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Event Build: The Dwemer Resurgent

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    April 1, 2018

    There was a young man in a clockyard
    Building himself from the pieces he found
    Screwing on what's been left on the ground
    Hoping to finish enough one day to leave.

    The years flew by and some gears fell off
    Fears and rust and tears he doffed
    And bravely searched, while parts he scoffed, but soon he found--

    -Excerpt from The Clockyard by Abney Park

    The Clockyard (Youtube) 

    Race: Dwemer (Altmer)

    Gender: Any, written male

    Stats: 2|3|1

    Stone: The Mage ⇒ The Atronach

    Major Skills: Smithing, Enchanting, Two-Handed, Heavy Armor, Alteration, Destruction, Lockpicking

    Total Level: 50

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral



    The Dwemer (also referred to as the Dwarves, Deep-Elves, Deep Folk, Deep Ones, or the People of the Deep), were an ancient "Lost Race" of Mer who were remnants of the early Aldmer and lived primarily in the region of Dwemereth.

    Mer used the term "Dwemer," roughly translated as "People of the Deep." The term also connoted "deep-delving," "profound," and "close-counseled." Men commonly refer to them as "Dwarves," in reference to the fables of the Giants seeing them as small.

    The Dwemer were an advanced race and civilization, in many respects far ahead of the other races and civilizations of their time. They are well known for their skill and revolutionary developments in technology, engineering, crafting methods, metalwork, stonework, architecture, city-planning, science, mathematics, magic, and the academic arts.

    The Dwemer are known for playing a huge role in one of the greatest mysteries in all of Tamriel. In 1E 700, during the Battle of Red Mountain, for reasons still debated and under circumstances still being studied, the Dwemer seemingly disappeared. It is still being debated who or what caused the Dwemer to disappear, as well as whether they disappeared all at once or over a long period of time.


    "Most people view us as naught but a myth, a fairy tail. The wiser of the surface dwellers acgknowledge our accomplisments, but they fail to understand who we were as people. We weren't just some crackpot tinkerers who lived underground. No, we were the ones that were going to unravel the secrets of the universe. Ultimate knowledge and power were just out of our reach. If we could only reach out and grab it the very gods would bend to our will


    "Unfortunately for us, we were too hasty, too greedy in our pursuit for power. Kagrenac, the foremost tonal architect of our people, promised that his experiment would cause us to transcend the existence of mortals and gods. In a way, I suppose, he was right. I suppose we will never know what happened to the rest of our people. Kagrenac's experiment with the Heart of Lorkhan caused a complete displacement of all Dwemer on Nirn to the Outer Realms. Perhaps they did achieve CHIM. It is more likely, I would think, that they simply ceased to exist.


    "That's where my clan comes in. By some stroke of luck, they weren't on Nirn when our people dissapeared. And so, we have been hidden away for ages, enduring war, famine, and apocalypse. I was born eighty years ago. My father raised me on stories of the glory of our people, and the tragedy that had befallen us. I didn't ask for the fate of my people to be thrust upon me, but it was. As a child, I was always looking for a way out, a chance to carve my own path in life. But, as time passed, I grew more and more concered for the wellbeing of my people. I knew that if I was to return our people to their former glory, I would have to leave, at least for the time being. One night, I snuck out while my father was sleeping. I had no idea how vast and open the surface world was. I remember thinking 'The sky has no roof here!', but that thinking was cut short by a patrol of thuggish humans warring with eachother. The ones in blue ended up being captured, along with me, despite my attempts at diplomacy. Fortunately, I was able to escape and continue my original purpose for being here. That is, to collect and preserve as many Dwemer artifacts that I can, and to show my Clan that the Deep Elves can be great once again!"


    "Smithing is the art of my people, and for good reason. Life beyond our walls is a treacherous affair, and masterwork arms and armaments protect us from those who would do us harm."


    "It shocks me to see how primitive the surfacers' grasp of soul enchantments is. Even I, a novice in the field, can weave better enchantments than many of them."


    "Hammers are the single most versatile tool in a craftsman's workshop. They're also great for caving in people's skulls."

    Heavy Armor

    "A proud and noble heir to the throne must appear as such. He also cannot afford to die. Obviously."


    "Alteration. This school of magic is simultaneously the greatest source of pride and regret to my people, but one cannot deny its usefulness."


    "Electricity is fantastic, don't you agree? With only a simple imbalance of electrons, you can power circuts, animate automatons, and reduce the mightiest of warriors to a convulsing pile of limbs on the floor."


    "Lockpicking is a most invaluable skill, both for the intrepid adventurer and for the mechanic who can't find his keys. For me, though, it is a door to the past, and a way to collect and preserve the history of my ancestors."



    Craftsman's Friend- Dwarven Warhammer with Absorb Stamina and Shock Damage

    Aetherial Staff- Summons a Dwarven Sphere or Spider to fight for you


    Adept Hood- Gives extra magicka at start of combat

    Visage of Mzund- Allows for devastating steam attacks fueled by stamina consumption

    King's Raiment- Dwarven Armor with Fortify Health and Fortify Healing Rate. Useful in melee combat. 

    Dwemer Robes- Monk Robes with Fortify Alteration and Fortify Destruction. Use at the start of combat.

    King's Gauntlets- Dwarven Gauntlets with Fortify Two-Handed and Fortify Lockpicking

    King's Sabatons- Dwarven Boots with Fortify Carry Weight and Resist Shock

    King's Pendant- Gold Diamond Necklace with Waterbreathing and Fortify Heavy Armor

    King's Sigil- Gold Diamond Ring with Fortify Magicka Regen and Resist Magic

    Destruction Spells

    Sparks, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Lightning Cloak, Thunderbolt, Wall of Storms

    Alteration Spells

    Oakflesh, Candlelight, Stoneflesh, Magelight, Ironflesh, Ebonyflesh



    The Dwemer Resurgent is a cool, calculated adventurer. He finds the petty squabbles of the surface world to be laughably unimportant, and is more likely to view any situation of human conflict in a logical rather than emotional manner. He will only strive to help people if it ultimately helps him achieve his goal of securing every dwarven artifact he can get his hands on. People are much like tools to him; they are only useful if they can be used to his advantage. The Dwemer Resurget is willing to jump through hoops to an extent: Doing favors for others is acceptable, but he would never prostrate himself to someone to gain influence or power. Avoid working for others if you can, and remember why you came to the surface in the first place. Companions are a no-go, but try to get the steadfast dwarven spider or sphere as early as you can. It never hurt to have a loyal, silent companion by one's side.

    Quests and Factions

    Unsurprisingly, The Dwemer Resurgent isn't interested at all in joining a group of like-minded individuals (there are none, in his case), so he won't be completing any faction quests. He may enter the College of Winterhold, but only to have a place to stay and to purchase spells and equipment. The rest of the time, he'll be scouring the landscape of Skyrim for any Dwarven Artifacts he can find. Be sure to do the following quests:

    Lost to the Ages

    Discerning the Transmundane

    The Lost Expedition

    Deepest Fathoms

    Any other quests involving Dwemer ruins that you can think of


    The Dwemer Resurgent takes no risks in combat. He begins combat by dual-casting both Ebonyflesh and Lightning Cloak, then summoning a construct using the Aetherial Staff. With two automatons to distract his enemies, he will then unload a volley of shock spells upon his opponents. Once he has run out of magicka, he will switch to his full set of Dwarven Armor, complete with the Visage of Mzund, and go to town on enemies with a massive warhammer and steam breath attacks. The good thing about this combination is that the hammer fuels both continued power attacks and prolonged usage of the Visage. Be sure to collect any and all Dwemer treasures, components, and tools and store them in a safe place.

    And, always remember in case the surfacers question you...

    Reccomended Mods

    Deep Elf Race Mod

    Ordinator Perk Overhaul

    Andromeda Standing Stones

    Dwemer Certified 

    Apocalypse Magic of Skyrim 



    Closing Notes

    Feedback, as always, is appreciated

    Anyone know how to get higher quality images out of google drawings? the perkspread and equipment spread resolution is painfully low...

    I'm thinking of doing two companion build nexts, as in builds that complement each other. Thoughts?


  • April 1, 2018

    Interesting little build Xenla, it's not a hugely complicated affair, but I think that's what helps make it a bit more interesting. I mean, it's just an interesting little examination into how you'd see a Dwemer operating...yeah very interesting Xenla :) Umm, I've got no idea how to help with google drawings, never even heard of it...I could probably help out with a Perk/Equipment Spread (the former is always easier for me) but nothing specific, I personally use Powerpoint to make my spreads (or any artwork I use in builds), so yeah can't help.

    I'm thinking of doing two companion build nexts, as in builds that complement each other. Thoughts?

    I barely need to hear another word :D That sounds really cool, and it's something that's quite rare. ShinJin and I gave it a shot a couple months but that was with Mini-Builds (and I know Lissette had a three-set of Mini Builds that were all linked as well). Bah, anyway yeah I think that'd be really, really interesting to see :D

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    April 1, 2018

    An entire clan pulled a Yaggy Baggy :D Nice, good get of jail card, Xenla! Your equipment spread is awesome-looking, and I love that "it's science..." picture xD

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    April 11, 2018

    Normally, when I see Dwemer inspired builds I'm pretty uninspired (just never been all that interested), but this build does something that only 2 or 3 builds have ever done: it makes me want to play a build as a Dwemer and focus almost exclusively on Dwemer related quests and items. I can't explain just how difficult an accomplishment that is--The Dwemer Resurgent has joined the ranks of a hugely selective cadre of inspiring Dwemer builds. Nicely done!

    BTW, this build is currently being featured on the TV Twitter and Facebook pages :D

    Again, just massively impressed!

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    April 15, 2018

    Yeah, I figured that planar shenanigans were the only logical reason that there would still be Dwemer on Nirn, so I just went with that.

    And thanks, it was a fun build to make