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Daedra Voices and Text Colors

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  • September 7, 2020

    Daedra Voices and Text Colors


    I know this has been probably beaten to death on this group, I know Sotek had previously brought this up but what text color should I use when Hircine, Shoegorath and Molag Bal speak? I do not want to keep rolling with the same boring black bolded font. I know daedra are meant to be powerful beings and I want to reflect that as well as their feelings, my question is how should I do it?

    I know that Hircine's color is white, but if I use that among a white background, it would be hard to read. Molag Bal"s vocal text, I feel should be Dark gray, Dark blue or even Purple. I also feel Sheogorath should be either pink, gray or dark yellow. I know their spheres  should influence the vocal text I use.

    For instance, Hircine's shperes is the hunt and as such, I feel his colors should have an earthy tone such as brown, bright green or forest green. Molag Bal's sphere is Rape, Corruption and Domination so his text should reflect his sphere, like maybe a text the same color as his realm. Last, but certainly not least, we have Sheogorath, prince of madness, cheese and unpredictability. 

    I feel his text should reflect his utterly unpredictable personality and, of course his realm, which is, by very defintion, is an extension of his warped mind and how it is split into different personalities of the mind, both of which are as twisted as he is. 

    These are my thoughts on the matter, I would like to know yours. What color do you think these daedric lords' vocal texts should be? Do you think their voices should be italicized, bolded or normal unformated text based on their emotion? Happy, sad, angry, etc? 

    Please leave your comments down below, thoughts and/or constructive criticism only please.

  • September 7, 2020

    I think when writing, you should be as visually clear as possible to your readers. I, for one, would struggle with different fonts or text colors, not because I wouldn't appreciate what you're going for, but because I suffer from rather severe eye strain. I even struggle with long stretches of italicized writing or bold writing or caps, or if the font is too small or too big. Adding color to that would just compound it and some colors are very bothersome against a white background, which is what most blogs tend to be. I'm already dreading seeing a bright green letters against white. Also, color perception is subjective and some people are even color blind, so they wouldn't notice it anyway. This site is already a PITA for formatting, why add to that?

    What can be done instead? Because I do see the value of making the princes standout and I write them a great deal in Straag and my collaborations with Karver. Unfortunately, and you're completely free to disagree with me, I think if you're using font color to make a Daedric prince "great" or "stand out" in your writing, you're not really doing your job as a writer. You're relying on color to convey your point. Instead, rely on description, their dialogue, their thoughts, their stories, their action, people's reactions to them, etc. That's what you should be focusing on, not what color they should be in a font. Sorry, I hope you don't find this too harsh, it's not my intention.

  • September 7, 2020

    No, I don't think it's too harsh Lissette. I will instead stick with black, bolded font for their voices. I appreciate you replying and sharing with me your thoughts. I try to not rely on dialogue and instead focus more on prince description, backstories and how to convey them with the populace of Tamriel. Most notably, their devotees.I do write stories on a white background so it would be even much unneeded eye strain even for me. I settle on a white background because I tried to messed around with the blog style to change the background, but I am no good at coding so I settled on a white background. This post was more a concept as I will not want to cause anyone unneeded eye strain. 

    Check my story so you can see for yourself that I have ample daedric prince description in it. The story is not dialogue focused by any stretch of the imagination. My story is Call of the Wolf if you are interested. I only have the first backstory finished and I am on chapter forty three on the main story. Feel free to drop by, read my story and maybe drop a few comments.