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Character Build: Vigilant Vunhilde

Tags: #Race:Nord  #Character Build Crusader  #Character Build Mods  #Vigilant of Stendarr  #Ordinator  #SE Rank:Apprentice  #21 TES Classes 
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    April 21, 2018

    Ok so first things first you got all the fundamentals now man which is great. My only gripe is that it can quite hard to read all that text or more that it distract's from the build a bit if that makes sense. If you look in the CB hall of fame you'll see that a lot of those build's there use a perks picture to break up the txt a bit which is more visually appealing. I'll post on of mine below so you can see what I mean.





    Final Stat Distribution: 3:4:2 (When magicka reaches 300 divide stats into stamina and health as you see fit) 



    Major Skills: 


    Destruction magick is the most outward way of channeling the Stormriders chaotic tendencies. His mastery over lightning  shows his complete supremacy over the weather. 


    With the blood of the dragon the Stormrider can use the th'um to destroy his foes and even control the weather. None can match his th'um for shear power  


    Able to raise powerful undead minions from from fallen enemies,which gain various buffs from his dark knowledge.  


    With this skill he can inflict grievous wounds with the his shield. deflect any arrows to mitigate damage taken and keenly defend himself from physical blows and charge down any enemies in his path.  

    Minor Skills: 


    Able to turn flesh as hard as iron or atune his natrual restances the study of alteratin help sthe stormrider dominate any scenario.  

    One Handed: 

    The Stormrider is quite competent in combat and can just as easily fell foes with a blade as he can with spell. 


    This is how the Stormrider ensures that his victims can never find peace even in death, By banishing them for an eternity of pain and misery to the Soul Cairn he can use their agonized souls to fuel his own twisted venture for dominance. 

    Heavy Armour: 

    The Stormrider's vast experience of war has given him a few tricks on how to make better use of his armour. 


    Able to make armour tougher than dragons hide or a weapon sharper than the edge of a razor, he has no problem charging into the thick of battle.




    You see how the perks and the skills are broken up. By all means it is a great idea to talk about your skills and why you've taken a specific one but it is much easier to read if your presenting perks separately.

    I hope that helped a bit if it's still a little unclear check out Mason's Obsidian Sentinel, that's probably one of the highest rated builds on the vault. Also if you're wanting help with a perks picture or banner's Dragonborn's really good he helped me a lot and i'm sure he'd be happy to give you a helping hand :). Any way this is looking good all that's left is purely cosmetic so don't sweat it too much.



  • April 21, 2018

    So, the first thing that I'm going to comment on is the tags. Just a quick thing (and they are tough sometimes) is that the hashtags are automatic rather than something that you need to add. So the tags for this build would be the following (literally if you wanted to copy them in).

    Character Build Healer, Race: Nord, Vigilant of Stendarr, Character Build Mods, Ordinator, 21 TES Classes

    You can also add the following tags, just for a bit more archive support. You can have up to four 'Character Build' tags not including mods and then a single race and rank tag as well as any others. 

    Character Build Crusader, SE Rank: Apprentice

    As for other recommendations...well honestly I'd recommend reducing the text size. It's currently very jarring, and while Times New Roman does need a size font 10 at least (that's what this section's written in), I wouldn't really go over that. It might be weird, but generally the closer you keep it to the size of the generic site font, the...neater stuff looks I guess. Not sure if it makes sense if we were looking at it super-in-depth, but it's just sort of how I always see build presentation. It is good to see people using some of the other fonts, I'm a Book Antiqua sorta guy at the moment (at least in a few of my current builds) but uh, yeah. Oh and keep the 'section titles' the same size they currently are (or boost them up another size) because getting them to stand out is really important if people are playing the build, that way they can more easily jump from section to section to find the important information.

    Not entirely sure if I have anything else to say, might need to think about it for a bit more.

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    April 21, 2018

    Thank you both for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I am torn on how to format the perks. I have 90 of them, so a Perk Picture is going to look really crowded and I'm pretty specififc in regards to how I'd like it to look and I don't want to have someone else do it unless they'd be really willing to let me dictate the design lol. I changed the formatting completely and it looks much better as a smaller, uniform font so thanks for that. As for the tags, I put in the Apprentice Tag but will skip Crusader as I have a Crusader build that is pretty different and want people to know she should be played as much as a pure healer as possible. Thanks again for the advice on this first one, I want the get my format down 100% so I can pretty much use the exact same template for my next build.


    DB what is SE Rank:Apprentice?

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    June 12, 2018

    Just want to say I added a tiny update - fixed the sequencing of my perks (I am going to order them on all my builds from most perks to least perks) and added a trick about using Keeper Carcette. I have my fifth build in the works now and am hoping to post tomorrow after I make a few more updates to the other ones I completed on her already.

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    January 11, 2019

    Big update here. Re-doing all seven of the builds I have after I changed my approach. A lot of play-testing and I feel like I need to simplify and streamline a lot of what is happening here. I am really happy with how Vunhilde turned out, and will be uploading a new screenshot or two tonight! 

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    May 11, 2019

    Important update as I am now on PC (after playing Skyrim for 7 years on console). I am playing through this build now and will be posting some screenshots and more to flesh it out further. I can't wait to dive in and finish up the rest of the builds!

  • May 12, 2019

    Sounds great Dean, there's something really exciting about moving over to PC isn't there? I start up in about a week and I've already spent far too long creating a mod list. Can't wait to see what you do with your builds mate :D

  • May 12, 2019

    Sounds great Dean, there's something really exciting about moving over to PC isn't there? I start up in about a week and I've already spent far too long creating a mod list. Can't wait to see what you do with your builds mate :D