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Flash Event Build: The Fortunate

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    April 16, 2018

    This build is for the newest CB Flash Event 3 (A Single Perk). It’s short, to the point and absolutely awesome in its simplicity. So, if you’re looking for an archery based build with a twist, you've come to the right place!  


    The Fortunate

    “Luck? Please, its called calculation”

    The Fortunate as an idea came to me whilst I was reading through the Ordinator Perks on The Skyrim Nexus. At its essence the concept is simple: A ranger-type build based partly upon enchanting, partly upon archery and a partly upon the fickle and mysterious phenomenon known as luck. Yes, Luck.

    You see, in the Archery skill tree of Ordinator there is a perk called “Snipe” which basically allows you to deal bonus damage to an opponent once every ten seconds - but more importantly (for this build) the perk makes your weapon enchantments twice as effective. Now, The Fortunate makes use of this perk combined with the Chaos Enchantment to create an interesting character that relies heavily on luck; once every ten seconds you might slay your opponent instantly with a single supercharged magical explosion of an arrow… or you might deal close to no damage at all. As I said: interesting.


    The Build

    “One shot, one kill… I hope”


    • Race: Any (I went for Redguard for the stamina regen).
    • Standing Stone: The Lord or The Lady (Shadow if you are using Andromeda)
    • Stat Placement: 50% Health and 50% Stamina
    • Offensive Skill: Archery
    • Defensive Skill: Light Armor
    • Utility Skills: (Optional) Alchemy, (optional) Sneak and (mandatory) Enchanting

    One of the great things about basing a build on a certain playstyle rather than a specific character playthrough is all the diversity it brings. With The Fortunate it doesn't much matter which race you pick, what stone you use or what equipment you roll with; what’s in focus is the gameplay, and the requirements for the gameplay of this build are easily reached before level 20.

    If you should choose to take The Fortunate above and beyond level 20 there are tons of ways to change and improve the build: Necromancy, Atromancy, Smithing, Lockpicking (did someone say bear traps?), destruction and mayhap even Alteration - the possibilities are endless. At the end of the day this build is much more of a pointer than an actual guide and I strongly suggest you explore the wonderous world of Skyrim to find new ways to evolve upon The Fortunate!  

    “The magic makes the bow, but the bow also makes the magic”


    Archery: Our bread and butter, as you might imagine. The Archery skill in Ordinator differs significantly from the skill tree of vanilla Skyrim; debuffing and maneuverability now play a key part for any archer. Furthermore, Ordinator forces the player to choose between a long distance marksman or an up close and personal ranger. The Fortunate, however never really gets to sink into either roll with such a low level cap and thus the decision falls to you.


    Essential perks: Archery Mastery (2/2), Clean Kill, Snipe, Ranger, Crippling Shot, Pinning Shot





    Light Armor: Sting like a bee and run like the wind, isn't that how the saying goes? In any case, The Fortunate -as mentioned- is a build based on luck, and as such certain precautions must be taken for the times where you don't manage to one-shot your enemies. The Light Armor skill helps us with this problem, making The Fortunate harder to kill and harder to catch - a nice combination for keeping those brutish bandits at bay.


    Essential Perks: Light Armor Mastery (2/2), Light Armor Fit, Initiative, Annoying Mosquitoes, Windrunner



    Enchanting: If archery is our bread and butter, then enchanting is the damned plate. Without this skill you won't be able to craft a powerful enough enchantment on your bow to add that awesome “humph” to the build. There is nothing more satisfying than those times your chaos enchant procs and things simply die. As a little bonus Alchemy can also help bring our enchanting level up to aid us in creating a truly magnificent Bow (or Crossbow!) of Chaos.    


    Essential Perks: Enchanting Mastery (2/2), Gem Dust, (above level 20)  Regalia, Attunement. Also I am unsure whether or not the Thunderstruck perk applies to fully drawn bows...



    The gameplay of The Fortunate is truly what makes the build so unique. Unlike other archery based characters The Fortunate neither relies on overpowered (aka boring) sneak attacks nor a ridiculous rate of fire to massacre opponents before combat even gets exciting. No, The Fortunate handles fights differently all together; this build forces you to actually think. For example, when you come across a group of bandits you have to assess the situation before engaging: which of your opponents makes out the biggest threat? The Necromancer perhaps - undead minions quickly become a pain in the back side in my opinion. Who is the second most dangerous? Maybe that though looking Orc - two handed power attacks do after all hit like a damned giant.

    The important thing to note is that you stick an arrow i the most dangerous enemy first in order to start the 10 second cooldown of snipe on that opponent as soon as possible - if you don't proc chaos damage on the first attack simply start shooting the other enemies one at a time. Half of them will die, half of them will sprint at you with raised weapons. By the time you’ve shot all of your opponents, simply start over by shooting the most dangerous to the least dangerous once again.

    If you get lucky you’ll manage to take out the two or three top priority combatants first, leaving only the chaff which are easily handled and unlikely to actually kill you if they manage to close the distance. This little feature of luck and planning makes The Fortunate a joy to play when things go according to plan… when they don't? Well, light armor, movement speed bonuses and ridiculous amounts of stamina regen render The Fortunate almost as slippery as an eel. Chances are you wont get caught.        

    Adding in some rune casting or some bear traps to slow down your already beaten up foes also fits nicely within the gimmicks of the build. Atronachs or undead are yet another great way of buying time. Alchemy and Alteration (at least with apocalypse) allows you to empower your elemental damage even further as well as spread chaos and crowd control with poisons of paralysis, fear or fury.

    However, nothing beats that sweet punch when Snipe and Chaos work their wonder in unison, trust me, this build has some serious damage potential that only scales better and better into the late game.    


    Getting Stuck In

    Yet another aspect about this build (or any archery based build) that I love is that it's so quick to get into; leave Helgen, enter Riverwood, help Faendal and before you know it your archery level is at fifty. From here you have the entirety of Skyrim to explore: are you roleplaying a Bosmer who is into werewolves and The Wild Hunt? Join the Companions. Does your Dunmer have a thing for the Arcane? Join the College. Perhaps you simply want to gain revenge for your brutally slaughtered family that was killed during a vampire attack? Join the Dawnguard.

    There are many small tips and tricks for swift leveling, Mason wrote a short guide on his Arcane Archer build back in the day (some of you oldtimers might remember) where he noted how one can do a few misc quests and gain tons of money and training from it. In my experience it’s always enchanting that turns out to be the lackey of my skills, I simply find it boring to level, so training the skill up to par is usually the route I go.

    Other than that, The Fortunate is all about simply enjoying the game from a fun and new perspective, and on that note I’ll leave this little build in your competent hands. Enjoy!





  • April 16, 2018

    Looks really fun Blue, I love the fast-paced presentation of this one, and just the way you've written it was fun and engaging the whole time. Love the idea of the build just sounds like pure fun. My only recommendation really is just a teeny one about linking Mason's Arcane Archer, generally if you mention a build it's a good idea to throw a link out to it (or anything else for that matter). Oh actually I have another, sorta related one. Write up a mod section with links to all the mods and descriptions of either what they do or why they take it (No need to explain Ordinator for the most part, but something like...Moon and Star as a random example could use the link). I generally recommend using the Nexus links but the ones would work fine.


    Anyway, yeah just a fun little build Blue, thanks for sharing it and participating in the Event. 

  • April 16, 2018

    Holy shit, what an awesome build, I'm going to have to play this! I love your re-imagining of Snipe as a combat cooldown as opposed to a reward for staying hidden (which us how I always interpreted it). You took something potentially way to OP (chaos+snipe+the intended sneak) and balanced it in probably the most interesting way possible by removing sneak and introducing luck.

    I don't see a recommended weapon, but I always like Longbow+ Practice Arrows for something like this. It's the lowest damage and highest fire rate combo possible. The low damage would really drive home the luck aspect of landing a 3-element snipe shot, and the high fire rate would help crippling and pinning shot to keep you alive when you don't. Lol. Also, I regret to inform you that a fully drawn bow doesn't seem to count as a power attack for the sake of enchanting perks. I was hoping for the same recently...

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    April 16, 2018

    Thanks Tysoyaha and Dragonborn, I think I might just add a weapon section now that you mention it! And modlist coming up... there are alot xD

  • April 16, 2018
    Cool man, I can't wait! Also, it just dawned on me how involved it must be to keep track of large groups since each would have their own 10-sec snipe cooldown. Of coarse it's not necessary to do that, but it would definitely be the most efficient way to play the character. So it adds a nice little optional challenge for anyone who wants to delve that far into it. Man, it's not often that I see a build and legitimately get upset that I'm not at home to play it. Lol.
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    April 21, 2018

    Nice build! The presentation is super clean and easy to read. I was also actually thinking about using the snipe skill for this event, but truth be told I'm glad I didn't because it wouldn't be nearly as cool as this.

  • April 21, 2018

    Sorry Blue, just noticed that I hadn't dropped a like on the build yet, but I've gone around and done that now :D

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    April 22, 2018

    Thank you Xenla and Dragonborn, I still should add a little more to the build but I dont have a computer here at the barracks so its near impossible xD

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    April 25, 2018
    This is charmingly written, Blue, and built around a very clever concept. This is more tactical than the average archer, and looks a helluva lot of fun. Praise Sai!
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    April 26, 2018

    This is really cool mate. Reckon I'll give this a go after I'm finished with my current run on Skyrim. Like you said a lot of directions you could take this after the initial build is achieved. But that chaos enchantment with snipe, man that was just an awesome way to emphasiise the luck factor into the build :)