the Telvanni naturally comes with a few... quirks; one of them is an incredible ego. However, instead of actively disliking those below him like others of the house, he instead shows pity towards them. He's also a naturally curious individual, often engaging in events or tasks that are not in any way his business, just to see what happens.


    Backstory: Hunts was born a slave to a low ranking Telvanni wizard occupying the now abandoned Tel Garen. At a young age, Hunts accidentally killed one of the guar he was tending to with a lightning spell. His master was initially furious, but it turned to curiousity upon realizing a kid barely up to his waist could, without components or preparation, conjure a spell powerful enough to kill a guar outright. Instead of punishing the boy, the wizard gave the boy's parents an offer: allow the kid to train under him, and they would be free from the life of servitude but have a memory charm placed on them that would erase all memories of the present back to before Hunts was conceived. If the Magisters knew he was taking an Argonian slave as his apprentice, he'd likely be kicked out of the house entirely. Reluctantly, the parents agreed, and mysteriously woke up in the wilderness of mainland Morrowind with plenty of supplies, their last memories working a plantation 9 years ago, as the boy started his new life.

    For the next two decades, the master tapped into his new apprentice's potential as much as he could, training the boy in the magical arts and conducting experiments if required. However, he needed to keep the young Argonian a secret. For the first few years he was restricted to the tower, not being allowed to leave no matter the circumstances, and to hide if anyone but his master or the steward entered. At the age of 14 he was deemed large enough to be mistaken for an adult due to his natural height, and his master demanded he wear a set of Telvanni steel armor and wield a staff resembling a spear wherever they went, posing as a bodyguard.

    On one of their trips to a nearby Dwemer ruin, the group was set upon by an object falling out of the sky: an anchor. When it hit the ground, a variety of Daedra spilled out. Despite the combined magical talents of master and apprentice, they could not hold out against the tide alone, and were overwhelmed. Their last memories are of waking up in a prison and being led to an altar in anti-magic shackles, and the face of Molag Bal being etched into their minds as a dagger plunged into their hearts.