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Profile: Spèir

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    March 4, 2019

    This is my Character Crusade Unbound Roleplay Workshop character and as such has a different profile format from my other characters.

    • Age: 31

    • Sex/Gender: Male

    • Class: Unarmed Monk/Thuum-Based

    • Race: Nord

    • Name Origins: Gaelic meaning Sky

    Design Information

    • Appearance

      • Hair: Blond.  Mid-back length with braids he’s quite proud of.  

      • Eyes: Blue with hints of light purple and gray.

      • Skin: Sunkissed.  Not scars as of yet but face & body covered in blue woading.  

    • Timeline

      • 170 4E - Born

      • 185 4E - Summoned to High Hrothgar

      • 201 4E - Fights first dragon

    • Starting Equipment:

      • Greybeard Talos Robes & Shoes (Thunderchild)

      • Letho Gloves (Divine Elegance), Furset Boots - Bear (Fur Armor Set), Light Armored Expert Robes (Armored Mage Robes), Leather Headband (KD Circlets Redone), Rugged Fur Cloak (?)

      • Skaal Amulet, Ebony Rings 2 Left Ear (Pierced Ears)

    • Starting Location: Ivarstead, across the bridge at the bottom of the 7000 steps, getting ready to begin one of the Seven Trials of Faith.

    • Spells/Powers/Shouts: Oakflesh, Unrelenting Force, First Word of Whirlwind Sprint, Enhanced Unarmed Damage, other shouts both vanilla and from Thunderchild



    Spèir was found as an infant on a ship at the docks of Windhelm with nothing but a beaded amulet.  He spent the first 15 years of his life in the Honorhall Orphanage and wasn’t even given a name. Eventually, he was summoned by the Greybeards to begin studying under them like Ulfric Stormcloak had just 15 years prior.  At first Grelod the Kind refused to allow him to answer the summons but she was ordered by the Jarl of Riften to allow it. The young Nord spent the next 16 years learning The Way of the Voice in High Hrothgar. He learned Words rather quickly and never really needed to meditate but was made to do so anyway despite his protests.  He gave his masters a fair bit of grief with his impatient behaviour and desires, stubbornly demanding the monks let him do more than just meditate, read and listen all day, everyday.  Eventually he was given the Seven Trials of Faith to try and curtail his ambition and restlessness as well as teach him the importance of faith. One of these tasks was to carry a statue from the bottom of the 7000 Steps to the top and one day while beginning it, a dragon attacked Ivarstead.  Initially struck by fear, Spèir eventually jumped in to action, using his knowledge of Words of Power and the dragon language to get the dragon to follow him out of the town. He got far enough away that he was the only focus the dragon had and despite the panic he experienced, he fought the dragon using its own language against it.  He managed to kill the beast and after absorbing its soul, the Greybeards summoned him back to the monastery a second time as they realized and he would soon come to learn, he was Dragonborn.

    His entire profile is on a google doc but I purposely didn't write much of his backstory or anything as I focused more on his current story for the workshop.  That story is also on the google doc both as an ongoing poetic ballad as well as a more traditional narrative.  I would post it here but the poem itself is already very long and I feel like it'd just be a tl;dr post for most people if I did so.  If anyone is interested in reading it, however, I've included the link down below.

    Spèir's Google Doc

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    March 4, 2019
    Nice! Really liked the poem in your doc, too :)