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Character Build: King of the Snakemen

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    June 5, 2018

    This is the first part of my three part Akaviri build series. This build tells the story of Tsun Kai and his rise to power as the emperor of the tsaesci. This build also tells his side of what happened in the great war.

    Race: Argonian

    Stats: 1/2/0 

    Standing Stone: The Lord

    Armor Dragonscale Armor, Spellbreaker

    Spells: Summon Arvak Oak/Iron/Ebony/Dragon Flesh, Paralyze, Equibrium, Conjure Wrathmen, Frenzy, Fire Cloak  

    Shouts: Become Ethereal, Dragon Aspect, Dragonrend, Fire Breath, Bend Will, Slow Time

    Weapons: Balor's Oathblade, Harkon's Sword. Chillrend

    Major Skills: One Handed, Smithing, Heavy Armor

    Minor Skills: Alteration, Conjuration

    in 1E 1912, Tsun Kai was born to a poor family in a tsaesci village off of the continent of Akavir. His father fought for the tsaesci army in order to feed his family that are as far from well-to-do as you can possibly get.  Tsun was playing in the small front yard of the small thatched hut when he saw his father sprinting home as fast as he could go, his son noticed that his father wore an expression of fear on his face. "What's wrong Father?" Tsun asked. His father turned to his son "Tsun, now is not the time for questions!" "But Fath-" Tsun began, but his father was already inside the little hut. Tsun pressed his ear to the mud smeared window and overheard his father telling his mother that the emperor's soldiers would soon be here from Cyrodiil.

    "Why would they come here? We have done nothing wrong." Asked Tsun's mother. A panicked expression was clearly visible from where Tsun was spying. Moments later, A series of loud bangs could be heard on the hut door. The soldiers broke it down with extreme force. In strode a well built imperial man doned in the armor of his homeland. "Ming Xiao Fin, you are under arrest for the unlawful construction of a homestead without consent of the imperial legion."

    "Officer, I can explain" Tsun's father began, but the guard was not willing to hear excuses. "Cuff him!" He yelled. A guard walked over to Ming and started to put iron handcuffs on Ming's wrists. Tsun slithered inside the hut and saw the gaurds handcuffing his father. Tsun reacted quikly, taking dirt from the hut floor and fliung it into the guard's eyes. Ming swiftly broke free of the handcuffs and started to slither as fast as he could, he made it as far as the garden when a steel arrow was shot into Ming's back. He fell with a thud onto the stone pathway that seperated the house and garden. 

    "Father!" Tsun yelled. His mother was in disbelief of what had just happened. She ran to her deceased husband, his golden scales speckled with blood. A second arrow embedded itself into her back and she fell across her husband's body. Tsun broke down and cried for the loss of his parents. A guard in the house with Tsun readied another arrow. "Stop!" Reman yelled. Reman had just walked into the hut, wearing the emperor's robes, "Spare him, he is not worth it." Reman and the guards returned to Cyrodiil

    Eighteen years had passed since that horrific scene unfolded, Tsun, now full grown, went to Cyrodiil to kill Reman III for slaughtering his family in cold blood. The journey took two days, but Tsun finally reached Cyrodiil. A guard that was scanning the harbor for trouble spotted an akaviri warship with black sails emblazed with the gold dragon of Akavir coming straight for him. He ran as fast as he could to the Imperial Palace. Once inside the throne room, he spoke "Sire, There is an Akaviri warship heading this way with twenty tsaesci soldiers onboard." Reman was told to round up as many men that could be spared and head out the palace gates to meet the tsaesci threat.

    The warship ran aground to the left side of the waterfront district's lighthouse. The tsaesci soldiers got out and advanced towards Green Emperor Way, where fully armed and armored soldiers would be waiting. When they got there, they saw seventeen imperial soldiers along with reman guarding the palace. Tsung ordered them to stand aside, they refused. He asked again, same result. Tsun and his golden scale army readied for an attack. The tsaesci spread out and left Tsun with Reman. 

    The Soldiers lay dead after the snakemen's attack. That only left Reman to go toe to toe with Tsun. Tsun rushed at Reman, his sword raised, but Reman dodged this attack. Reman and Tsun locked swords, neither one giving an inch. Tsun transformed into an orange dragon with black stripes, a long tail, razor sharp spines on his back and huge white horns that protruded out of his head. Tsun grabbed Reman in his talons and flung him against one of the gravestones in the palace area. Reman got up and made a run for it. Reman took the first boat out of the waterfront district and rowed to Skyrim where he thought he would be safe.

    Tsun, enraged by the emperor's escape, flew to Skyrim in pursuit of the emperor. Upon arrival in a strange land, he found himself on top of The Throat of the World, the highest mountain in Skyrim. Tsun lead out a roar of displeasure, a large patch of tightly packed snow dislodged itself from the top of the mountain and headed in Tsun’s direction. A loud sound was heard coming from the top of the mountain, Tsun unable to defend himself from the sudden onslaught of snow was overwhelmed. Rain pelted the mountain and the patch of snow in which Tsun was contained turned to ice, freezing him solid. Tsun awoke one thousand, seven hundred and eleven years later to find that Skyrim had changed. Reman was long since dead. Everything he saw was new to him.

    He now noticed he had legs and a new reptilian look as opposed to a tail and a snakelike appearance. He did not know who the current emperor was at the time of his reawakening. Tsun Kai had to find this new emperor to exact revenge upon him for murdering his father all those year ago before he returns to Akavir and is crowned emperor. Tsun was uncertain if Akavir even exists anymore.

    One Handed The dragon can weild mighty weapons that can strike faster than a stick of bamboo, cleaving into even the most steadfast of armors.

    Smithing Tsun can forge the toughest armor rivaling the armor found in his homeland.

    Heavy Armor The Tsaesci's scale is so hard no weapon can penetrate them and will crumple to dust upon contact

    Conjuration In the heat of battle, Tsun can call upon long dead akaviri soul to help him achieve victory

    Alteration The great sorcerer can morph his bodiy into different forms and even enhance his armor with foriegn materials.

     Level 39 Perk Spread

    You are on a revenge mission because tamrielic emperor Reman killed your father in cold blood, without any explanation of his crime. Tsun will stop at nothing to see the person who gave the order for his father's execution dead. The Emperor sent all manner of creatures after Tsun Kai including dragons, bandits, dragonpriests, giants, trolls and mages. Use spellbreaker to disperse the magic for dragons, dragonpriests and mages and once they are defenseless, go right up the middle and cut them down with you sword. Use Balor's Oathblade to slow the bandits down and then wittle their health down. Use your golden snake form to fight giants and trolls on even ground. Whne you are all prepared, it is time to set out for the emperor's ship and put an end to him, permanently.

    When you arrive in Skyrim, you are angry about the death of your parents. Start by doing the dark brotherhood quests as soon as possible to get the jump on Reman's army before they even know what hit them. In the middle of the quest start the college of winterhold quests so you can bolster your defenses. Use the dawnstar sancuary when you get it as a base of operations and plan out your next attack on Remans forces. When you are strong enoug, strike out against the emperor and his most trusted bodyguards.

     Poison Breath - the serpent stone + Unrelenting Force + Fire Cloak

     Serpent Strike - Slow time + Balor's Oathblade + Fire Breath

     Reign Of Blood - Flesh Spell + Frenzy + Bolar's Oathblade + Blades Sword  

    The Might of Akavir Tsaesci can transform into gigantic golden scaled monsters who can eat men whole. Enemies of the tsaesci cower before the snake's true form. The tsaesci use this form to battle creatures that are bigger than their humans forms like dragons, giants, trolls and frost giants. Tsu inherited the ability from the great ghost snake. The great ghost snake is a diety that the Tsaesci, including Tsun Kai, worship. The Ghost snake is said the reside in the Velothi mountains underneath the tsaesci architectural marvel known as Sky Haven Temple.

    Snake Blood (Histskin)  Vampirism was gifted to the men of Akavir by a being called the 'ghost snake' The nearby snakes became jealous of the mens' new gift and ate the men and began to take on vampiric characteristics: red eyes, sharp fangs and an allergy to the sun. The snakes also gained the ability to stand and walk upright. The great ghost snake bestowed a rare ability upon the man eating race known as the Tsaesci. This ability is called Snake Blood, allowing the snake vampires to regenerate health anytime, anywhere. This ability even allowed the vampire snakes to regenerate health in the light of day. 

    Main Quest Use all your skills to start undermining Reman's regime, without his dragons, Reman will begins to break

    College of Winterhold Boost your knowledge of spellcraft to take the fight to Reman and his magically inclined guards

    Dark Brotherhood Reman's gaurds run amok in tamriel, Astrid has tasked you with taking them out

    Dawnguard (vampire questline) Obtain the much needed power boost to fight Reman's most trusted advisor

    The Only Cure One of Tsun Kai's main weapons in the fight against some of Reman's fiercest generals is the spellbreaker

    Dragonborn On the snow and ice, Reman's court wizard hides in wait, Tsun must stop him to weaken Reman's will

    Taste Of Death Tsun is a vampire snake, he devours the enemies of Akavir, which is to say anyone who supports Reman

    Thieves Guild Spy and steal from Reman's well-to-do servants and guards because they do not deserve such riches

     Constructive Criticism Is Appreciated

  • June 6, 2018

    I always appreciate a build that uses Bolar's Oathblade. Underused weapon, IMO. That being said, I am still confused as hell as to when Tsun is running around Skyrim, but that's okay.  


  • June 10, 2018

    I uh...yeah I gotta be honest I've got no idea about the Backstory and how it connects with the actual events of the game. I don't mind the story, actually thought it'd be really interesting to read a longer, full story version rather than it just being part of the build, because it kind of clashes with the rest of the build and the game itself. Kind of makes me feel like they're two seperate things if that makes sense.

    I also thought you needed a bit more of a focus on the gameplay, but other then that...Yeah it's definitely an improvement over some of your older builds William, I think your presentation is getting better, there's more focus to it, and the newer ones are just better to read. Not sure if I personally like the banners because the text and background clash to a pretty severe degree, but uh...not bad, just think the backstory could use some polishing really.

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    June 10, 2018

    So Dragonborn2021, would you rather the text be on top of a plain background or have just plain text with nothing behind it? Also for my backstory do you have any ideas so that my backstory fits better with my build?

  • June 17, 2018

    Starting off blunt..uh, so honestly sorry I hadn't seen the reply but basically I think you need to create something that logically connects the events of the backstory to the game. Like...your still talking about a massive gap of thousands of years between the end of the backstory and the start of Skyrim. I like the idea of the character being a Tsaesci, and I think it...well okay so it's kinda the idea, but I think there needs to be some sort of logical time skip.

    I kinda hate backstories that start that far back, it makes it really tough to write a decent backstory. If your set on that past I guess there's two options. Magic or Freezing Temperatures of Skyrim caused him to hibernate. Simple, makes sense if he's a lizard folk...and if you go with the other option. Magic Sleep always works for a quick backstory fix.

    The Banners on the other hand.......yeah I think your best bet is just a plain background. Here's a quick example that I whipped up, bit larger than I thought it would be, but the idea is kinda still there. Something nice looking, simple but stands out a fair bit if you've got a bunch of text, or even an image nearby. You want to keep banners simple, sometimes something a bit fancier can work but when your starting off, aim for simple.

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    June 17, 2018

    I fixed the backstory. I made it so an avalanche causes Tsun to be frozen for a little over one thousand years.