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Character Build: Kelkemmeron, Wizard of Alinor

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    April 25, 2018



    Kelkemmeron, Wizard of Alinor


    This is the second installment in what will be a twenty-one part series. I have been working on this project for literally three years. The goal is to create twenty-one different builds for the twenty-one classes from the Elder Scrolls (TES) series. Albino put together a similar project that served as an inspiration, but I fleshed each class out into a full on character and have been tinkering with these builds over the course of three different consoles (PS3, PS4 and XB1). I have an extensive mod list that can be viewed here. Most of these builds have been directly inspired by other builds on the Tamriel Vault, and those builds will be cited below as well.

    I followed a number of self-imposed rules and restrictions when making these builds. Each has exactly seven skills, with at least one of them a crafting skill. Five of the seven skills must come from the pool of skills used by the class in past TES games, allowing each character two additional free skills. I used information from Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion to determine the skill pool for each class. Each build must have at least three skills in their specialization (Magic, Combat or Stealth), and cannot have more than three skills from a single other specialization. Over all twenty-one builds, I incorporated every gender, race, skill, weapon class and faction at least once, if not more. The result is a literal cast of characters spanning every aspect of TES V: Skyrim. The second build I will present is my Mage - Kelkemmeron, Wizard of Alinor.

    Kelkemmeron was a young student at the Crystal Tower during the Oblivion Crisis in 3E 433 when refugees fled there to fortify against the Daedric hordes. Tragically, the Daedra broke through the refugees' defenses and used magic to topple the Tower. After barely escaping the destruction of his home, Kelkemmeron returned to Alinor and became a key figure in the formation of the Third Aldmeri Dominion. In 4E 98, Kelkemmeron expressed his disapproval of a secret Thalmor plot to remove the moons, an event that became known as the Void Nights. Dismayed by the actions of the Thalmor, and unable to disrupt the plans himself, Kelkemmeron relinquished his duties and began a pilgrimage across Tamriel, studying all sorts of magic along the way. He spent over a hundred years on this journey, learning from battlemages in Cyrodiil, healers in Temples of the Divines, conjurers in Morrowind and sorcerers clad in armor on the frontlines of wars, developing an extensive knowledge of each school while further honing his skills in the arts of alchemy and enchanting. In 4E 201, he learned of an ongoing civil war in a foreign land and that his former Thalmor conspirators were sowing further discord among the population there. Seeing this as a chance to amend past wrongs, Kelkemmeron journeyed to Skyrim in an effort to ensure the Thalmor do not cause yet another catastrophe.


    Kelkemmeron, amongst his wares and potions in an outpost on one of his many travels.

    Age: 348 Gender: Male Race: Altmer Class: Mage Specialization: Magic (6 of 7 skills) Attributes: Intelligence, Willpower

    Spouse: none Follower: Aranea Ienith Deity: none Home: College of Winterhold AlignmentNeutral Good

    Factions: College of Winterhold Magicka/Health/Stamina2 / 1 / 0 Standing Stone: The Mage

    Major Skills


    Alteration: Decades of studying have given Kelkemmeron a true mastery of Alteration spells as he hardened both mind and body on his journey while accumulating a vast wealth of knowledge regarding the arcane arts. 

    Alteration Mastery (2/2), Alteration Dual Casting, Mage Armor (3/3), Geomancer, Philosopher's Stone, Wild Shrines, Alter Self: Resistances, Distorted Shape, Command Lock, Intuitive Magic (2/2), Alter Self: Attributes, Home Mythal (set up at the College of Winterhold), Welloc's Dormant Arcana, Dimension Door, Emergency Teleport, Arcane Thesis (20 perks)

    Destruction: As a pure mage, Destruction spells are Kelkemmeron's primary offense. In his early days at the Crystal Tower, he was asked to focus on one of the three major elements, and has been proficient in Shock magic ever since. By ignoring Fire and Frost, Kelkemmeron will be faced with a challenge when dealing with enemies resistant to Shock, but a true mage can always find an alternative solution in his spellbook.

    Destruction Mastery (2/2), Destruction Dual Casting, Ionized Path (2/2), Force of Nature, Static Field, Arc Burn, Harsh Lesson, Magnetize, Robe of the Magi, Nova Charge, Electroconvulsions, War of the Elements, Elemental Specialization, Show Them All, Stormblast, Absolute Power (18 perks)

    Restoration: Kelkemmeron is a skilled healer, but was never particularly devout. Consequently, his lack of devotion to the Divines makes him approach the School of Restoration in a much more practical way than most.

    Restoration Mastery (2/2), Descending Light, Restoration Dual Casting, Edgewalker, Spirit Tutors, Vigilant, Respite, Forbidden Sanctuary, Bastion Ward, Wheel of Life, Mage Ward, Enduring Ideal, Tome of Many Pages (14 perks)

    Minor Skills

    Illusion: Kelkemmeron is considerably more skilled in Destruction, Alteration and Restoration than Illusion and Conjuration. However, he still uses some basic spells from the latter two Schools as he picked up many tricks from nightblades, bards and illusionists throughout Tamriel.

    Illusion Mastery (2/2), Illusion Dual Casting, Commanding Presence, Entice Barter, Crown of the False King, Nemesis, Imperious Splendor, Protect Your God, Blind Guardian (10 perks)

    Conjuration: As with Illusion, Kelkemmeron has learned a little about Conjuration on his travels, but he is no expert. He finds Necromancy very distasteful, but won't hesitate to summon an Atronach in times of crisis.

    Conjuration Mastery (2/2), Conjuration Dual Casting, Planemeld, Atromancy, Pact Magic, Maelstrom, Elemental Potency, Unleash Hell, March of Oblivion (10 perks)

    Crafting Skills

    Enchanting: The crafting skill of the mage is enchanting, and Kelkemmeron is a master enchanter. He uses scrolls and staves enhanced by magic to further diversify his arsenal.

    Enchanting Mastery (2/2), Last Word (3/3), Staff Channeler, Gem Dust, Secretkeeper (staff in right hand), Preserver, Regalia, Staff Recharge, Twin Enchantment, Arcane Nexus, Miracle (15 perks)

    Alchemy: Kelkemmeron is an adept alchemist as he's learned how to brew potions from thaumaturgists across Tamriel. Since he does not use weapons, poisons never really interested him.

    Alchemy Mastery (2/2), Physician, Stimulants, Advanced Lab, Experimenter, Crimson Haze, Green Thumb, Maenad, Pure Mixture (10 perks)

    This totals 97 perks. With 50% More Perk Points enabled, the build will be completed at level 65.

    The Mage's starting kit, as seen in Morrowind.

    Arsenal and Armory

    Kelkemmeron's main source of offense is Destruction magic, but he is also a collector of staves and scrolls. Specifically, the Staves of Jyrik Gauldurson and of Magnus are of special interest to him. 

    Kelkemmeron is most comfortable in traditional mage robes, as armor inhibits his spellcasting abilities. Someone pleased by the finer things in life, he enjoys crafting and enchanting his own jewelry, particularly with enchantments of Fortify Alchemy and Fortify Magicka.

    Dragonborn by birth, Kelkemmeron feels his abilities may have more to do with his innate magical power than some ancient Nordic prohpecy. Nevertheless, he's focused on perfecting just three shouts to accompany his spellcasting: Arcane Helix, Become Ethereal and Slow Time. His racial ability is Contingency, which he learns by studying Skyrim's butterflies, and he has a learned a number of lesser powers on his journeys - Sailor's Repose, Scholar's Insight, Secret of Arcana, Seeker of Sorcery and Sinderion's Serendipity.

    Potions are critical to Kelkemmeron's arsenal. The Philter of Transcendence strengthens Restoration spells (Small Antlers and Yellow Mountain Flower). The Draught of the High Mage fortifies Destruction and restores magicka (Ectoplasm, White Cap and Glowing Mushroom). The Elixir of Endless Time makes Alteration spells, and the Slow Time shout, last much longer (River Betty and Grass Pod). Lastly, the Flask of Intuition allows Kelkemmeron to place stronger enchantments on his apparel (Snowberries and Blue Butterfly Wing).

    Special Attacks

    Credit to Adrik's Celestial Warlock as the main inspiration behind this build and as providing the basis for these special moves, as well as the recipes for the above potions.

    Entangling of Time: Slow Time + Elixir of Endless Time. This combination allows Kelkemmeron to move about as if he is unmoored from Time itself.

    Assimilation of the Mind: Philter of Transcendence + Draught of the High Mage + Elixir of Endless Time. In preparation of his most daunting challenges, Kelkemmeron imbibes a combination of all of his potions and harnesses incredible power for a brief moment.

    Arcane Storm: Strongest Shock Spell (left hand) + Strongest Staff (right hand) + Secretkeeper + Draught of the High Mage. Kelkemmeron harnesses his knowledge of Destruction magic and Enchanted Staves to launch a volley of deadly arcane lightning at his foes.


    Main Quest, Dragonborn, College of Winterhold, The Black Star, Discerning the Transmundane, Siege on the Dragon Cult, The White Phial, A Return To Your Roots, Frostflow Abyss


    Kelkemmeron is my attempt at a pure mage. He isn't going to lift a blade or wear a single piece of armor, but he can reach into his bag of tricks and surprise his enemies with spells of any level from any school. Apocalypse and Summermyst are must-have mods for this reason alone. At 348 years old (not unheard of for a magically-inclined Altmer), he has picked up knowledge of all sorts of spells in his pilgrimage across Tamriel. With that being said, there are some spells he actively avoids as he was never particularly interested in studying them - Fire, Frost, Necromancy, and "dark" Illusion spells like Fear and Frenzy.

    A wizened scholar, Kelkemmeron is actively looking for an apprentice to pass his knowledge on to. Aranea Ienith is my first choice, but Marcurio, Illia, and the three College of Winterhold followers are all viable options as well. Use Tailor's Measure or another follower mod of your choice to give them some Apprentice Robes, and let them work with the staves and scrolls you pick up as a way to pass on your expertise to them.

    Despite being an Altmer himself, Kelkemmeron is actively anti-Thalmor and will do everything in his power to corral their influence in Skyrim. He deeply regrets his involvement in their reformation and feels in many ways responsible for the conflicts they've started. He keeps texts like Rising Threat, The Great War and Flight from the Thalmor on his person to remind him of his penance. 

    Kelkemmeron will gladly take over for Savos Aren at the College of Winterhold and, once Alduin is defeated and the Thalmor sent back to the Summerset Isles, he will consider himself the Arch-Mage above all else.

    Necessary Mods: Ordinator, Imperious, Summermyst, Andromeda, Apocalypse, Thunderchild (for the Arcane Helix shout) and 50% More Perk Points - all by EnaiSiaion. Magical College of Winterhold is a perfect addition for any mage, and Tailor's Measure lets you give your follower Apprentice Robes. Previous links are for XB1, but these are all available on Nexus as well.

    Inspirations: Adrik's Celestial Warlock. I love the focus on Slow Time and the heavy emphasis on playing as a pure mage. The alchemy recipes are incredible as well. Art is from TES: Legends and taken from The Elder Scrolls Wiki.

  • April 25, 2018

    Damn, you know I really am enjoying the presentation and the general length of the build here. The focus on perks and skills is just really great, and I really enjoy the whole end of the build. The only comments that I would recommend to improve the build is adding a picture or two in the latter half of the build, dropping one either before 'Crafting Skills' or before 'Arsenal and Armory' to really break up that wall of text a little bit more. It doesn't have to involve a character, something focusing on Enchanting/Alchemy or something similar. 

    Not sure what else I can say...Oh, wait, yeah I think you should go through and find links to all of the mods you've used, just makes it easier for people to play your builds. I really do enjoy your builds mate, you've got an excellent eye for detail here, and just make the builds enjoyable to read. 

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    April 26, 2018

    The presentation here is looking pretty darn good. As DB said some pictures might help break up the lower portion of the build a bit. Maybe you could do some pictures that go with your special moves? or since you emphasized that the main form of offense is through destruction magick you could put a picture that encapsulates that theme a bit?

    The only other thing I might do is make your headings a bit larger/eye-catching for each section of the build. Oh and just a heads up i'm pretty sure you can't like your own builds as a rule in CB. Or at least it used to be, I've only just come back to building after about 3 or 4 years away so they may have changed that one.

    Can't say i can add much else here, you've got a good standard of presentation that is unseen in a lot of peoples early builds. Really looking forward to the next one Dean keep em coming :)

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    April 26, 2018

    Just noticed one more thing upon a second look. The Apotheosis perk under the restoration tree is only obtainable up the warriors flame branch, which you have no perks listed for, (It would go, Warrior's flame, Ashes to ashes, Battle cleric, and Apotheosis). Might that be you left these ones out of your list?

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    April 26, 2018

    Furrion 17 said:

    Just noticed one more thing upon a second look. The Apotheosis perk under the restoration tree is only obtainable up the warriors flame branch, which you have no perks listed for, (It would go, Warrior's flame, Ashes to ashes, Battle cleric, and Apotheosis). Might that be you left these ones out of your list?


    Great catch! I removed it actually as I was specififcally avoiding that branch of the Restoration tree with this build. As for liking your own builds, thanks for the heads up. I unliked mine lol. I also have some ideas about how to integrate some pictures in the build and am going to try it out later today. Thanks again for the feedback!!

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    April 26, 2018

    Update - added some more images to Kelkemmeron and Vunhilde as well. I want to remind people of the basis this project has in the class system of the old games, so I've included the original kits from Morrowind.

  • April 26, 2018

    I'll have to drop by Vunhilde as well, but this build definitely looks better. 

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    April 26, 2018

    Looking tight mate, well done. Can't see anything else you'd need to do here. Good call adding the skill pics and the Morrowind loadout picture it fit's in great!

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    May 1, 2018
    I don’t think mods should be allowed on the tamrielvault build, I really enjoy the mods without builds because they can be played on any console not just the computer. Not many people have a computer with skyrim or one that can run Skyrim. Also mods are cheats and Skyrim should not be played with cheats. Skyrim should be played based on the player’s skills NOT mods.
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    May 1, 2018
    Hey not all mods are cheats, some just add new stuff to the game or improve it. And PS4 Nd Xbox One have mods, And what about the builds that capitalize on a glitch or perk combos?