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Character Build: The Flame Of Magrus

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  • June 5, 2012

    Khajiit come in many sizes and shapes from the small civil Suthay to the enormous and vicious Senche, they have many gods who empower their actions as warriors, skilled craftsmen, and hunters.  But some follow a more divine path to become the hand of a god.

    The Flame Of Magrus


    The basic theme of this build really was to design something that was a mix of everything I havent experienced in skyrim before such as, i've never played a khajiit race before which some of you might find suprising seeing as nearly everyone has played a khajiit assassin, a pure mage which I recently realized i've never played as I have played other classes mixed with mage but never a pure mage, and a character with religion based lore.  

    The theme of The Flame Of Magrus is a cathay-raht, the most fearsome humanoid race of khajiit who abandoned the path of the traditional path of the warrior and instead chose to devote his life to Magrus AKA magnus in skyrim.  

    Through hours of prayer and meditation Ajani was able to obtain a link to magrus, he who controls the sun itself.  And after many years he gained favor with magrus who in turn granted him power beyond his dreams and aided him in righteous battle against any force which opposed him.


    Cathay-Raht (khajiit), known to be exceptional climbers despite being mistaken for werewolves due to their size and incredibly acrobatic. This gives them perhaps one of the most overbearing physical advantages of the Khajiiti race in Tamrielic warfare. They are described as sleek with whip like tails with a piebald coloration. They seem to have a larger than average proportion dwelling in the Northern kingdom of Anequina.


    Since I had decided to make this build with no archery or melee weapons and go for a full on pure mage character for the first time I had to choose an element and so I incorporated the religion aspect into that in the fact that the god he worships, magrus is the god of the sun and so also fire which is in my opinion the most versatile destruction magic anyway so it worked out beautifully.  

    The specific spells are not important as much as how you use them which will be discussed later in the build, but there is one matter that cannot differ and that is that only un armed strikes and fire spells will be your weapons as those are really all you need at a high destruction level anyways.  The fire that you wield is not that of a simple bonfire or even a raging forest fire no you wield the holy light of the sun in your hands and wield it to burn away your enemies but not harm innocent people.  

    The armor you will wear is a mix of cloth and heavy armor which at first sounds a strange combination but I found it worked amazingly well combining mobility and protection.  Wearing robes allows you to decrease your total armor weight drastically while still retaining decent armor rating with your armored gloves and boots, any destruction robes will work but only some heavy armors are acceptable.  The heavy armor that is not allowed is orchish because it is crude and meant only for orcs and daedric because it is unholy and wrong for anyone to wear the armor of the evil daedra. 

    For each slot the equipment appears completely unrelated but together they form the equipment of Ajani the flame of magrus, in the head slot Ajani wears a circlet, in the armor slot he wears robes, in the gloves and boots slot he wears the heavy armor of his choice or simply the armor he has at the time, and the amulet/ring slots and specific recommended equipment will be listed.  

    The Archmage's robes fit this build in both the roleplay aspect and it is also a serious piece of gear that will add power to your character.  These robes are the paramount of body "armor" for the flame and are the final and best robes that you can obtain for this build because it uses many different types of magic which the robes are perfect for because their effect is as follows,

    All spells cost 15% less to cast

    + 50 magicka

    100% extra magicka regeneration speed

    This character will fully complete the mages guild questline  eventually because it fits the roleplay aspect of a character that is a very powerful mage but knows very little about the country he is in and so has no fellow mages, but his immense magical prowess and knowledge allows him to quickly rise to the rank of archmage.  

    The mages circlet is a leveled circlet obtained early on in the mages guild questline and is very usefull to this character because it can be obtained early on for an early edge above enemies or later on to add the final touch to your perfect character.  The effect is,

    increases your magicka by 20 at level 1-4 topping out at 70 points of extra magicka at level 25

    The mages circlet is a great thing to use so that you can invest more into health to increase survivability.  

     Other recommended items are the amulet of akatosh early on for the 25% magicka regeneration increase which can add an edge in early on battles and even later in the game and The gloves of the pugilist which can be un enchanted to increase your un armed attacks damage.  


    The roleplay aspects of this build are fairly obvious considering the previous explanation but here they are, avoid the companions because they are werewolves and you do not associate with such creatures of the night, honor other monks and holy warriors because even though they do not fight for or even believe in your deity they fight for a holy purpose which is something you deeply respect and understand, do not become involved with the civil war that rages through skyrim on either side for it has little to do with you and your purpose, avoid all daedra related quests no matter if it is to destroy daedra or become their servant any contact with them is unholy and cannot be allowed to happen, and you will not accept quests that concern other gods for you follow your own holy purpose and nothing can distract you from that.  

    Your mission on your playthrough is to explore this new land where you were captured as you were innocently crossing the border to visit the mages college, after your long journey you had little strength to defend yourself and little awareness of your surroundings which is how you were ambushed and thrown into a wagon.  The main questline is not essential for this builds roleplay but it can be incorporated as your quest to gain favor from the jarls of skyrim and to vanquish an unholy soul eating foe.  

    Quests that are really essential to this build are the mages guild (college of winterhold) quests, yes all of them and any quests to do with khajiit or magnus.  


    Fire breath because it fits the build and is very powerful at level three as well as being flame which is the basic theme of the whole build.  Also fire breath can be used in many combinations for an enormous amount of damage within a short amount of time.  This shout not only does either 50 70 or 90 damage depending upon rank but also staggers enemies in a fairly far range making it perfect for if an enemy gets to close.

      The whirlwind sprint shout is one i've never really used before and so never realized its true potential for a pure mage character simply for the fact that it can get you out of danger if you are getting pummeled or it can rocket you closer to an enemy to do massive damage with a cloak spell and then speed away before they have time to react.  This shout allows you to rocket forward around sixty feet almost instantly ignoring most terrain.





    The stone I recommend for this build would be the mage (all mage skills increase 20% faster) which can be found right along the main road leading from helgen to riverwood until all mage skills are above fifty then switch to the atronach stone (50 extra magicka 50% immune to magic and -50% magicka regeneration speed) it can be found in the marshland between riften and windhelm and is fairly easy to access at a pretty low level.  

    Primary skills

    Destruction  Your main attacks will be with fire magic and the higher leveled the better although flame cloak will always be in your favorites.

    Heavy armor What small pieces of armor you wear (boots/gloves) must provide maximum protection and also you will deal out more damage with un armed attacks with better heavy armor.

    Restoration Defense is as important as offense and although you lack somewhat in defense you mage up for it in being able to restore yourself when severely wounded. 

    Secondary skills

    Enchanting the primary goal of enchanting is to deal with being immune to most magical attacks as magrus grants you protection from such things. 

    Smithing you must be able to both smith your own armors and improve armor you find also you will deal more damage un armed with the better gauntlets you smith

    Sneak stealth does come in handy sometimes but mainly it is for the silent roll perk to allow for some "acrobatics" which skyrim sadly lacks. 

    Perk Spread

    The perk spread of this build will be mapped out every ten levels with slight playstyle changes each time due to new spells and other resources being available to you.  Starting at level twenty (because ten is to low) and then going all the way up to level forty six which is where i've calculated it will be maxed out.    

    At a low level the main focus of this build is to get those perks and skills that will allow you to train further but also to make it through most dungeons with ease, mainly your main three skills (restoration, destruction, and heavy armor) because those are the ones that will take up most of your perks later on and even in the beginning.  

    Level 30 build coming soon...


    Most mages who wear robes try to stay at a distance, the flame is one exception to that rule because of its main combat strategy which is the combination of a flame cloak and un armed attacks, this is a devastating combo as the increased damage to melee attacks from the flame cloak does apply to un armed attacks therefore making it the fastest attack speed and most damage per second that I could get (confirmed) at level fifteen and below.  

    The strategy of combat with this character is to be passive to any potential attackers until they attack for Magrus will only aid you in righteous battle and if you are not the aggressor then you have the right to take action against them.  Stand your ground as they run toward and blast fire at them as they come, many enemies will simply be incinerated before reaching you but for those who survive to attack you head on cast a flame cloak spell on yourself and go to work with those claws.  

    At low levels I found myself favoring the magic attacks as they allowed me to kill almost everything from a distance but once I reached about level five and got my self a flame cloak spell tome I never had any problems with using my fists to do the work.  The flame cloak spell has an effect that gives a bonus to melee damage, previously I thought that this only counted for melee weapons, axes, swords etc.. but as I was playing another of my characters I decided to see if it was a good combo, and oh was I right the combination of a flame cloak with un armed attacks is devastating even on dragons with their resist to the fire the damage boost to un armed still applies.  


    I just had to be a hipster so I used the word "combo" instead of the term "special abilities" because really they aren't special "abilities" at all they are simply combinations of different things that form something unique.  But anyways.... I actually had a lot of trouble thinking of combos for this build as the whole build is really based around a combo and is a fairly simple build when you get down to it but I managed to think of a few things that I actually use in my gameplay so enjoy the "combos".  

    Wreath in Flames

    While under the affect of a dual cast flame cloak spell instead of using your fists at close range take advantage of the burn effect of the flames spell and cast with one hand then the other repeatedly to keep the burn effect going while dealing constant damage with the cloak spell.  

    Requires:  Flame cloak, Flames, Dual casting perk

    I use this combo when I want to simply use all that magicka I have sitting around and get a little destruction experience for it as well.  Or if your to lazy to switch to your fists...



    Holy Tank

    This combo is a very defensive maneuver which utilizes the fact that unarmed is indeed a one handed attack (not xp wise or skill wise) and so can be used in combination with a spell, in this case a healing spell (any) with your ever present flame cloak around you then charge right in after you are damaged then switch to a healing spell and punch with the right hand while you heal yourself.

    Requires:  any healing spell, nerves of steel



    That's it for my latest update (I will be posting much more) so please leave me feedback and why not give it a like just for fun right? 










  • June 5, 2012

    Love the layout on this build Grixis! Some nice RP elements and interesting skill selection for a Khajiit! If i was going to run a cat i would probably work with something like this!

    I strongly advise you to test a destruction cloak spell with the unarmed skill to see if the element is added to the claw damage, if it works you will have something really special here!

    Ive re-saturated your title picture for you as it looks a little washed out...

  • June 5, 2012

    thanks so much! really helps me out!

    Also my ps3 has started having issues today so is it possible you could hop on and check for me? 

  • June 5, 2012

    Never mind I fixed it lol I feel so smart 

  • June 5, 2012

    awesome build maybe you should borrow slow time and firestorm like they use in the war the first horsemen build and also maybe you should add stats 

    i think ill alter it though just so i can say i didnt play as a copycat so I'm using storm magic instead mainly blizzard+ chain lightning (for inside) and storm call+ Chain Lightning for outside

  • June 6, 2012
    So, does it?
  • June 6, 2012

    I will be adding stats and many other things, but right now sadly I have finals to study for so it could be a little while. 

    and from my testing flame cloak does increase un armed damage output  but feel free to try your own test and tell me what you find as mine could have been infuenced somehow? idk maybe lol

  • June 6, 2012

    Interesting, I have also just been testing this out, I do believe that cloaks increase the damage output of unarmed, its very hard to tell with a none khajiit build. Things started falling much quicker with a cloak on and fists but that may be just be the cloak. Either way cloaks and unarmed work very well together...

  • June 6, 2012

    yep playing it now  screw finals....

  • June 6, 2012
    This is exactly what i was looking for! I was getting a little bored with Skyrim, but now I read this and made a character just a few moments ago (: I really love it! +1