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Necronomicon Vol. 5: Grave Digging

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  • May 18, 2016

    ***SPOILER WARNING*** This entry details specific NPC's from the game and may reveal quest and story information.  Read at your own risk.

    Hello everyone and welcome back!  Those of you who are new to this series please go check out the Prologue for links to all of the previous discussions.  Last time we delved into the Dead Thrall spell and really pulled it apart to figure out how to make the best undead follower possible.  Today I’m going to further that discussion by exploring some of the unique individuals that can be made into powerful undead servants like.   So go get your shovels and start digging!

    When I say unique individuals I mean NPC’s that have special powers or stats that are not found elsewhere in the game.  For instance there is a particular NPC that has an excess of health who can make a very valuable meat shield.  Like always when considering a thrall target you need to consider their level cap, ideally you don’t want a thrall that caps at anything over 40 or has no level cap at all.  Of course this only matters if you yourself plan on leveling your character that far.

    Below I’ve listed some of my favorite unique thrall targets.  This is not an exhaustive list and if there is a favorite thrall of yours that I missed please leave a comment and let me know.  I’ve organized the following list into two groups one for mages and another for tanks, there aren’t any unique archer types that I know of.


    Uthgerd the Unbroken level cap 30:  Probably the best early game meat shield you can get.  She is already equipped with a respectable suit of armor.  Despite the greatsword she carries Uthgerd is actually better at the sword and board so I suggest you give her a one-handed weapon and shield to make the most of her skill set while also making her a bit more survivable.

    Umana level cap 30:  Umana is very similar to Uthgerd, they share the same skill set and even the same armor.  However Umana has boost to her health making her slightly more survivable and she carries the Targe of the Blooded.  However acquiring Umana can be a bit of a chore, she is found at the last area of the Alftand ruins.

    Chief Yamarz level cap 20:  Despite his very low level cap the Chief has the most health of any comparable thrall target in the game, over 1000!  Complete the requisite quest for the Cursed Tribe and after slaying Yamarz you can reanimate him as the meatiest meat shield in Skyrim.  Also he comes equipped with a suit of orcish armor.

    ***There is a small bug when it comes to reanimating Yamarz.  On occasion he will actually be raised with very little (as in one hit kill) health.  It is good practice to punch him once every time you raise him from the dead, if he is affected by this bug then one punch will kill him.  Just raising him again has always fixed the problem for me. ***


    Wyndelius Gatharian level cap 25:  This one is more of an aesthetic choice.  While useful in the early parts of a play-thru he will start to show is age later on since his level caps at 25.  However Wyndelius is unique because when reanimated he will assume his phantom form.  So for those of you who want a ghost thrall grab this guy.

    Malkoran level cap 40:  One of the most unique thralls available in the game.  When Malkoran dies a black shade springs from his remains and goes on a magic rampage.  The interesting thing is that Malkoran retains this ability as a thrall.  So, not only do you get a powerful ice mage but whenever he is slain you get a powerful shade.  Be forewarned, the shade attacks everyone even you.  A nice little bonus is that the shade drops 250 septims every time you kill it.

    Orchendor level cap 40:  This guy is awesome period, if you haven’t thralled this guy yet go get him.  He is a powerful destruction mage using all of the elements, he readily heals himself letting you focus on keeping your other thrall intact, he has the afflicted’s vomit attack, and he teleports!  If all that wasn’t enough he is also immune to magic!

    Arondil level cap 40:  You may be thinking after the above mages what’s so special about this little creeper from Yngvild.  Arondil is simply a necromancer, which are a dime a dozen in Skyrim I know.  However, what makes this guy unique is the fact that his corpse is permanent and won’t disappear, ever.


    Ulfric Stormcloak level cap 50:  Besides being Jarl of Windhelm there is little in the way of stats or skills that set Ulfric apart, he isn’t even wearing armor.  What he does have is access to the thu’um which he will use in battle even as a thrall (Unrelenting Force and Disarm).  He also wears some of the best looking robes in the game; their dark appearance makes them quite fitting for a necromancer.  Note that Ulfric will eventually level out of Dead Thrall range.


    This list is purely for aesthetics the corpses listed below have no real combat value but they make for a nice immersive and dreadful look for your necromancers lair.

    Susanna the Wicked:  Her corpse will be available as soon as you start the quest Blood on the Ice.  The corpse is unique in appearance since it’s been hacked up by the butcher.  While only level one with no redeeming martial skills her corpse is inherently permanent.

    Sacrifice:  Simply called Sacrifice this corpse can be found on the Altar of Thrond in Solstheim and is unique in appearance.  She has been slashed up by the resident hags and offered as a sacrifice to presumably Hircine.  Like Susanna this corpse is also permanent.

    Astrid:  At the end of the quest Death Incarnate a burned up Astrid will request that you kill her, oblige and then raise yourself a nice crispy thrall.  This Astrid lacks all of the others martial prowess and only redeeming quality is looking like a genuine zombie.

    Well that’s it for today.  Thank you all for indulging my need to make lists and I hope that this list has given you some direction in what to look for when choosing your thralls.  If you know of a thrall that I missed please leave a comment detailing who they are and what makes them special.  Now that we have our unique snowflake of a zombie it’s time to discuss how to keep them.  An inherent challenge to thralls is keeping them around when not in use since the corpses aren’t permanent.  Next time I will discuss how to make corpses permanent enabling you to stock pile all your favorites.

    Until then, I’ll be portside in Coldharbor,



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    May 18, 2016
    Nice guide, vargr
  • Member
    May 18, 2016
    I didn't know you can raise this version of Astrid. Great xD.
    (Maybe put a spoiler warning shortly before said paragraph, or change the text so that it isn't clear what happens to her, because some people [like Thorien] havn't played through this questline yet).
  • May 18, 2016

    Thanks Relycs.  You have a good point I forget that some people may still be new to certain parts of the game. 

    I added a warning at the top of the page.

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    May 18, 2016


    I never knew Malkoran and Orchendor had those qualities as thralls.  Thanks so much for putting this together in such an informative and engaging way! 

  • May 18, 2016

    Yes, I have used Orchendor. Holy shit, he was almost too much. I just sat back and watched that one work. 

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    May 23, 2016

    Another fine page in this book  That top image is hella creepy, I love it!

  • May 26, 2016

    Oh, Yamarz is that good, huh? Ha! Eat that, you tusker! You are more useful in death than in life!